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The mystery photo was brought to me by an friend to see if I could trace the person and location. He was not aware of it's existence until a few months ago, in his attic for many many years was an 11 X 8 inch framed watercolour painting of a Donegal scene, this had a discoloured outer overlay cream mount in damaged frame. He decided to restore the mount and have a new frame made, when he removed the watercolour print he discovered it was mounted on the reverse of the sepia photograph in question.

The fine watercolour is signed R. Cavey or it could be R. Carey and dated 1927. This establishes the photo much earlier than 1927, the dress of the gentleman and those of his native trackers suggest a wealthy person with the support of a local land owner. The hair style with central parting of the two natives may be a clue to a particular tribe or area? On showing the photo to several friends it was interesting that some made the remark that the gentleman had a look of the Windsors, appears this is not so. We shall never know, however I will keep it running on my website in the off-chance that someday someone can throw some light on it.

Looks like the 1940's

Unknown, Probably Town Hall.

Can you identify this group?

One person to the right in back row looks like Nat Anderson the one with reflection on spectacles?  Another gentleman  to the left of the row before back looks like Albert Wilson?

Could it have been a choir or musical society?

Note emblems, County Armagh Harp, St. George Cross, Union Flag

and Scottish Lion.

Photo loaned by David Armstrong

Campbells, Early 1800s, Armagh, Parish of Montiaghs
I need help in determining the location of a Campbell family, whose “five sons” (at least) came to the US from County Armagh about 1840.

There is a good possibility they were from the Parish of Montiaghs, this information from a severely weather eroded tomb stone that reads more like “from the Parish of Malchiach” than anything else. The brothers were John, James, Patrick, Daniel and Felix, they were born in the 1820s to early 1830s.

Their father was John, who was a 21 year pensioned veteran of the British Army, and his father was Charles Campbell, a “loom weaver” who died at the age of 107. Unfortunately I have no idea where or when John or Charles died.

Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Al Lee in Texas USA


This photo was sent by John Clancy of New Jersey, USA. it shows some of his ancestors outside their family home believed to be in the Birches/Maghery area.  The family name was Alderdice, all that John knows that this house was at Portadown, near Lough Neagh, the family lived there between 1893 to 1900.

John and family will be visiting the area next Spring, if any viewer can add some information on this family he would be delighted to hear from you, he can be contacted at: 



Bob Gay of Maryland, USA is trying to find information on his ancestors, McAlinden, Campbell and Kelly.  The photo on the left was taken on Coney Island about 1905, it shows the McAlinden family. Annie (nee Campbell) holding Patrick, next is Sarah (Bob's grandmother), then Mary, next is James holding Kathleen.  Annie and James had two more boys, James b. 1908 and John b. 1912.  During this period, Bob's grandfather James was the islands caretaker for Lord Charlemont.  Notice the cottage in the background, this was built about 1895 and remains in pristine condition, cared for by the local council.

Bob's grandparents, Thomas Clark Kelly (1895-1962) and his wife Sarah McAlinden (1897-1976) both went to Maghery School.  In 1914 Thomas went to Canada, the same year Sarah left for USA, a few years later they met up in Buffalo, New York.  Shortly after that Thomas went to serve in WW1 in France, on returning to New York he and Sarah married in 1920, they lived in New York, then for some time in Ohio and eventually settled in Maryland about 1930.


Bob can be contacted at: 



Kathleen Donnelly of California hopes some locals can help her trace relatives.  The photo shows her grandfather standing beside a seated friend.  His name was Patrick J. Beattie, born about 1875-1880 in Portadown, he married Catherine Matthews, they had a daughter, Agnes and  lived in Belfast from 1900 until his death in the early 1940's. For awhile during 1903 he and Catherine spent some time in South Africa.  Her grandfather, Sergeant Major Patrick fought in the Boer War, it is not known if he served in WW1.  It is believed that Patrick was the son of a 'mixed marriage'.

Can anyone identify which regiment the uniform belonged to?


Kathleen can be contacted at:

Kathleen Donnelly, Northridge, CA. 91324 USA

or e-mail me and I will pass on any messages.


Doreen Russell (nee Kirkpatrick) from  Chilliwack, B.C. Canada sent this photo taken about 1920.  It shows her great-grandfathers shop in Edenderry on the corner of Bridge Street and Watson Street, His name was Thomas Gibson, he married Sarah Collins.

On the Watson Street side of the shop is painted 'Edenderry Stores'.  These premises are now owned and occupied as Joe Weir's Motor Accessories.  The building has not changed a lot.


If anyone can add information on this family please e-mail me and I will pass on to Doreen



From Pat Churchill, New Zealand.

Mary DYNES (nee TATE) is the old lady, seated. She is my
ggg-grandmother. With her are her daughter Isabella PEARSON (nee
DYNES) who married to baker Andrew PEARSON. The boy is my
g-grandfather William PEARSON, Isabella's son.

Mary TATE was married to William DYNES who was b Derrycaw, Drumcree
1814 and died 1847. He was the son of William DYNES b 1785 d 1845 who
had a brother Francis.

Isabella was born in Drumcree in 1847 and married Andrew PEARSON in
1867 at the Parish Church of Drumcree. Andrew was the son of Andrew PEARSON. He
also had a brother George.

Isabella and Andrew's son William was born in Portadown in 1868.

I think Andrew may have died young as Isabella and her son William
emigrated to New Zealand in 1882 when Isabella was 35 and William 15.
Isabella's siblings, William John, Francis, Priscilla had already
emigrated here in 1862.

Am also looking for the family of Thomas McDOWELL, b Portadown 1837,
who emigrated to New Zealand in 1861.

Love to hear from anyone who might be connected. Pat Churchill, New Zealand

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