Richmount Primary School


Back Row: L to R: 9 Persons:  Mr. Billy Harrison (Headmaster), Carol Dennis, Greta Wilson, John Magowan, Colin Lewis, Reggie Wright, Alan Sommerville, May McCullough, Stephanie McMahon.

4th Row: 14 Girls & Boys:  May Cairns, Victor Mulholland, Vangie Stevenson, Betty Harrison, Jean Simmonds, Geraldine Love, Edna Cairns, Molly Stratton, Elma Buckley, Sadie Anderson, Ruth Wilson in front of Miss Walker (Teacher),  George Robinson, Pearl Wright.

3rd Row: 11 Boys:  Godfrey Dennis, Edward Anderson, Harold Moore, Fred Gillespie, Percy Mulholland, Roy McCann, Barry Lewis, Ivan Mulholland, Herbie Anderson, Thomas Wilson, David Magowan.

2nd Row: 11 on Bench + 1 Kneeling:  Peter Dennis, Robert Dennis, John Wilson, Mervyn Hunniford, Mervyn Love, Carol Robinson, Lou Benson, Alison Benson, Helen Wright, Dorothy McCracken., Victor Anderson. Kneeling - George Hunniford.

Front Row on Ground: Ray Buckley, George Todd, Billy Harrison, Willy McCullough.

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