Presentation Convent Primary School

Thomas Street


Little Marie Marie Gibson's first Holy Communion, 1957, her married name is Marie Livingstone


I would very much appreciate any viewer emailing if you

can help with date and names of those in pictures

Also, am looking for more old photographs of the Presentation Convent.

Message from Brendan Millar;
I suppose by now you have all the names of the convent girls in your most recent photos, but I'll just send these just in case you haven't.
1 Yvonne Brankin - 2 Patricia Smith - 3 Joy McCann (uncertain) - 4 Bernadette McKeown - 5 Mari Hamill - 6 Annie Kelly - 7 unknown - 8 Delores Bailey - 9 Delores McGurgan - 10 Ann Murphy - 11 Mary Johnston - 12 Winnifred Holland - 13 Brenda Duffy - 14 unknown - 15 Rose Fox - 16 Deidre Loftus - 17 Dominica Bailey - 18 Margaret Duffy - 19 Dympna Prunty (uncertain) - 20 Catherine Livingstone - 21 Denise Foy - 22 Mary McCann
23 Patricia Devine (uncertain) - 24 Kathleen Millar - 25 Francis Holland
Most of the girls in the centre of the picture are between 57 and 60 now, so the picture must have been taken about 1960.
In the photo with the bishop, the woman closest to him on our left is Ita Creaney, and the woman closest to him on our right is Kathleen " Ka " Grimley.
In the communion photograph the little girl in the front row No 1 is Ann McNeice, she's the same age as me so the photo must have been taken in 1953 or 1954.

Thank you Brendan, a great job done, I did not know the names until you supplied them.

Abt. 1965/6
Eileen McKeever, Catherine McGeough, Eileen McCaffery, Patricia McParland and Donna Halfpenny.

Photographs were taken about 1965/6 in the gardens of the Presentation Convent in Thomas Street, since then the building has been sold and converted into private apartments.

The two little girls on left of photo are Catherine McGeough and Ann Donnelly on their 'First Communion Day'

Back Row; L to R.   ---1---, ---2---, ---3---, ---4---, ---5---, Miceal Maloco.

Front Row;  Ann McNeice, Jennifer Watson, ---3---, Una Cullen, Marion Donnelly.

First Holy Communion, year and names?


Kieran Wright, with Sister Aloysius and Sister Philip?


Back row L to R: Patricia Hughes, Vera McKeever, Clare McLornan, ---? 4th---, Marie? Mulholland, Bridie Donnelly, ---? 7th---, Margaret McCormac.

Front row: Eithne Harbinson, Julia Smith, Ann Kelly, Vera Creaney, Carmel Gorman, Margaret McKee, Ita McCaffrey , Rosemary Coleman, Rose Millar

Photo sent by Brendan Millar

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