The Bright Spots


The Bright Spots - Portadown's very own show-biz troupe of the 1950's - were a huge hit in local circles (especially in their Town Hall shows) the picture shows them at the height of their popularity.


Bank manager Greer Walker (centre front seated) was a great driving force, as was Mrs. McBride on his left and Mr. Gates beside her.


The three on the very front are Muriel Todd (left) speech and drama teacher who helped with the names, Jim Neill and Elizabeth Harrrison.


The front line on the seats, L to R , Leslie Lyske, ---2---,  Joe Vaughan, Helen Swinnerton, Greer Walker, Mrs. McBride, Mr. Gates, who ran a music shop in Edward Street, (Now Gabrielle's Flower Shop) Dora Vaughan and Jackie McMahon.


Centre row; Hazel Hughes, Herbie Coulter, Doris Conn, Stewart Parker, Ingrid Neill, Tom Palmer, Maureen Lyske, George Anderson, Dinah Downey, Tommy Gilmore, ----11---.  Ernest Bennington, Winnie Parker, ---14---, ---15---.

Back Row L to R:  ---1---. Kenny Alexander, Trevor Gardiner, Eddie O.Neill, Freddie Woods, Hugh Gates, Jim Gates, Robert Gates, David Craig, Peter McCann..

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