Ben Forde Collection


 A much loved son of Portadown, Ben Forde of Craigwell Avenue.

Ben's story can be found by visiting:

Here are a few photographs of Ben,

his family and friends in his early days in Portadown.


Left to Right:  Ben's parents Ben and Ellen Forde on their wedding day. - Ben with his father. - Ben's sister Leah now Rev. Leah Kearns Church of England Vicar, with Leah is "Ballyblough" winner of the Clonmel Derby.
Ben's father was a greyhound trainer in those days. This dog was owned by a man called Ralph Hewitt from Lurgan. Ben Sen. also trained several dogs owned by Mick Turley who had a pig slaughter business in West St. Portadown. - Ben's Aunt Sarah.









Derrycorry Footbal team.

Back row L to R; Wesley Johnston, Albert Drummond, Tommy Blevins, Freddy Lyttle, Robert (Doc) Symington, Ivan Mulligan, Jack Robinson, Alex Connelly.
Front Row; Jimmy Anderson, Ben Forde, Errol Johnston, Derek Brown, Freddie Gardiner.

Hart Memorial School

On left Mr Adam Harbinson trainer

on right Mr William Hamilton teacher.

Back row L to R; Jackie Black, Billy McCrory, Kenny Redpath, Jimmy Quinn, Ben Forde, Gerry Matchett.

Front row;  Danny Hynes, Sam Ruddell, Mr McKee Principle, Thomas Madill, Mr Donald teacher, Don Fleming, John Richadson.

Back row left to R; Ronnie Galway, John Clements, Sammy Mathers, Fred Watson, Wesley Flannagan, Rodney McDonald.
Front row; Roy Kells, Brian Hawthorne, George Douglas, Ray Connolly.

'Portadown News' newspaper staff.

'Portadown News' newspaper staff.

Back row left to R; Ben Forde, Joe Dickson, Noel Glasgow, Jimmy White.
Front row; George Hamilton, Ivor Hickey, Ernie Hickey, Brendan Doyle.

'Portadown News' newspaper staff.

Left to right; Ronnie Haughey, Bernie Haughey and Noel Glasgow.

 Presentation by Ben on behalf of the staff on retirement of 'Portadown News' owner Mrs Warnock. Lady on right is Mayoress Mrs Ralph O'Lone.

'Portadown News' presentation to Ben on leaving the staff.

An old bed stead constructed to be used as a bicycle, an invention made by Jimmy Fletcher.

Jimmy Fletcher (owner of bicycle shop in Woodhouse Street in the 50's) Here he is seen sitting on a bicycle lawnmower that he constructed.

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