Portadown Rugby Club 


Winners of the 'Town's Cup' 1957

Names from top left to bottom right are:
Jimmy McNeill (Trainer), G. McMahon, B, Dawson, T. Guthrie, Kenneth Bloomer McAllister, George Douglas. K. Flannagan, R. Henderson,
Billy McKinney, Frank Henderson (Captain, holding aloft the Town's Cup), Brian Hawthorne. Brian Gordon, Brian Dynes, Victor Elliott.
Not in photo, two missing members, Tommy Wells and E. Scott.

Team photo of winners of the 'Town's Cup' 1957
Back Row L to R; Jimmy Chambers, H. Jackson (Referee, Billy Dawson, Eddie Scott, George Douglas, Brian Dynes, Brian Hawthorne, Gordon McMahon, Tommy Wells, Jimmy McNeill.
Middle Row; Ted Guthrie, Roy Henderson, Frank Henderson, Mr. Jim Majury (Ulster Branch) Brian Gordon, Billy Mckinney, Kenneth Flanagan,

Frown two; Victor Elliott, Kenneth Bloomer McAllister.


All names to follow

Back Row L to R:  Bill. North,  ---- ----,  ---- ----,  Dave England,  ---- ----,  ---- ----,  ---- ----,  D. Hillis,  Alan Smith, ---- ----,

Front Row;    ---- ----,  ---- ----,  Tom Flanagan,  ---- ----,  Eric McCombe,  Leslie. Best,  ---- ----..

1991 Under Sixteens

Back Row L to R; ---1---, ---2---, ---3---, ---4---, ---5---, Scott Todd, Niall Westland. Stephen Fulton, Alastair Campbell, Cieran Westland, --11--, Geoff Flannagan, Aidan O'Kane (coach)
Front Row; ---1---, ---2---, Robert Bullock, Brett Nelson, Stephen Chalke, Martin McAvoy, Stephen Robinson. Cieran O'Kane.

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