Portadown Male Voice Choir

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Prize Winning Choir 1931

Seated;  G. Ramsey H.R. Stewart

1st. Row;  J. Holland, R. Lynas, A. Barbour, G.E. Lutton (President), J. Woods (Conductor), W. Maxwell, E. Willis, H. McAfee.

2nd. Row;  J.I. Forsythe, C. Morton, S. McKinley, N.A. Lyttle, W. Robinson, J. Monaghan, H. McClatchey, H. Cassells.

3rd. Row;  J. Jones, W. Bailie, J. Matchett, N. McCullough, W. Irwin, F. Wright, J. morton, H. McGlade.

4th. Row;  T. Reynolds, R. Henderson, W. Walker, H. Millar, T.C. Mullen, A. Caddell, S. Lyttle, R. H. Bell.


Portadown male Voice Choir was formed in 1926 out of the 'ashes' of a mixed choir, made up from the employees of the linen manufacturing firm of Spence Bryson - the factory is also long since defunct with the demise of so many mighty linen companies in the town.
Known as the Clonavon Factory Choir, it had operated for a number of years with moderate success, and rather than see choral music disappear from the scene entirely, the manager of the factory (and founder of the mixed choir), Captain George E. Lutton decided that a male choir could be created and he was its first president.
The roll book shows that the initial choir had 21 members - six first tenors, just three second tenors, five baritones and seven second basses.


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Choir 1982

Choir 1985

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