Park Road Junior School



Back Row L to R; Peter Topley, David Pepper, David Lester, Ronnie Hynes, Harry Porter, Jim Hewitt, George McCann, Ronnie McIvor, Dennis Cloughley, Denis Anderson, Garfield Gilpin. Teacher Miss Teggart.

Middle Row; Joan Lester, Harold Hamilton, Robert McCammick, Brenda Baxter, Martha Corkin, Carol Adamson, Anne McIlveen, Maureen Lyttle, Trevor Short, Robert Herron, Irene Newell.

Front Row; Barbara Gutherie, Pauline Short, Harold McNally, Geoffrey Robinson, Arlene Gibson, Betty McCann.

About 1961

Miss Gracey was the Principle, prior to that the post was held by Miss Loughead.  Thanks to Alec Porter for e-mailing this photo, Alec is the lad beside Miss. Dudgeon.

Back Row L to R:  Freddy Woods - Alan Gordon, - Alan Whitten - Robin Day - Paul Bonis - Brian Adamson - Bobby Robertson, - Herbert Walker - Andrew McGowan - Billy Herron, - Alec Porter, - Miss Dudgeon.

Middle Row:  Angela Stephenson - Arthur Doak - Joan McCoy - Heather McCoy - Trevor Heatly - Eric Herron - Lesley Pepper - Alison Barkley, - Valerie Wright -

Carol Spence - Julia Freeburn -  Walter Rowe.

Front Row:  Michael Walker, - Rosalind Beattie,  Margaret Neill. - Tania Nunn - June Galt - Moira Porter - Freda Elliott - Susan Carson see note  below - John Duncan .

Susan Carson who at that time was on holiday with gradmother to whom was Mrs Hynes of Woodside Hill.
Susan was from Dumbarton Scotland so grandmother thought rather than miss out on education she enrolled her at the school for the period
of her stay in Woodside.



Back Row Left to right;  Miss Dudgeon, ---2---, Ann Campbell,  Billy Barkley, Janet Taggart, Brent Huston,  ---7---.

Second row;  Angela Stephenson, Rosalind Beattie, ---3---, Robert Weir, Eric Agnew, ---6---, Barbara Weir, ---8---.

Front Row seated;  Alison Watson, Jim Whitla, Bethel Short, Morris Whitla, ?Trevor Boins?, Joan Poole, ?Linda Porter?

Photo loaned by Robert Weir

1924 Photo No. 1

Message and photo from Hubert Blakely (in Canada, his wife Anne Smyth went to Hart Memorial, a niece of  Lily Smyth who taught there) Found this old photo of Park Road school 1924 and we do not

have a clue who they are but Anne's grandfather Geo. Smyth taught there.

Can anyone supply names?

1924 Photo No. 2

Any more names to match faces please?

Young lady front row extreme left of photo is Olive Harris, Olive's married name was Clarke.  The family left Portadown to settle in Canada June of 1947.  Olive died in Montreal, her daughter and sons live in Canada and Florida.

Back Row l to R;  ---1---, ---2---, ---3---, ---4---, ---5---, ---6---, ---7---.

Middle Row;  ---1---, ---2---, ---3---, ---4---, ---5---.

Front Row;  Olive Harris,, ---2---, Sarah Foster, ---4---, Minnie Foster, ---6---, ---7---, ---8---, Meta McCabe, Eva McCabe.


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