The Pathway From The Door


Thomas J. R. Glenny

Greatly appreciated by genealogists.

Size:  A4  110 pages

A social history of Cotter-Farming and Handloom Weaving from it's early beginnings through to the end of the 19th. century. (1649-1900)  Detailing the townlands of north County Armagh including the Birches, Tartaraghan, Milltown, Maghery, and south Lough Neagh hinterland.

Outlining the early Celtic history, the plantation period, and the establishment of the tenant farming system.

Detailing the rise of the cottage handloom weaving industry, it's mark on society and it's eventual decline.

Summarily tracing the path followed by countless numbers of emigrants following the 1845-50 famine years to The United States of America including localised statistical data.

Published by; 

Acorn Historical Publications

13 Derrylileagh Road, The Birches, Portadown, N. Ireland. BT62 1TQ

Cost of book is 16.95 + P&P Worldwide 3.95

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or telephone at 028 3885 1795

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