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Ist Armagh Road Girl Guides

With thanks to ex-pat Jim Espie of New Zealand, some of the photos show his Aunt Doreen Espie.

Back row left to right; Marie Gordon, Sally Roy, Irene Clifford, ---4?---. Massie Smart, Esther Hynes, Jean Dobbin, Doreen Hollinger.

Middle Row; May Martin, Dinah Conn, Jean Swann, Margaret Robinson, Jean Brown, Nina Martin, Betty Lutton, Joy Robinson.

Front Row;  Sally Lutton, Lucy Jenkinson, Winnie Johnston, Miss Doreen Espie, Miss Peggy Wightman, Joy Topping, Norma Waddel, Mona Kennedy, Madge Lappin.


Mission Women's group about 1942 taken in the yard of Armagh Road Academy in Church Street.

Back row L to R;  Annie Ferguson, ---2---, ---3---, ---4---, ---5---, ---6---, ---7---, Mrs Espie, ---9---, Mrs Perrott.

Front L to R;   ---1---, Anna Monahan-, ---3---, Margaret Radcliff,  Elizabeth Smart, Agnes Kerr, ---7---, ---8---, ---9---,

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