Various Factories

Factories Achesons, Tavanagh Weaving, Dunbar & McMaster, Mahon Apple Storage, Mayfair.
 Achesons, Tavanagh Weaving, Dunbar & McMaster, Mahon Apple Storage, Mayfair.

Coronation Year 1937

Back Row L to R;   Andy Lynas, Harold Clarke, Shaw Cooke, David Devlin, Ned McCann, Billy Lynas, Harry Cassells. Rab Martin, Charlie Jones, Tommy Keith, Jimmy Gilpin, Bob Hamilton, Cecil Atkinson, David Black, Harry Hamilton, Ernie Hayes, Sam Ramsey.

Fourth Row R L to R;   Tommy Watson, Joe Todd, Tommy Harris, Jim Ferguson, Tommy Dobbin, Billy Downey, Billy Kerr, George Hamilton, John Flanagan, David Griffin, Jimmy Richardson, John Morton, Johnston Beattie.

Third Row L to R;  Jimmy Downey, Billy Swannn, Billy Lyttle, John McBride, Herbert Todd, Jimmy Robinson, Billy Downey. David Porter, Andy Haire, James Harris, Joe Woods, David Thompson, David Clayton.

Second Row Seated L to R; Tommy Totten, Billy Martin, Ella Haire, Charles Brown (Director) Geoffery Brown (Director) Edgar Acheson (Owner) Kenneth McCleery (Director) Ralph O'Lone (Company Secretary) Martha Kelly, Billy Robinson, Eddie Bond.

Front Row on Ground L to R;
Jimmy Fleming, Ernid Holland, Joe Grimanson, Joe Milligan, Dick Roper, Albert Forbes, Robert Phair.


Many thanks to Jack Fleming and George Hamilton for researching the names, George Hamilton owns an original mounted print with all persons named.


Coronation Year 1937

Back Row L to R; ---1---, Billy Downey, John Flannagan, John Morton.

Front Row L to R;  Tam Harris, ---2---, Andy Haire , Ned McCann, John McBride, George Hamilton, George Hughes.

Mayfair Manufacturing Company

Mahon Apple Store Factory


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Mahon Apple Cold Storage Factory

Taken about 1960, today the background looks much different, if you were to stand in same camera position looking towards the Armagh Road you would see;  Alex Richardson's home and his 'New Way Video' reception entrance, behind that shows Mahon Hall Nursing Home, the left background now shows private bungalow housing complex.

Back Row of men L to R:   Tom Black - Cecil Halligan,- Mr--3--, - Tom Sinton?, - David Holiday,- Mr--6--,- Joe Knipe, -Willy McClean, -Mr--9--, - Tommy Loney.

Middle Row; Mrs. Richardson,- Mrs Naomi Redpath, -Deborah Costello,- Mr, Watson, Manager, -Miss Gracey, -Mrs Richardson, -M/s--7--,.

Front Row;  Roy Lyttle,- Mrs McCullough, -M/s Parr, -Billy Lyttle (Foreman), - Violet Prentice, -Sam Livingston, - Lilly Pierson, -Mrs Annie Skelton,- Willie Hurst.  

Mayfair Manufacturing Company

Staff outing, when and to where? if you know please email me. The departure point looks close to Woodhouse Street showing in the background during the redevelopment of the area in the 1960's.

Some of those in the photograph are; Hubert Moone (Manager)  Joyce ?Hall?, Helen Mawhirt, Nora McClelland, hopefully later we can name more and identify their position in the photograph.

Staff before leaving Portadown on a visit to Mark's & Spencer HQ in London.

L to R;  Victor Taggert, Ken Gamble, Nora McClelland, ---?---, Madge Wilson,  Mrss ??? McCleery, ---?---, Annie Black, Hubert Moone (Manager)

At Buckingham Palace during visit to Mark's & Spencer's HQ London.

A few names of those in photo = Nora McClelland, Annie Black, can you name year and others?

Tavanagh Weaving Co. Ltd.

Portadown 1939

Back Row L to R; Harry Johnston, ---2---, ---3---, ---4---, ---5---, ---6---, Josh McNally. ---8---, ---9---, --10--, --11--, --12--,.

3rd. Row; ---1---, ---2---, ---3---, ---4---, ---5---, ---6---, ---7---. ---8---, ---9---, --10--, --11--, --12.

2nd. Row; ---1---, Reggie Barr-, William Wright, ---4---, ---5---, ---6---, ---7---. ---8---, ---9---, --10--, --11--, --12--, --13.

Front Row: ---1---, ---2---, ---3---, Eric Yeman, ---5---, ---6---, ---7---. ---8---.

Can you add Missing Names?

Photo loaned by David Armstrong 

Dunbar McMaster Co. Ltd. Gilford

No 4 & 5 Prep. Dept. 14 December 1937

Back Row L to R: ---1---, ---2---, ---3---, ---4---, ---5---, ---6---, ---7---. ---8---, ---9.

3rd. Row;  ---1---, ---2---, ---3---, ---4---, ---5---, ---6---, ---7---. ---8---, ---9---, --10--, --11--.,

2nd. Row ---1---, ---2---, ---3---, ---4---, ---5---, ---6---, ---7---. ---8---, ---9---, --10--, --11.

Front Row L to R; ---1---, ---2---, ---3---, ---4---, ---5---, ---6---, ---7---. ---8---, ---9---, --10--, --11.

Can you add missing names?

Photo loaned by David Armstrong

Dunbar & McMaster Co. Ltd Gilford

Mech. Dept. 10 December 1937

Back Row L to R: ---1---, ---2---, ---3---, ---4---, ---5---, ---6---, ---7---. ---8---, ---9.

Middle. Row ---1---, ---2---, ---3---, ---4---, ---5---, ---6---, ---7---. ---8---, ---9.

Front Row L to R; ---1---, ---2---, ---3---, ---4---, ---5---, ---6---, ---7---. ---8---, ---9---, --10.

Can you add missing names?

Photo loaned by David Armstrong

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