A History of Sam McGredy Nursery Portadown


A History written in 1888 by George Henry Bassett

1920 Taken at Giant's Causeway. Front, Mr. and Mrs. Sam McGredy, founder of Sam McGredy Nursery Portadown.

This Sam is Dr. Samuel Darragh McGredy's great-grandfather.


The Woodside Nursery consists of about sixteen acres, and occupies the site of the famous Castle Gardens of Portadown.  

They were converted to nursery purposes by the late Mr. Francis Grant, about fifteen years ago.  Messrs. Samuel McGredy and Son bought the property from the trustees of Mr. Grant, nine years since.  Mr. Samuel McGredy has had a life-long experience in nursery work and landscape gardening.  Some of the finest private places in Ulster have been laid out from his designs, and under his personal supervision.  

Messrs. S. McGredy and Son have at present five glass houses, each 95 feet in length, and a dozen frames for bringing forward young stock.  Pansies and violas are a specialty.  For specimens of these, the firm received highest award at the Show of the Royal Horticultural Society, Dublin, in 1887, and wherever else exhibited.  

Rose culture is the great feature of their labours.  The stock for sale in 1888 exceeded 60,000.  They were awarded first prizes for roses at Douglas, Isle of Man, in 1886 and in 1887, first prize and cup at Glasgow in 1886, first prize at the Royal Horticultural Society’s Show, Dublin, in 1887, and first prizes at Greenock, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and elsewhere in Scotland in 1886.  

The cultivation of fruit trees is still another of the specialties.  During the Autumn of 1887-8, over 25,000 apple trees were sold at the Woodside Nursery.  Conifers and ornamental shrubs take up a large space.  As many as 50,000 rhododendrons are often purchased by one buyer.  Dahlias and gladioli receive a large share of attention at the hands of Messrs. Samuel McGredy and Son.  The water supply is procured from the River Bann.







Portadown Urban Council was granted the Royal Charter to Borough status in 1947.  The Mayoral Chain was made up of gold medals won by the McGredy family.



Sam McGredy Royal Nurseries Portadown P1.

Sam McGredy Royal Nurseries Portadown P2

Opening Day of Derriaghy Garden Centre

Sam McGredy Show Team 1964

McGredy's 1964

McGredy Football Team 1966

Sam Carved in Wood!

McGredy Roses 1906-99

McGredy in Japan 2002

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