George Cranston's Submission

George Cranston now living in Australia sent these photographs. George lived in the Edgarstown area and went to the Hart Memorial School in the 1930-40's.


The photo on left shows George's uncle Joe Hughes selling fish in High Street,  the building in background is the Classic Bar on the corner of High Street - Bridge Street. The gentleman standing behind the fish stall is B. Sargent. I would guess the period was the 1930's.

A few more of George's photos are on the Portadown Football section.


Below, Table Tennis Teams 1950's.


Left to right:  M. Dunn (Ulster Branch I.T.T.A.) Georgina Cranston,  ---?---, Jack Shanik,  Sammy Liggett, ---?---, George Cranston, Sandra Currie, P. Tipping.

Back row L to R:  Totten, ---?---, W. Livingston, H. Black, ---?---, B. Lappin.

Front row:  C. White, J. Prunty, J. Ferguson, George Cranston.

Back row Left to right:  George Cranston, J. Ewart.

Front row:  P. Monaghan, H. Burns, E. Bailie, J. McNally.


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