Killmore & Battlehill Primary Schools

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Photographs supplied by William England

Killmore  1944-45

Back Row L to R;  M. Winter, S. McGeough, Miss. A. England (teacher) S. Alderdyce, S. Stothers & M. Braden.
3rd Row L to R;  R. Alderdyce, J. Anderson, J. Rainey, J. Keyes, G.McMillen & J. Trimble.
2nd Row L to R;  A. McGeough, R. Cartmill, P. Harvey, A. Wright, V. Harvey, B. Stothers, N. McMillen, B. Kells & H. Wilson.
Front RowSeated L to R;  B. McGeough, N. Winter & J. King.

Killmore  1946


Back Row L to R;  Miss McIlwaine, J.Winter, R.Trimble, J.Trimble, G.McMillan, J.King, D.Irwin,W.Stothers & B.King.
2nd Row L to R;  V. Harvey, D. Keys, R. Alderdyce, P. Harvey, M. Braden, A. Smith, A. Wright, L. Mason, R. Cartmill & B. Stothers.
SEATED L to R;  R. Woolsey, E. Harvey, N. McMillen, Miss A. E.England ( Principal ), A. Irwin, V. Proctor, E. Smith.
FRONT ROW L to R;  W. Glass, I. Glass, N. Woolsey, J. Woolsey, J. Cartmill & B. Stothers.


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