Cars in Portadown 1956

Wouldn't we give our 'eye-teeth' to own one of these vehicles now.  Can any viewer let me know the model names and if possible the owners, the registration numbers might assist in this.

 Was it like as in the old song:

"I bought a roadster, two-seated, I even had it heated,
So that I could see Maggie alone.
While we were driving and kissing, the engine started missing,
And we were a long way from home.
I jumped right out then as fast as I could.
Found what was wrong, for when I raised the hood… (Guess who!)
There was her father, her mother, her sister and her brother
Oh, I never see Maggie alone.
I never see Maggie alone"

LZ 7126     Escourt/Squire 1955-61

In West Street, Harrison's shop in centre, McQueens Jewelers to right. These shops were demolished making way for the new Magowan Buildings.

UZ 2679  Austin A30 or A35.

In West Street, outside The Home Stores, to right is the Tower Ice Cream Shop next to this West End Pharmacy owned by D.J. Rowe. These shops were demolished in the 1960's.

LZ 2765  Ford Prefect.

In Carleton Street, outside the Carlton Studio owned by Nat Anderson  Mrs. Gordon's confectionery shop is to the left, she made great 'Chinese Chews' for tea breaks, she and her son Dennis and daughter Shelia lived above the shop.  Dennis became a Presbyterian Minister, now in New Zealand, Dennis if you ever come across this website send me an e-mail.

PZ 7099  Standard 8.

In Church Place outside where the Portadown Times newspaper office now occupies. These buildings have not changed much, they are listed and well preserved. I think the car belonged to Mrs. Dougan, widow of Dr. George Dougan Snr.

LZ 8252  Ford Consul Mk2 204E 1956-62

At corner of Market Street and Edward Street outside T.J. Montgomery's, grocers and tea merchants. Part of Saxone Shoe Shop is visible on the corner of High Street and Edward Street, also showing is Charles Twinem's gents outfitters.

LZ 5920  Morris Panel van.

In Church Place outside Mrs Birchall's confectionery shop, she with her son Kieran lived above the shop. Mrs. Birchall was a sister of the Cullen's, dentists and publicans. 

LZ 8107  Morris station wagon.

In Watson Street (Railway Street) outside Wades pottery factory.  This Morris was owned by Major Carryer, manager of Wades Portadown.  The Major was married to Iris, daughter of Sir George Wade.

OZ 6019  Sunbeam Talbot.

In Edward Street outside Montgomery's ladies hat shop.  Also showing is the Central Cafe and bakery.  This Sunbeam Talbot was owned by Nat Anderson, a well know local pharmacist.



FWS 52 

 In West Street outside the Savoy Restaurant and Cake Shop. The Savoy, owned by James Finlay was the most popular location for wedding receptions. To the right of the cake shop is McConnville's Off-Sales, then Albert Lyttle's Butchers Shop, after that is McConnvilles Bar (not visible in photo) on corner of West Street and Mandeville Street.

Message from Jim Poots of Portadown.

The wedding limousine registration number FWS 52 belonged to my late granddad Joseph Poots and then by my father Sam. I well remember it as a boy of approx 8 yrs of age and still have the memory of standing up in the front of it looking out through the windscreen as it was being driven for the last time from the business premises in Bridge Street to Hamills in Obin Street where it was scrapped! When I think of all the old vintage cars, trucks and buses I have restored over the years it makes me feel so sad that this limo got away. The brief history of the limousine was that when new it belonged to the Lord Provost of Edinburgh (hence the Scottish number) and was used for official business. My father is certain that my granddad bought it of the official Daimler dealer of that era in Belfast.

GZ 7904 Morris 10

John Flannagan owned this car in
1956.  The photo was taken outside his home at 9 Armagh Rd.

IB 8 Who is the lady, what make of car? It was registered to J.C.Boyle The Mall Armagh in 1914-15

Another old car I am searching for, has anyone a photo of LZ 1? According to Sam McGredy, the Rose Man; In the 1920’s Dr. Hector Dean of Armagh City Hospital owned a very old Bently or Rover?, the number was LZ 1

Dennis Hobbs supplied this interesting link on early car registrations;

Photo loaned by David Armstrong


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