Portadown Football Club 


Edgarstown Red Supporters, about 1960?.

Some names are; F. Pepper, J. Quinn, H. Magee, C. Lutton, George Cranston, W. Sherman, Moore, Beatty, T. Pentland, Baxter, J. Beatty, I. Tedford, J. Patton, T, Smith, S. Lutton, H. Wiggens, R. Quinn, Redpath L. Morton, S. McFall, L. Burrows, J. Baxter, R. Baxter, C. Lyttle, Ramsey, T. Moore, S. Donaldson,

The grandstand after fire in 19??.

Loaned by Marian Chambers

At Portadown's grounds, Sammie Chambers is 2nd. from left of photo.


Portadown Football Club P1

Portadown Football Club P2

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