St. Columba's Girl Guides and Boy Scouts

About 1966

Back row, left to right: Rev Herbert Cassidy, Vivian Black, S. Mullen, E. Forbes, Grace Hughes, Ardena Barton, K. Stewart, Helen Gillispie, _ Moore, Unknown, Unknown, Margaret Nugent, S. Young, Helen Hall, P. Buckley, Bert Wilson, ( Troop Leader)

5th row, left to right: Sadie Croft, O. Croft, Ann Hill, Unknown, J. Moore, Elizabeth Jones, Unknown, H. Hewitt, E. Quinn, Jennifer Sproule, S. Farrell, Rhoda Rowe.

4th row, left to right: Pauline McDonald,( standing), Unknown, Unknown, _ Vennard, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, E. Simpson.

3rd row, left to right: Z. McMahon, Unknown, Unknown, D. Madill, _ McCoo, B. Uprichard, A. Redmond, Unknown, Sylvia Anderson, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown.

2nd row, left to right: Richard Stewart, Unknown, _ Gillispie, Clive Best, Dennis McCoo, Adrian White, Dennis Pepper, Unknown, Stephen Mc____?, Unknown, Woolsey Allen, Unknown, Ricky Best

Front row, left to right: Clive Bowles, Unknown, H. Croft, L. Hill, Elizabeth Redpath, Gloria Anderson, S. Tedford, Unknown, S. Farrell, Unknown, L. Glover, D. Beattie.

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