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DavA 1

Greenview were always one of the best junior football teams in town. Here is one of their
earliest teams, taken in 1920-21

DavA 2

The town's Urban Council

DavA 3

Portadown Boat Club

L to R;  D. McDowell (Cox), H. Bell (2),  S. Lutton (3), J. Wilson (Stroke), J. Bright (Bow).

Dava 4

DavA 5




An early Portadown Athletic team.


Joe Fleming was the trainer. He was a well-known figure in local sporting circles and later trained the town hockey teams.



DavA 6

Clonavon Boys' Club, made up of workers from the Spence Bryson factories.














 Back row, from left, Leslie Joyce, Joe Power and ?Lutton.

Middle row, Jack Crealey, Jim Porter, Roy Roney, Ernie Johnston, Pete Cartmill, Everett Ruddell, Leslie Lyttle.

Front, Billy Sherman, Joe Roney, Ronnie Baxter, Sammy Roney, Archie Cartmill and Billy Kennedy.

DavA 7

L to R;- This Portadown Technical hockey team included Vivienne Wright who sixth back row, who,
as Vivienne Stewart, later taught at the school. Included is May Black, second front row, teacher Hugh McFerran

Back Row L to R: ---1?---, ---2?---, ---3?---, ---4?---, ---5?---, Vivienne Wright who taught at the school. --- 7?---. Teacher Hugh McFerran,

Front Row L to R; ---1?---, May Black, ---3?---, ---4?---, ---5?---

DavA 8




Enjoying a round of golf at Carrickblacker, Four Past Captains, from left, David Armstrong, Herbie McCartney, Dr Jimmy Garvin and Dr Billy Dobson. Front is Davy Conlon.




Dava 9

Spurs were a famous junior team in the Forties and won many trophies.

 Which one is Jack 'Specker' McNally? he went on to play for Portadown.

Back Row L to R: ---1?---,  Hutchie Armstrong, ---3?---, ---4?---, Davy McKeown, ---6?---, ---7?---. ---8?---, ---9?---, ---10?---, ---11?---, ---12?---,

2nd. Row; ---1?---, ---2?---,Jackie Kerr,, ---4?---, ---5?---,  Sam Lutton ---7?---. ---8?---.

Front Row L to R; ---1?---, ---2?---, ---3?---, ---4?---, ---5?---, ---6?---.

DavA 10






A never-to-be- forgotten day for Portadown football fans - Brian Strain holds aloft the Gibson Cup after the team beat Linfield to clinch the league trophy at Shamrock Park.








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