Brankin's Pub Abt. 1900


Above photo was e-mailed by Eamonn Butler son of Veronica Brankin and grandson of Thomas Brankin.

The gentleman standing in centre of gateway is believed to be Thomas Brankin, The gentleman on extreme left of photo is believed to be Eamonn's great grandfather Thomas Brankin.

The photograph was taken about 1900, Brankins Bar then would have been considered to be on the edge of town, nowadays the site would be considered as the centre of The Tunnel. Obins Street.

Brankin's used to board people and stable horses in the buildings at the rear of the Pub.

(On the country side of Obins Street there is an area called 'Brankin's Hill' the name came from this Brankin family, they owned a large granite house at the top of the hill, just opposite where the new St. John's Church is. Later the house became the dwelling of the Moonan family. Thanks to Dominic Hoey for the info)

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