Saint Columba's School.

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Portadown Boys' N.S. Senior Class 1924
(Know as Curran Street Boys' School Later in 1933 to become St. Columba's Boys' School in Carleton Street.)

The photograph was loaned by Hugh Reavey's daughter, he was born in 1910, can any viewer add any missing names? if so please email 
Back row L to R; ---1?---, ---2?---, ---3?---, ---4?---, ---5?---, ---6?---, Master Tom Berry.
Third Row; ---Master 1?---, ---2?---, ---3?---, ---4?---, ---5?---, ---6?---, ---7?---, ---Master 8?---.
Second Row; ---Master 1?---, Hugh Reavey, ---3?---, ---4?---, ---5?---, ---6?---, ---7?---, ---8?---, ---Master 9?---.
Front Row: Christy Mangan, ---2?---, ---3?---, ---4?---, ---5?---, ---6?---, ---7?---.

The headmaster was Mr Carragher, The other masters were Sean Donnelly, Tom Berry, Chris Mangan and Mr Stewart, can anyone identify which is which in above photo

Tom Berry's grandson Nicky Hillis sent me this information;  He served for 50 years at this school from 1921 before retiring in July 1971.
Mr Berry lived at 182 Moyola Terrace, Obins Street. He became headmaster of St. Columba's Boys School in Carleton Street in 1966 after holding the post of vice principal for some years. Sadly he took a massive stroke on 17th April 1973 and passed away on 19th April 1973 and is buried in Drumcree Cemetery.

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Back Row L to R: 

Peter McVeigh, Dessie Milsop, John Lavery, Billy Little, Hugh Gorman, Francie Mallon, Pascal Kerney. Tom McCann, John Hagan, Tommy Lawless, John Lavery

Third Row;  Shan Hanratty, Barney Lavery, Jim McCann, Jack Connelly, Pat Dighnam, Clement Villery, Tom Hyde, Charlie Mallon, John Caffrey, Brian McDonnell, Frank McCreary, Tom Bettie.

Second Row:  John Hamill, Dennis Mackil, Leo McCann, Tom McQuade, Walter Talor, John, Hughes, Jack McKee, T. McCann, Owen Brankin.

Front Row:  Shaun Foy, Barney Neeson, Bertie Watson, Shaun Lamb, Paddy Stewart, Jerry McCusker, Dessie Cush, Paddy Donnelly.


Back Row L to R:  Kevin Hamil-Barney McAlinden-Ken Donnelly-Tom Moorin-Jim Steel-Maurice Rafferty-Gerad Little-Michael McCann-John Blacker-Jackie Lavery-Pat Hamill.

Middle Row:  John Kelly-Jim McNally-Charlie McNally-Francie Bunting-Tommy Corrigan-John Beattie-Jim Hanratty-Luke Reilly-Michael Reid-John O'Neil-Pat Lamb-Jumbo Creaney-Jimmy McKeown-Paddy Judge-Maxie Marlow.

Front Row:  Noel White-Dessie McGilligan-Vincent Murray-Brendan McCourt- Gerad Loftus-Owen Douglas-Sean Hughes-Dennis McGuigan-Francie Johnston-Jim Currie.


Some names are:  Jackie McGurgan, Dessie Little, Barney McCaffrey, Jimmy Douglas, Tony Kelly, Arty Williamson, Terry Lawless. Master McCullough at right hand side.

St.Columba's Boys School 1960

Back Row L to R; ---1---, ---2---, John McCoo, ---4---, ---5---, ---6---. John Tate.

Middle Row; Tony Loughlin, Eugene Reynolds, Danial Campbell, ---4---, Seamus O'Neil, John Lawless, ---7---.

Front Row; Barry Creaney, Eamon Keegan, Tommy McVeigh, Paul Kelly, ---5---, Willian Hall, Martin McNally.

Photo; Danny Campbell


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