Portadown Street Directory 1959 - Householders listed by name

by kind permission of Publisher Eric Dale

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Abraham, Thos. J. 13 Festival Road.
Abraham, Ivan, 72 Festival Road
Abraham, James, 123 Bridge St.
Abraham, George, 27 Foundry St.
Abraham, Thomas, 8 Margaret St.
Abraham, Samuel, 10 Margaret St.
Abraham, Annie, 41 Henry St.
Abraham, William, 59 Montagu St.
Abraham, J. E. Cyril, 13 Tandragee Rd.
Abraham, Robert, W., Church Rd.
Acheson Ltd.Linen Manfc., Garvaghy RD.
Adair, Robert W., 60 Festival Rd.
Adair, Walter, 3 Queen's Gdns.
Adair, Matilda, 34 James St.
Adair, William, 38 Seagoe Pk.
Adair, James, 17 Greenview Gdns.
Adair, James, 12 Drumannon Pk.
Adams, Thos. D., 17 Craigwell Ave.
Adams, Robert, 2 Dawson's Court.
Adams, Alice, 50 Charles St.
Adams, Samuel, 13 Garvaghy Rd.
Adams, Robert, J., 231 Obin St.
Adams, William, G., 147 Westland Rd.
Adamson, Thos. J., 28 Festival Rd.
Adamson, Kenneth, 97 Princess Way.
Adamson, Winifred, 12 Oakwood Place
Adamson, Mary, 1 Woodside Gdns.
Adamson, Leslie, 5 Woodside Gdns.
Adamson, Harold, 46 Woodside Hill
Adamson, Ellen, 32 North St.
Adamson, Anna, 1a Drumilly Green
Adamson, Robert, Carrickblacker Rd.
Adamson, Eleanor, 18 Clonavon Ave.
Addis, Robert, 170 Westland Rd.
Aiken, Robert, 86 Church ST.
Aiken Robert, 37 Glandore Tce.
Alcorn, Robert J., 1 Drumcarn Gdns.
Alexander, James, 59 Killycomaine Rd.
Allen, David, 36 Princess Way
Allen, Arthur, 7 Granville Rd.
Allen, Rachel J., 91 Granville Rd.
Allen, John, 10 Princess Gdns.
Allen, James, 69 Armagh Rd.
Allen, Annie A. 7 Deer Park
Allen, Frederick, 66 Charles St.
Allen, Geo., Hse. Frns., Edward St.
Allen, James, 45 Woodside HIll
Allen, Sarah A. 2 James St.
Allen, Martha, 47 Westland Rd.
Allen, William J., 170 West St.
Allen, Herbert, 7 Drumannon Pk.
Allen, Margaret, 71 Clonavon Ave.
Allister, James, 175 Obins St.
Aldred, Albert, 30 Carleton St.
Aldred, Frank, 36 Carleton St.
Anderson, Maud, 93 Festival Rd.
Anderson, Chemist, 95 Granville Rd.
Anderson, Noel, 97 Granville Rd.
Anderson, James, 41 Ormonde St.
Anderson, Jack, 7 Glanroy Ave.
Anderson, Nath. A., 2 Ridgeway Pk. S.
Anderson, John, 13 Ripley Tce.
Anderson, Winifred, Mahon Rd.
Anderson, Herbert S., Mahon Rd.
Anderson, Albert, 7 Deramore Drive
Anderson, Robert, 25 Garvaghy Rd.
Anderson, Jack, 131 Garvaghy Rd.
Anderson, Jane, 219 Garvaghy Rd.
Anderson, Eric, 25 Killycomaine Rd
Anderson, Frank, 10 Mourneview St.
Anderson, John, 23 Mourneview St.
Anderson, Elizabeth, 34 North St.
Anderson, Bertie, 1 Montagu St.
Anderson, Albert, 115 Montagu St.
Anderson, Bertie, 17 Woodhouse St.
Anderson, Samuel, 26 Westland Rd.
Anderson, Noel, 12 High St.
Anderson, Edna, 36 Union ST.
Anderson, John Wm.19 Lurgan Rd.
Anderson, Samuel, 26 Westland Rd.
Anderson, John 26 Carrickdale Gdns.
Anderson, William, Castle St.
Anderson, N.A.J., 40 Church St.
Anderson, Annie, 3 Clonavon Ave.
Andrews, Violet, 13 Festival Rd.
Andrews, George, 22 Meadow Lane
Andrews, Cecil, 17 North St.
Andrews, William, 178 West St.
Andrews, Ephraim, 20 Carrickdale Gdns.
Annagh Motor Works, 11 Tandragee Rd.
Annett, William, 7 Carrickblacker Ave.
Apostolic Church, Jervis St.
Archer, William, 11 Armagh Rd.
Armstrong, Sydney, 106 Festival Rd.
Armstrong, Ronald, 42 Princess Way
Armstrong, William, 25 Glandore Tce.
Armstrong, Charles, 37 Alexandra Gdns
Armstrong, Joseph, 84 Charles St.
Armstrong, Hubert, 30 Woodside Green
Armstrong, James H., 122 Park Rd.
Armstrong, Herbert, 61 Jervis St.
Armstrong, David, 214 Obin St.
Armstrong, David, 126 West St.
Armstrong, George, 185 West ST.
Armstrong, Florence, 21 Loughgall Rd.
Armstrong, George, 53 Loughgall Rd.
Armstrong, John R., 132 Thomas St.
Armstrong, Thomas, 17 Carrickdale Gdns.
Armstrong, Hutchinson, 1 Portmore St.
Armstrong, Eleanor, 38 Portmore St.
Arnold, Robert, 26 Princess Way
Arnold, Joseph, 40 Seagoe Pk.
Arnold, Muriel, 182d Westland Rd.
Arlette Ladies Lingerie, High St.
Ariel Cleaners, 50 Church St.
Askin, Ghomas, 3 Carrickblacker Rd.
Askin, Elizabeth, 29 Foundry St.
Aston, Annie, 84 Granville Rd.
Aston, Samuel James, 11 Glandore Tce.
Atkinson, Robert C., 10 Queen's Walk
Atkinson, Herbert, 17 Queen's Gdns.
Atkinson, James, 95 Garvaghy Rd.
Atkinson, Robert J., 13 Hartfield Sq.
Atkinson, John, 6 Hartfield Sq.
Atkinson, James, 9 William St.
Atkinson, William, 45 Jervis St.
Atkinson, Alice, Bachelor's Walk
Atkinson, Mary, 15 William St.
Atkinson, William, 16 William St.
Atkinson, E.D., William St.
Atkinson, Annie, 38 William St.
Auld, Andrew, Bt. Rpr., 1c Edward St.
Auld, Andrew, 33 Coronation St.
Austin, Norman, 9 Corcrain Gdns.
Austin, Cedric, 53 Mourneview St.
Austin, Thomas, 67 Clonavon Ave.
Austin, Ellen, 20 Clonavon Ave.
Automart Ltd., Bridge St.
Avery W. & T., 65 Bridge St.



Bagnall, Robert, Rev., 33 Thomas St.
Bailey, Samue, 14 Craigavon Ave.
Bailie, Alice, 2 Arthur Ave.
Bailie, Joseph, 88 Obin St.
Bailie, Walter, 4 Woodside Hill
Bailie, David S., 8 Festival Rd.
Bailie, Thomas, 15 Craigwell Ave.
Bailie, William J., 37 Queen St.
Bailie, William J., 41 Queen St.
Bain, Wm., 16 Ormonde St.
Bain, Harold, 12 Ripley Tce,
Bain, Thomas, 79 Garvaghy Rd.
Bain, George, 24 Fitzroy St.
Baird, Allen, 40 Seagoe Rd.
Baird, Wm. G., 1 Seagoe Pk.
Baird, Wm. John, 75b Bridge St.
Baird, Alexander, 69 Woodside Green
Baird, Robert J., 8 River Lane
Baird, Thomas, 39 Queen St.
Balding, Arthur, 29 Hanover St.
Balkwell, Raymond, 31 Florence Court
Ball, Verdom, 30 Edward St.
Ballagh, Minnie, 31 Armagh Rd.
Ballentine, Albert, 55 Festival Rd.
Ballentine, Wm., 153 Thomas St.
Balmer, Margaret, 62 Henry St.
Baltylum Church Hall (St. Marks)
Loughgall Rd.
Bamber, Wm.G., 82 Granville Rd.
Bank of Ireland, 43 High St.
                     Agent, J.R. Speedie
Barbour, Margt. E., Drpr., 41 West St.
Barclay, Robert L., 50 Woodside Hill
Barkley, John, 10 Wilson St.
Barr, George, 6 Queen's Walks
Barr, Edward, 17 Fitzroy St.
Barr, James, 148 Park Rd.
Barr, Reginald G., 7 Oakleigh Pk.
Barrett, Leonard, 131-133 Garvaghy Rd.
Barrett, Jacob, 19 Margaret St.
Barrett's Drapers, 98 West St.
Barry, Mary J., 15 Mandeville St.
Bartholmew, Samuel, 6 Lurgan Rd.
Barton, George, 22 Margaret St.
Bates & Sons Ltd., Bridge St. S.
Bateson, Rachel, 48 Seagoe Rd.
Baxter, Wm., 35 Woodside Green
Baxter, Samuel, 4 Deramore Drive
Baxter, John, 23 Craigwell Ave.
Baxter, Wm., 6 Woodside Hill
Beattie, Frances E., 62 Granville Rd.
Beattie, Wm. John, 97 Bridge St.
Beattie, Joseph, 265 Bridge St.
Beattie, James, 55 Curran St.
Beattie, Elizabeth, 26 Curran St.
Beattie, Ronald, 20 Hartfield Sq.
Beattie, James, 43 Hanover St.
Beattie, Samuel, 10 Henry St.
Beattie, Mary, 16 River Lane
Beattie, Sarah, 6 Irish St.
Beattie, Agnes, 144 Jervis St.
Beattie, Wm., 35 James St.
Beattie, Edward, 267 Obin St.
Beattie, Mary J., 42 West St.
Beattie, David, 9 Castle St.
Beattie, Samuel, 13a Loughgall Rd.
Beattie, Johnston, 85 Jervis St.
Beatty, Mary E., 123 Thomas St.
Beatty, Patrick, 191 Charles St.
Beck, Wm. 41 Coronation St.
Beck, Joseph, 115 Bridge St.
B eckett, Jack, 14 Market St.
Beckett, Jack, 26 Ridgeway Park South
Beggs, Jack, 7 Sarah St.
Beggs, Kenneth, 136 Thomas St.
Begley, Mary, 10 Fowler's Entry
Belfast Cycles Ltd., West St.
Belfast Savings Bank, Market St.
Belfast Bank Ltd., 38 High St.
(Huey, Thos. Chas.)
Bell, Eric, 9 Killycomaine Rd.
Bell, James, 29 Festival Rd.
Bell, Robert, 54 Princess Way
Bell, Joseph, 223 Bridge St.
Bell, Joshua, 15 Killycomaine Rd.
Bell, Wm.H., 8 Atkinson Ave.
Bell, Henry, 17 Renmore Ave.,
Bell, Thomas, 19 Craigwell Ave.
Bell, John, 11 Donard Walk
Bell, Leonard, 27 Fowler's Entry
Bell, Herbert J., 8 Edward St.
Bell, Norman, 7 Century St.
Bell, Douglas, 83 Woodside Green
Bell, Carroll D., 10 Windsor Rd.
Bell, David, 22 North St.
Bell, Thomas, 16 Seagoe Rd.
Bell, Wm.A., 9 Drumcarn Gdns.
Bell, Lewis L., 10 Lurgan Road,
Bell, Albert, 9 Greenview Gdns.
Bell, Joseph E., 5 Glenmahon Ave.
Bell, Charlotte, Druggist, 25 High St.
Bell, John, 116 West St.
Bell, Charlotte, 99 Brownstown Rd.
Bell, William, 135 Tandragee Rd.
Belmont Auto Service, West St.
Belshaw, Wm., 27 Glandore Tce.
Belshaw, Wm., 141 Tandragee Rd.
Benn, Margaret, 24 Seagoe Rd.
Bennett, James, 13 Curran St.
Bennett, John, 15 West St.
Bennington, Ernest E., 38 Fitzroy St.
Benson, John, 16 Fowler's Entry
Benson, Elizabeth, 2 Oakwood Pce.
Benson, Wm., 13 Annagh Hill,
Benson, Jane, 16 George St.
Benson, Eric, 13 Craigavon Ave.
Benson, Thomas, 14 Woodview Ave.
Benson, Joseph, Mill Ave.
Benson, Earl, 18 Greenview Gdns.
Benson, John, 89 Festival Rd.
Benson, Fred., 11 Queen St.
Benson, Roy, 8 Queen St.
Beresford, Albert, 7 Ormonde St.
Berkin, Timothy, Church Rd.
Berney, Sarah, 35 Carleton St.
Berry, Kathleen, 9 Edward St.
Berry, John J., 48 Woodside Green
Berry, Sarah J., 7 Montagu St.
Berry, Thomas, 182 Obin St.
Berry, Stephen, Irwin St.
Berry, James, 69 Deramore Drive
Berry, George, 43 Curran St.
Berry, Vincent, 27 Festival Rd.
Berwoods Stores, 14 Mandeville St.
Berwoods Ltd. 29 Market St.
Best Ltd., W.H., Gcrs., 17 Seagoe Rd.
Best, Margaret A., 21 Seagoe Rd.
Best, Robert, 74 Thomas St.
Best, Thomas E., 84 Thomas St.
Best, Isobella, Church Lane.
Best, Wm. H., 15 Seagoe Rd.
Best, Sarah, 132 Thomas St.
Best, Edward, 17 Union St.
Best, Elsie, 22 Union St.
Best, Annie, 60 Portmore St.
Best, Helena, 94 Church St.
Best, Wm., 7 Clonavon Ave.
Best, Joseph, 4 Clonavon Ave.
Best, Thomas, 17 Connaught Pk.
Best, Florence, 113 Tandragee Rd.
Best, Ronald, 98 Tandragee Rd.
Best, Francis, 117 Westland Rd.
Best, Norman, 51 Granville Rd.
Best, Jean, 80 Festival Rd.
Best, Wm. J., 59 Festival Rd.
Best, Kenneth, 10 Granville Gds.
Best, Thomas, 7 Bridge St.
Best, Wm., 141 Bridge St.
Best, Norman, 205 Bridge St.
Best, Ronald, 23a Bridge St.
Best, Herbert, 99 Armagh Rd.
Best, Walter Geo., 19 Garvaghy Rd.
Best, Thomas, 1 Fitzroy St.
Best, Thomas, 23 Fitzroy St.
Best, Robert, 8 Florence Court.
Best, David, W., 20 Cecil St.
Best, James, 4 Corcrain Gds.
Best, Sarah, 12 Hartfield Ave.
Best, Stewart, 16b Glanroy Ave.
Best, James, 96 Armagh Rd.
Best, Sara, Hanover St.
Best, Kenneth, 9 Margaret St.
Best, Thomas, 28 Mary St.
Best, Rachel, 26 North St.
Best, Thomas, 46 Montagu St.
Best, Wm. J., 90 Montagu St.
Best, Herbert, 47 Montagu St.
Best, John, 120 Park Rd.
Best, Samuel, 124 Park Rd.
Best, Herbert 31 Jervis St.
Best, Wm. G., 117 Jervis St.
Best, Richard, 74 Jervis St.
Best, Richard, 20 Queen St
Bests' Service Garage, Bridge St. South.
Bibby & Sons, J., Ltd., 34 Church St.
Birchall, Margaret, 22 Church St.
Bingham, David, 105 Thomas St.
Binks, Jack, 23 Coronation St.
Binks, James, 17 Levaghery Gds.
Binks, Wilson, 4 Spences Cottages.
Binks, Cecil, 8 Levaghery Gds.
Binks, Joseph, 12 Levaghery Gds.
Bird, Susan, 110 Granville Rd.
Bird, Robert, 21 Levaghery.s
Bird, Gladys, 32 Festival Rd.
Bishop, Alexander, 38 Sarah St.
Black, Robert, 65, Clonavon Ave.
Black, Emma, 68 Church St.
Black, George (Flats) 32 Thomas St.
Black, Thomas, Butcher, Thomas St.
Black, Butcher, Thomas St.
Black, Albert, 15 Lurgan Rd.
Black, Thomas, 11d Loughgall Rd.
Black, Henry, 4 West St (Little)
Black, Matthew, 14 Thomas St.
Black, Hamilton, 97 Obin St.
Black, Gerald, 79 West St.
Black, Hanna, 55 Granville Rd.
Black, Hugh, 50 Granville Rd.
Black, Edward, 6 Joseph St.
Black, David, 56 Gilford Rd.
Black, Elizabeth, 15 Ballyoran Rce.
Black, Fanny, 53 Craigwell Ave.
Black, Wm., 20 David St
Black, Thomas, 25 Oakleigh Pk.
Black, Aubrey, 44 Hanover St.
Black, Isaac, 72 Hanover St.
Black, David, 2 Harford St.
Black, Joeseph, 36 Mournview St.
Black, Patrick, 1 Mournview St.
Blair, Charles, 9 Festival Rd.
Blair, Wm., 46 Deramore Drive.
Blair, John, 14 Fowler's Entry.
Blair, Joseph, 13 Henry St.
Blair, David, L., 14 Park Rd.
Blair, Robert, 13 King St.
Blair, Martha, 12 Carleton St.
Blair, John, 36 Portmore St.
Blair, George, 17 Shandon Sq.
Blair, John George, 68 Thomas St.
Blair, William, 2 Water St.
Blair, Joseph, 9 Water St.
Blair, Herbert J., 8 Water St.
Blakeley, Norman, 7 Woodview Ave.
Blakeley, Fred, 10 Montagu St.
Blakeley, Harry, 181 Charles St.
Blakeley, Annie, 112 West St.
Blakeley, David F., 108 Brownstown Rd.
Blakeley, William, 29 Queen St.
Bleakney, James & Sons, Francis St
Bleakney, James, 28 Gilford Rd.
Blevins, Susan, 7 Fowlers Entry.
Blevins, Samuel, Obin St.
Blevins, James, 2 William St.
Bloch, George, Church Lane.
Bloch, Wm., Arthur Ave.
Bloch,Kaziel, 22 Gilford Rd.
Bloch, Richard, 168 Bridge St.
Bloomer, Wm., 40 Queen St.
Boland, Maud, 125 Garvaghy Rd.
Bold, James, 129 Garvaghy Rd.
Boles, Margaret, 19 Union St.
Bolton, Elizabeth, 12 River Lane.
Bond, Edward, 90 Park Rd.
Bond, George, 68 Park Rd.
Bond, Margretta, 18 Hanover St.
Bond, Isaac, 44 Carleton St.
Bone, Thomas, 62 Woodside Green.
Booking, Douglas, 161 Thomas St.
Booth, Joseph, 24 Carrickblacker Rd.
Boreland Photographic Studio,
               91 West Street.
Boris, John, 175 Bridge St.
Borough, Council Surveyor's Dept.,
              Thomas St.
Borrough Dry Cleaners, 1 Thomas St.
Boroughs, Minnie, 58 Thomas St.
Borsey, James, 34 Westland Rd.
Boston, Wilfred, 14 Craigwell Ave.
Boston, James, 77 Carrickblacker Rd.
Boston & Co., Montagu St.
Boston, James, 111 Loughgall Rd.
Bothwell, George, 13 Carleton St.
Bowan, John, 6 Edward St.
Bowles, Henry, 26 Oakwood Place.
Bowles, Victor, 50 Montagu St.
Bowles, Annabella, 117 West St.
Bowman, Edith May, 12 Lurgan Rd.
Boyce, Mona, 28 Union St.
Boyce, Annie, 4 Harford St.
Boyce, David, 14 Charles St.
Boyce, Thomas, 31 Glandore Ave.
Boyd, Samuel, 16 Oakwood Place.
Boyd, David, 1 Seagoe Rd.
Boyd, Wm., 29 Lurgan Rd.
Boyd, Richard M., 139 Thomas St.
Boyd, Wm. M., 78 Westland Rd.
Boyd, Robert H., 104 Festival Rd.
Boyd, Robert, 81 Festival Rd.
Boyle, Harris, 20 Festival Rd.
Boyle, Butcher, 103 Granville Rd.
Boyle, Elizabeth, 108 Park Rd.
Boyle, James E., 30 Tandragee Rd.
Boyle, Andrew, 7 Tavanagh Ave.
Boyle, Andrew, 10 West St.
Bradford, James, 24 Coronation St.
Bradley, James, 15 Beechcote Ave.
Bradley, Thomas, 1 River Lane.
Bradley, Thomas 7 Marley St.
Brady, Frank (Com Agt.), High St.
Brady, John, 18 North St.
Brady, Robert, 18 Park Rd.
Brady, Robert, 24 Park Rd.
Brady, Henry, 7 Woodside Hill.
Brady, Jessie, 3 Ormonde St.
Brady, Joseph, 15 Junction Row.
Brady, Victor, 112 Tandragee Rd.
Brady, Michael, 24 Queen St.
Brankin, Patrick, 95 Obin St.
Brankin, Brendan, 54/58 Obin St.
Brankin, Owen, 14 Castle St.
Brankin, Owen, 78 Obin St.
Brannigan, Bridget, 25 Annagh Hill.
Brayan, Ernest, 20 Carrickblacker Rd.
Breen, Hugh, 163 Obin St.
Breen, Isaac, 5 Margaret St.
Breen, Patrick, 19 Hartfield Sq.
Breen, Patrick, 14 Hartfield Sq.
Breen, Mary Anne, 6 Deramore Drive.
Breen, Hugh, 22 Coronation St.
Breen, Desmond, 15 Carrickdale Gds.
Breen, Patrick J., 7C Loughgall Rd.
Breen, Patrick, J., 26 Castle St.
Breen, Mary, 71 Queen's Gds.
Breese, David Ivan, 7 Westland Rd.
Brennan, Hugh, 40 Westland Rd.
Brennan, James, 4 Dawson's Court.
Brickfield Camp (T.A.) Charles St.
Bridgett, John, 3 Carleton St
Briggs, Wm. R., 82 Montagu St.
Briggs, Mary, 74 Montagu St.
Briggs, Wm. B., 19 Queen's Gds.
Briggs, James Edwin, 60 Princess Way.
Briggs, Leslie, 47 Festival Rd.
Bright, Samuel, 36 Tandragee Rd.
Bright, Sarah E., 6 Margretta Park.
British Legion, Thomas St.
Brogan, Ellen, 9 Hanover St.
Brooks, Edith, 139 Tandragee Rd.
Brooks, Victor L., 18 Shandon Sq.
Brophy, Alice, 127 Tandragee Rd.
Brown, Ronald, 14 Queen's Gds.
Brown, Sinclair, 1 Gloucester Ave.
Brown, Charles, 63 Granville Rd.
Brown, Alexander, 75 Granville Rd.
Brown, James, 70 Granville Rd.
Brown, Mary, 241 Bridge St.
Brown, Elizabeth, 5 Joseph St.
Brown, Wm., 6 Enniscrone Pk.
Brown, Herbert, 10 Ormonde St.
Brown, Wm., 5 Alexandra Ave.
Brown, Wm. H., 4 Armagh Rd.
Brown, Sarah, G., 30 Ridgeway Pk S.
Brown, Albert, 9 Spences Cottages.
Brown, Sarah, 57 Deramore Drive.
Brown, Charles W., 2 Deramore Drive.
Brown, Charles, 26 Deramore Drive.
Brown, Sarah A., 15 Corcrain Gds.
Brown, Thomas, 44 Woodside Green.
Brown, Wm., 56 Hanover St.
Brown, Robert, 18 Margretta Pk.
Brown, Bridget, 1 Morrison's Court.
Brown, Mary A., 17 Irwin St.
Brown, Orley, 109 Thomas St.
Brown, Elsie, 67 Carrickblacker Rd.
Brown, Oliver, 9 Carrickdale Gds.
Brown, Lincoln, 33 Carrickdale Gds.
Brown, Geoffrey, Roslyn Ave.
Brown, Robert, 29 Castle St.
Brown, Desmond, 1C Drumilly Green.
Brown, Herbert, 5 Shandon Sq.
Brown, Emily, 158 West St.
Brown, Tilly, 33 William St.
Brown, Elizabeth, Matron Carleton
Maternity Home, Church St.
Brown, James, 141 Obin St.
Brown, Wm., Cycle Agt.,
62 Woodhouse St.
Brown, Robert, S., 71 Tandragee Rd.
Brown's, Clothiers, 16 Thomas St.
Brown's Agency, 16 Thomas St.
Brownlee, Maud, 52 Carleton St.
Brownlee, Thomas, 49 Church St.
Brownlee, Thomas, 88 Church St.
Brownlee, Elizabeth, 149C Westland Rd.
Brownlee, David, 43 Carrickdale Gds.
Brownlee, Charlotte 7/9 Carleton St.
Brownlee, Carson, 16 Joseph St.
Brownlee, Albert, 8 Alexandra Ave.
Brownlee, Isaac, W., 7 Armagh Rd.
Brownlee, Geo. L., 17 Ridgeway Pk. S.
Brownlee, David, A., 20 Edward St.
Brownlee, Thomas, 31 Hanover St.
Brownlee, Sophia, 30 Mary St.
Brownlee, Sydney, J., 15 Mournview St.
Brownlee, Jack, 105 Granville Rd.
Brownstown Rd. Sun. P.O Browntowns Rd.
Bryans, John, 10 Shandon Sq.
Bryans, Thomas, 52 Seagoe Pk.
Bryars, Hannah, 67 Jervis St.
Bryars, Wm., 7 Carrickdale Gds.
Bryson, Matilda, E., 21b Ranfurley Rd.
Buckley, Maud, 15 Festival Rd.
Buckley, Robert, J., 65 Armagh Rd.
Buckley, Frederick, 3 Connaught Pk.
Buller, Sarah, J., 108 Tandragee Rd.
Buller, Frank, (Flat) Thomas St.
Bullick, Richard, 122 Church St.
Bullick, Thos. J., 36 Gilford Rd.
Bullick, Thos. H., 46 Gilford Rd.
Bullick, Elizabeth, 23 Edward St.
Bullock, Hugh, 25 Alexandra Gdns.
Bullock, Samuel, 38 Charles St.
Bunting, John, 11 Castle St.
Bunting, Frank, 43 Loughgall Rd.
Bunting, Isaac, 7 Water St.
Bunting, Wm. Jas., 8 Woodview Ave.
Bunting, Francis Jas., 68 Hanover St.
Bunting, Dorothy, 8 Union St.
Bunting, Joseph, 24 Jervis St.
Burbey, John, 47 Hartfield Ave.
Burgoyne, Frank, 22 Ballyoarn Hill.
Burke, Robert, 84 Westland Rd.
Burke, Eccles, 13 Glandore Tce.
Burke, May, 105 Westland Rd.
Burke, Elizabeth, 47 Thomas St.
Burke, Veronica, 89 Obin St.
Burke, Wm. J., 9 Meadow Lane.
Burke, Charlotte, 24 Meadow Lane.
Burke, Wm. E., 60 Meadow Lane.
Burke, Mary J., 10 Park Rd.
Burnett, John, 26 Gilford Rd.
Burnett, Andrew J., 22 Fitzroy St.
Burnett, Isobel, 35 Tandragee Rd
Burnett & Sons Ltd., A. J., 50 High St.
Burns, David, 50 Princess Way.
Burns, John Thos., 20 Granville Rd.
Burns, Joseph, 1 Joseph St.
Burns, Ellen, 20 Deer Park.
Burns, Gertrude, 21a Ranfurley Rd.
Burns, Etta, 13 Marley St.
Burns, Thomas. W., 88 Montagu St.
Burns, Robert, 212 Obin St.
Burns, Elizabeth, 27 Obin St.
Burns, Wm., 187 West St.
Burns, Sarah, 8 William St.
Burrell, Eva, 57 Armagh Rd.
Burrows, Lynn, 14 Watson St.
Burton, Montague (Tailors) High St.
Bustard, Wm., 5 Ridgeway Pk. Nth.
Bustard, John, 110 Thomas St.
Bustard, Bros. (Bt. Mer.) 2 Thomas St.
Byrne, Jones, 35 Thomas St.
Byrne, Gerald G., 31 Hartfield Ave.
Byrne, Patrick, 32 Westland Rd.


Caddell, Annabel, 20 Princess Way.
Caddell, Cecil, 54 Granville Rd.
Caddell, Mary J., 32 Charles St.
Caddell, William, 27 Hanover St.
Caddell, Thomas, 95 Tandragee Rd.
Caddell, Richard, 115 West St.
Caddell, William, Church Rd.
Caddell, Thomas R., 6 Shandon Sq.
Caddell, William, 132 Thomas St.
Caddell, Florence, 178 Thomas St.
Cafe Rex, 4 Bridge St.
Cairns, Samuel, 80 Bridge St.
Cairns, Elizabeth, 23 Deer Park
Cairns, John, 2 Carrickblacker Ave.
Cairns, Albert, 105 Montagu St.
Cairns, James, 172 Obin St.
Cake Shop, (E. Robinson), High St.
Caldwell, Robert, 9 Woodside Hill
Callaghan, James, 21 Hartfield Ave.
Callaghan, Joseph, 72 Jervis St.
Callaghan, John, 163 Thomas St.
Callaghan, William, Church Rd.
Callaghan, Joseph, 72 Westland Rd.
Callaghan, Wm., 26 Church St
Calvert, Sarah A., 137 Princess Way
Calvert, Robert, 56 Bridge St.
Calvert, Joseph H., 3 Gilford Rd.
Calvert, James R., 35 Garvaghy Rd.
Calvert, Ernest, 134 West St.
Calvert, May, 40 West St.
Calwell, Harold, 63 Deramore Drive
Camblin, Ida (Home Bky.), Thomas St.
Campbell, Patrick, 72 Glanroy Ave.
Campbell, Edward, 5 Eden Ave.
Campbell, Robert J., 18 Eden Ave.
Campbell, George, 9 Hartfield Ave.
Campbell, John, 3 Mourneview St.
Campbell, James, 70 Park Rd.
Campbell, James, 2 Irish St.
Campbell, Mary J., 4 Irish St.
Campbell, Thomas, 6 Seagoe Pk.
Campbell, Thos. J., 105 Obin St.
Campbell, George, 222 Obin St.
Campbell, Edward 124 Tandragee Rd.
Campbell, Damiel, 9 Westland Rd.
Campbell, Reginald, Church Lane
Campbell, Henrietta, 1b Drumilly Green
Campbell, Eva A. (Dpr.) 22 Thomas St.
Campbell, George 21 Carrickdale Gdns.
Campbell, Charles, 21 Castle St.
Canavan Ltd., j. & J., M.P.S., High St.
Canning, Herbert, 18 Mourneview St.
Cander, Joseph, 62 Princess Way
Cancel, Lena, 22 Carleton St.
Cardwell, Wm., 3 Deramore Drive
Cardwell,Geo. W., 11 Granville Rd.
Carey, Mary, 13 Meadow Lane
Carey, Elizabeth, 43a Obin St.
Carlton Studios, 2a Carleton St.
Carleton Maternity Hosp., Church St.
Carleton, Atkinson & Sloan,
                      14 Church St.
Carisle, William G., 4 Queen St.
Carlton Cafe, 8 Bridge St.
Carr,James, 42 Jervis St.
Carragher, Kathleen, 1 Eden Sve.
Carragher, Violet, 17 George St.
Carragher, Joseph, 2 Ormonde St.
Carragher, Frances (Confc.), Thomas St.
Carragher, Marshall, 22 Park Rd.
Carroll, Samuel John, 14 Ballyoran Hill
Carroll, John, 20 Alexandra Gdns.
Carroll, George, 23 Hartfield Ave.
Carroll, David, 1 Shillington St.
Carroll, Mary, 48 Thomas St.
Carroll, William, 13 Drumcarn Gdns.
Carroll, Norman, 41 Montagu St.
Carryer, Henry S. (Flat), Watson St.
Carson, Thomas, 147 Princess Way
Carson, Annie, 13 Junction Row
Carson, Thomas, 44 Killycomaine Rd.
Carson, James, Killycomaine Rd.
Carson, Charlotte, 8 Beechcote Ave.
Carson, Samuel H., 17 Oakwood Pce.
Carson, Wm., 19 Alexandra Gdns.
Carson, John, 22 Alexandra Gdns.
Carson, Agnes M., 47 Armagh Rd.
Carson, Wm. J., 47 Deramore Drive
Carson, Hugh, 14 Windsor Rd.
Carson, Bruce, 2 Sinnamond Court
Carson, David, 217 Obin St.
Carson, James, 190 Obin St.
Carson, Dr., Surgery 24 Church St.
Carson, Dr. S.H. 65 Carrickblacker Rd.
Carson, Cecil, 2 Tavanagh Gdns.
Carson, William, 63 Loughgall Rd.
Carson, Joseph 107 Tandragee Rd.
Carsdale, John G., 2 Glanroy Ave.
Cartmill, Roy, 58 Festival Rd.
Cartmill,Thomas, 42 Carrickblacker Rd.
Cartwright, Francia, 8 Carleton St.
Carvill, Richard, 152 Thomas St.
Carville, Isaac, 53 Princess Way
Carville, Wm., 12 Carrickdale Gdns.
Carville, Letitia, 15 Clonavon Ave.
Carville, Hugh, 45 Armagh Rd.
Carville, George, 15 Tavanagh Ave.
Carville, Wm., 1 Granville Gdns.
Carville, Wm., 243 Obin St.
Carville, Valentine, 56 Princess Way
Casey, Wm., 233 Bridge St.
Cassells, Thomas D., 2 Festival Rd.
Cassells, Benjamin, 4 Festival Rd.
Cassells, Ed. (Sen.) 12 Margretta Pk.
Cassells, Henry, 3 Park Rd.
Cassells Lt., Edward, Woodhouse St.
Cassells, Frank, 14 George St.
Cassells, Ed. (Jun.), Killycomaine Rd.
Cassidy, James, 13 Shandon Sq.
Cassisy, Edward, 19 Greenview Gdns.
Cassidy, Eric, 33 Loughgall Rd.
Cassidy, Evelyn, 41 Mourneview St.
Cassidy, Albert, 23b Ranfurley Rd.
Cassisy, Thomas, 79 Woodside Green
Cassidy, Elizabeth, 12 Alexandra Gdns.
Cassisy, George, 9 Alexandra Gdns.
Castles, Bertie, 31 KIllycomaine Rd.
Castles, David R., 45 Gilford Rd.
Castles, James., 2 Meadow Lane
Castles, B., 56 Woodhouse St.
Cathcart, Henry, 33 Lurgan Rd.
Caul, Albert, 29 Hartfield Ave.
Cavanagh, Dermott, 16 Bann St.
Cavendish Lt., Hse. Fr., 2 Market St.
Central Cafe, 3 Edward St.
Central Auction Mart Ltd. 17a High St.
Central Armagh Unionist Assoc.,
Office, 20 Carleton St.
Chadwick, Mamie, 32 Fitzroy St.
Chamberlain, Richard, 2d Hartfield Ave.
Chambers, Wm., 42 Granville Rd.
Chambers, Thomas, 12 Princess Way
Chambers, Thomas, 22 Glanroy Ave.
Chambers, Wellington, 9 Fowler's Entry
Chambers, James, 21 Margretta Pk.
Chambers, Amelia, 15 Meadow Lane
Chambers, Elizabeth, 20 Meadow Lane
Chambers, George, 74 Park Rd.
Chambers, Samuel, 7 West St. (Little)
Chambers, Henderson, 58 Westland Rd.
Chambers, Joshua, 3 Glenmahon Ave.
Chambers, Gerald, 160 Thomas St.
Chambers, Elizabeth, 10 Carrickdale Gds
Chambers, Brian, 14 Carrickdale Gdns.
Chambers, Thomas, 32 Carrickdale Gdns.
Chambers, Campbell, 51 Clonavon Ave.
Chambers, Rachel, 53 Clonavon Ave.
Chambers, Wm., 50 Carleton St.
Chambers, Robinson, 7 Sandy Row
Chambers, Martha J., 13 Queen St.
Chapman, Mabel, 158 Bridge St.
Chapman, Robert & Co. Auctioneers
Bridge St. (A.D. Gibson, D.L.)
Charters, Margaret, 14 Carleton St.
Cherry, Patrick, 29 William St.
Christie, Ivan, 29 Seagoe Pk.
Clulow, Frances J., 35 Annagh Hill
Church, Percy, 55 Tandragee Rd.
Church, Robert, 59 Tandragee Rd.
Church St. Sub. P.O., 18 Church St.
Church Hall, Montagu St.
City of Glasgow Friendly Society 7a High St.
Clarke, F.J., 23 Bridge St.
Clarke, David, 71 Deramore Drive
Clarke, James, 9 Garvaghy Rd.
Clarke, Isabella, 89 Garvaghy Rd.
Clarke, Robert, 115 Garvaghy Rd.
Clarke, William G.B., 26 Edward St.
Clarke, Robert C., 99 Woodside Green
Clarke, Sarah, 16 Sarah St.
Clarke, Harold, 19 King St.
Clarke, Thomas, 5 Levaghery Gdns.
Clarke, Francis, 11 Connaught Pk.
Clarke, Robert, 63 Clonavon Ave.
Clarke, Harold, Church Rd.
Clarke, Ernest, 65 Tandragee Rd.
Clayton, Martha, 81 Tandragee Rd.
Clayton, Charlotte, 73 Brownstown Rd.
Clayton, Wm., 77 Brownstown Rd.
Clayton, (Saddler), 80 Thomas St.
Clayton, Martha, 5 Carrickblacker Rd.
Clayton, David John, 225 Obin St.
Clayton, Joseph, 30 Seagoe Rd.
Clayton, Isaac, 34 Mourneview St.
Clayton, Robert, 32 William St.
Clayton, Charles, 14 Ripley Tce.
Clayton, Annie, 88 Armagh Rd.
Clayton, Wm., 141 Princess Way
Clayton, Wm., 32 Princess Way
Cleeland, Margaret, 43 Tandragee Rd.
Clelland, Wm., 61 Church St.
Clements, Andrew, 74 Brownstown Rd.
Clements Newsagency, 7 West St.
Clements, Elizabeth, 53 Castle St.
Clements, Wm. J., 37 Armagh Rd.
Clements Book Shop, Woodhouse St.
Clifford, Catherine A., 6 Woodside Gdns
Clifford, George, 77 Garvaghy Rd.
Clifford, Harold, 45 Festival Rd.
Clifford, Marie, 1 South St.
Clingan's Cash Stores, 53 West St.
Clingan's Cast Stores, West St.
Clingan, Richard E., 140 Thomas St.
Clokey & Co. Ltd., W.F., Glass Mer.,
                         16-18 Mandeville St.
Cloughley, Saml. J. (Grocer),
206 West St.
Cloughley, James, 46 Tandragee Rd.
Cloughley, Leslie, 9 Queen's Gdns.
Cloughley, Martha J., 10 Atkinson Ave.
Cloughley, Derek, 1 Donard Walk
Cloughley, Sarah J., 7 Fitzroy St.
Cloughley, Walter, 4 Century St.
Cloughley, Thomas, 46 Woodside Green
Clounagh Intermediate School,
Brownstown Road
Clounagh Orange Hall,
              60 Brownstown Road
Clow, James & Co. Ltd. (Millers),
                      Mill Avenue
Clulow, Joseph V., 18 Queen's Gdns.
Co. Armagh Agricultural Society,
                       54 Church St.
Cochrane, George, 29 Alexandra Gdns,
Cochrane, Norman, 47 Alexandra Gdns,
Cochrane, John, 15 Craigavon Ave.
Cochrane, James, 82 Westland Rd.
Coffey, Martha E., 18 Princess Way
Cole, Robert, 124 Church St.
Cole, Sadie 48 Meadow Lane
Cole, Wm., 109 Garvaghy Road
Cole, Louisa, 113 Armagh Rd.
Cole, Ronald, 8 Gloucester Ave.
Cole, John J., 65 Festival Rd.
Coleman, John, 9 Tavanagh Ave.
Colgan, Lucy, 10 Charles St.
Colgan, Samuel, 45 Union ST.
Collen, Joseph B.J., 7 Stewart Ave.
Collen, John B., 5 Stewart Ave.
Collen Bros. Ltd., Hanover St.
Collins, Wm. J., 21 Deer Park
Collins, Fred., 72 Park Rd.
Collins, W.J., Mus. Tch., 48 High St.
Collins, Sarah, 25 Deer Pk.
Colliston, Robert, 17 Carrickblacker Rd
Condy, Robert, 23 Jervis St.
Conlin, John L., 33 Tandragee Rd.
Conlon, James, 24 Gloucester Ave.
Conlon, David, 9 Bridge St.
Conlon & Coleman, Dprs., 11 Bridge St.
Conlon, Kathleen, 26 Burnbrae Ave.
Conlon, Margaret, 4 Fowler's Entry
Conlon, Patrick, 52 Cecil St.
Conlon's Newsagency, 24 High St.
Conlon, Kathleen, 21 South St.
Conlon, George, 19 Florence Court
Conn, Ellen, 3 Ripley Tce.
Conn, Thjomas, 48 Deramore Drive
Conn, John, 16-18 Charles St.
Conn, Mary, 4 Woodside Gdns.
Conn, Robert Hubert, 31 Woodside Gr.
Conn, Edith B., 33 Jervis St.
Conn, Thomas C., Grocer, 44 West St.
Conn, Jos. C., Boot Mer, High St.
Conn, Alexander, 13 Drummanon Pk.
Conn, John, 55 Loughgall Rd.
Conn, Mary J., 88 Thomas St.
Conn, Louisa, 50 Union St.
Connell, Jack, 21 Watson St.
Connie, Mary, 149 Obin St.
Connolly, Patrick J., 8 Drummanon Pk.
Connolly, Russell, 17 Woodside Hill
Connolly, Frances, 217 Charles St.
Connolly, Thomas, 5 Francis St.
Connolly, Bella, 3 Francis St.
Connolly, John, 8 Dawson's Court
Connor, Jack, 91 Princess Way
Connor, Wm. 16 King St.
Connor, Jennie, 259 Obin St.
Cooke, Joseph, 25 Oakwood Pce.
Cooke, Thos. D., 49 Ormonde St.
Cooke, George, 2 Burnbrae Ave.
Cooke, Mary, 24 Alexandra Gdns.
Cooke, Jack, 5 Armagh Rd.
Cooke, Joseph, 23 Deramore Drive
Cooke, James A., 19 Fitzroy St.
Cooke, Phoebe, 8 Cecil St.
Cooke, Shaw, 51 Woodside Green
Cooke, James, 23 Hartfield Sq.
Cooke, Joshua, 80 Montagu St.
Cooke, Sophia, 3 Water St.
Cooke, George, 55 Woodhouse St.
Cooke, Ruby, 114 West St.
Cooke, Emily, 19 Loughgall Rd.
Cooke, Sarah, 50 Carrickblacker Rd.
Cooke, Albert, 39 Carrickdale Gdns.
Cooney, John, 15a Loughgall Rd.
Cooper, Robert L., 143 Thomas St.
Cooper, Minnie, 19 Coronation St.
Cooper, Wm. J., 7 Mourneview St.
Cooper, Charles R., 2 Margretta Pk.
Cooper, Thos. Geo., 45 Woodside Gr.
Co-Operative Permanent Building
             Society, 23 Bridge St.
Copeland, Robert, 5 Alexandra Gdns.
Copeland, Wm.J., 15 Ridgeway P. Nth.
Copeland, Archibald, 18 Hartfield Av.
Copeland, Emily, 12 Hanover St.
Copeland, James, 70 Hanover St.
Copeland, David, 102 Church St.
Copeland, Robert, 55 Church St.
Corbett, Joseph H., 1 Ridgeway P. Nth
Corbett, Samuel S., Quarrybank,
            Killycomaine Rd.
Corbett & Sons Ltd., Gen. Dprs.,
           18-21 Market St.
Corbett & Sons Men's Shop
25 Market St.
Corcrain R.C. Primary Sch., Obin St.
Cordner, Georgina, 8 Ormonde St.
Cordner, Robert D., 3 George St.
Cordner, Eric, 16 Eden Ave.
Cordner, Maria, 36 Hanover St.
Cordner, Isaac, 2 Seagoe Pk.
Cordner, Edward, 21 West St.
Cordner, T. Ltd., Boot Mer. 19 High St.
Cordner, Aubrey, 1 Shandon Sq.
Cordner, Herbert, 2 Clonavon Ave.
Cordner, Vivien A., Mill Ave.
Cordner, Jane, 5 Watson Lane
Cordner, James, 25 Queen St.
Condwell, Gordon, 23 Carrickdale Gdns.
Corkin, Mary, 12 Queen St.
Corkin's Hse. Furnshrs., 1 Castle St.
Corkin, William, 130 Tandragee Rd.
Corkin, James, 89 Tandragee Rd.
Corkin, George, 59 Granville Rd.
Corkin, Wm., 51 Glanroy Ave.
Corkin, Madeline, 15 Alexandra Gdns
Corkin, Edith, 49 Alexandra Gdns.
Corkin, Edward, 7 Annagh Hill
Corkin, James, 5 Deer Park
Corkin, Thomas, 4 Donard Walk
Corkin, Thomas G. 6 Donard Walk
Corkin, Thompson, 39 Garvaghy Rd.
Corkin, James, 36 Fitzroy St.
Corkin, Robert J. 19 Woodside Green
Corkin, Wm. 22 Ranfurley Road
Corkin, Lily, 103 Jervis St.
Corrett, John, 32 Coronation St.
Corrigan, Peter, 247 Obin St.
Corry, John, 35 Deramore Drive
Cosgrove, Thomas, 37 William ST.
Cosmopolitan Cafe, 3 Market St.
Coulter, Thomas, 89 Princess Way
Coulter, William, 48 Granville Rd.
Coulter, Robert John, 8 Fitzroy St.
Coulter, Herbert, 2 Edward St.
Coulter, William G. 1 Levaghery Gdns.
Coulter, Harry, 2 Levaghery Gdns.
Coulter, Samuel, 1 Brownstown Rd.
Coulter, William, Church Lane (Upper)
Coulter, William, 259 Obin St.
Coulter, William J., 13 Oakleigh Pk.
Courtney, William, 62 Park Rd.
Courtney, Sarah, 2 Cecil St.
Courtney, Norman, 25 Ormonde St.
Courtney, William, 10 Coronation ST.
Courtney, Susan A., 17 West St.
Couser, Wm., 74 Princess Way
Cowan, Samuel, 14 Deer Park
Cowan, John, 55 Loughgall Road
Cowan, Norman, 182 Westland Rd.
Cowan, Wm., 13a Loughgall Rd.
Cowan, Sydney, 3 Oakleigh Pk.
Craig, Mary, 18 South St.
Craig, Wm. L., 109 Festival Rd.
Craig, John, 45 Granville Rd.
Craig, Edward, 57 Granville Rd.
Craig, Joseph, 86 Gilford Rd.
Craig, Mary E., 23 Glanroy Ave.
Craig, John, 43 Deramore Drive
Craig, Henry, 40 Deramore Drive
Craig, Susan, 3 Garvaghy Rd.
Craig, Adelaide, 16 Mourneview St.
Craig, Wm., 52 Montagu St.
Craig, Alexander, 117 Montagu St.
Craig, James K., 12 Wilson St.
Craine, Ellen, 24 Princess Way
Crane, Richard, 33 Fitzroy St.
Crangle, Ernest, 273 Bridge St.
Cranston, Victor, 91 Festival Rd.
Cranston, Wm. 1 Ormonde St.
Cranston, Jean, 85 Garvaghy Rd.
Cranston, George, 35b Ranfurley Rd.
Cranston, Margaret, 51 Tandragee Rd.
Cranston, Wm. J., 59 Castle St.
Cranston, Thomas G., 5 Carrickdale Gdns
Craven, Francis H., 176b Westland Rd.
Craven, Francis, 11 Carrickdale Gdns.
Crawford, Mary, 40 Woodside Green
Crawford, Jean, 30 Montagu St.
Crawford, John, 8 Seagoe Pk.
Crawford, Florence M., 114 Thomas St.
Cray, Ellen, 26 Charles St.
Crealey, Matthew, 11 Windsor Ave.
Creaney, Bernard, 139 Westland Rd.
Creaney, John, 151 Westland Rd.
Creaney, Wm, 106 Westland Rd.
Creaney, Kathleen, 101 Obin St.
Creaney, James, 71 Obin St
Creaney, Mary Ellen, 3 Sinnamond Court.
Creaney, Edward, 55 Mary St.
Creaney, John, 21 Marley St.
Creaney, Joeseph, 11 Marley St.
Creaney, Annie, 189, Charles St.
Creaney, Florence, 17 Foundry St.
Creaney, Henry, 143 Garvaghy Rd.
Creaney, Laurence, 30 Curran St.
Creaney, John, 10 Curran St.
Creaney, James, 15 Bann St.
Creaney, Thomas, 51 John St.
Creaney, James, 8 John St.
Creaney, James, 8 Granville Gds.
Creaney, Henry, 52 Curran St.
Creaney, Robert, 36 Curran St.
Cree, Robert, 69 Loughgall Rd.
Creely, John, 5 Ormonde St.
Creighton, Wm. J., 152 Obin St.
Creith, Thos. H. (Head Const.) Edward St.
Crockley, ----- 7a Loughgall Rd.
Croft, Wm. 7 Princess Gds.
Croft, Wm. 4 Craigavon Ave.
Cromwell, Mary, Laurel Hotel.
Crooks, Robert J., 87 Tandragee Rd.
Crooks, Beryl, 127 Thomas St.
Cross, Charles, 71 Princess Way.
Cross, Charlotte, 79 Granville Rd.
Cross, Gerald, Gilford Rd.
Crossan, Matilda, 14 John St.
Crossan, Edward, 16 Granville Rd.
Crossam, Fredrick, 49 Armagh Rd.
Crothers, Edwin, 4 Windsor Rd.
Crowe, Fredrick, 8 Queens Gds.
Crowe, James, 14 Margaret St.
Crowe, Wm., 70 Meadow Lane.
Crowe, John, 69 Westland Rd.
Crowe, Mary, 66 Princess Way.
Crown Bar (Felix McKeever) 21 Woodhouse St.
Crozier, George, 16 Gloucester Ave.
Crozier, Thomas, 31 Carleton St.
Crozier, Laurence, 35 Westland Rd.
Crozier, Nellie, 4 Jervis St.
Crozier, Samuel, 1 Harford St.
Crozier, Wm., 44 Cecil St.
Crozier, Hannah, 107 Garvaghy Rd.
Crozier, Samuel, 12 Glanroy Ave.
Crozier, Richard, 131 Bridge St.
Crozier, Harry, 74 Granville Rd.
Crozier, John, 95 Festival Rd.
Crumley, John, 18 John St.
Cull, William, 32 Thomas St.
Cull, Joseph, 82 Armagh Rd.
Cull, Emma, 8 Woodside Green.
Cull, Wm., 4 Watson St.
Cullen, James F.J. 2 Kingsway Drive.
Cullen, Nora, 3 River Lane.
Cullen, James, 22 Marley St.
Cullen, R.M. & Sons, Solicitors,
                 16b Edward St.
Cullen, Robert M., 1 Renmore Ave.
Cullen, George, 3 Ballyoran Tce.
Cullen, P. M., 21 Bridge St.
Cullen, Patrick, M., L.D.S. Thomas St.
Cullen, James, 70 Church St.
Cullen, Edward, 106 Church St.
Cullen & Davison, Manf. Chemist,
              43 High St.
Cully, Patricia, 1b Drummanon Pk.
Cully, Isabella, 74 Tandragee Rd.
Cully, Norman L., 6 Queens Gds.
Cully, Wm., 43 Fitzroy St.
Cully, James, 3 Ranfurley Rd.
Cully, Harriett, 50 Meadow Lane.
Cully, Norman, 23 Seagoe Pk.
Cumberton, Matthew J., 9 Ranfurley Rd.
Cumberton, ---- 6 Drumcarn Gds.
Cummings, Wm., 29 John St.
Cummings, Joseph, 4 Brickfield Lane.
Cummings, Alexander, 31 Oakwood Pce.
Cummings, Wm., 135 West St.
Cunningham, Wm. S., 41 Loughgall Rd.
Cunningham, David, 107 Killycomaine Rd.
Curran, Anne, 14 Jervis St.
Curran, George, 24 Craigwell Ave.
Curran, Alex, 43 Granville Rd.
Currie, Henry N., 117 Festival Rd.
Currie, John, 27 Atkinsons Ave.
Currie, Wm., 6 Spences Cottages.
Currie, Victor, 38 Jervis St.
Currie, John, 39 Carleton St.
Currie, Walter, 24 Castle St.
Currie, Florence, 34 Carrickblacker Rd.
Currie, Thomas, 10 Greenview Gds.
Currie, Thomas, 132 West St.
Currie, Ernest, 161 West St.
Currie, Wilson, 132 Westland Rd.
Curry, Margaret, 60 Charles St.
Curry, Samuel A., 10 Woodside Green.
Cusack, Edward, 17 David St.
Cush, Arthur, 128 Thomas St.
Cust, Victor, 70 Festival Rd.
Cutherbertson, Margaret L., 86 Park Rd.


Dale, John (Taxi) 149 Bridge St.
Dale, Frank, 17 Festival Rd.
Dale, Wm., James, 22 Edward St.
Dale, Nora, 46 Carleton St.
Dalton, Isaac, 22 Ridgeway Pk. South.
Daly, Peter, 26 Clonavon Ave.
Daly, Anne, 15 Union St.
Daly, George, 3 Donard Walk.
Daly, Isabella, 61 Bridge St.
Dalzell, Mary, 18 Foundry St.
Davidson, George, 12 Hartfield Sq.
Davidson, Robert, 11 David St.
Davies, Christopher, 39 Fitzroy St.
Davis, Catherine, 17 Ballyoran Tce.
Davis, Kate, 96 Tandragee Rd.
Davison, Sarah, 21 Clonavon Ave.
Davison, Thomas, 19 Shandon Sq.
Davison, Gertrude, 77 Loughgall Rd.
Davison Bros. Ltd., Bakers, Obin St.
Davison, Robert H., 5 Ballyoran Hill.
Davison, Ivan, 111 Festival Rd.
Davey, Rhoda, 9 David St.
Dawson, Jane, 33 Westland Rd.
Dawson, Margaret, 94 Granville Rd.
Dawson, Elizabeth, 39 Edward St
Dawson, Elizabeth, 2c Hartfield Ave.
Dawson, Harry, 116 Park Rd.
Dawson, Miss, Fruitshop, 26 High St.
Dawson, Mollie, Eloc. Tchr., 48 High St.
Dawson, Thomas, 9 Carrickblacker Ave.
Dawson, Mary, 241 Bridge St.
Dawson, John, 9a Arthur Ave.
Dawson, Wm., 24 Hanover St.
Dawson, David, 10 Queen St.
Day, Herbert Charles, 94 Park Rd.
Day, Alexander, 40 Cecil St.
Delacour, Ernest H., 160 Obin St.
Dell, Leo, 24 Carleton St.
Dempsey, John, 13 Glanroy Ave.
Dennis, Rev. R.E., 26 Ballyoran Hkll
Dennison, Nora, 56 Bridge St.
Denny & Sons, Henry, Ltd., Bacon Curers,
                        Obin St.
Denys, Davey, Mahon Rd.
Dermott, John, Grocer, Bridge St.
Dermott, Ben., 136 Tandragee Rd.
Dermott, John, 132 Tandragee Rd.
Dermott, John, 137 Tandragee Rd.
Derry, John, 27 David St.
Derrig, John, 9 Shandon Sq.
Despard, Philip H.B. 70 Granville Rd.
Devine, Feliz, 135 Obin St.
Devlin, John, 2 Princess Way
Devlin, Patrick, 22 Hartfield Sq.
Devlin, John, 58 Montagu St.
Devlin, Robert, 23 Montagu St.
Devlin, David, 15 Water St.
Devlin, Patrick, 30 Woodhouse St.
Devlin, Paul, 16 Drumannon Pk.
Devlin, Adelaide, 74 Church St.
Devlin Francis, 138 Ob in St.
Dickie, Wm. 23 Florence Court
Dickie, Wm. Church Rd.
Dickson, Wm.H. 227 Bridge St.
Dickson, James, 25 Granville Rd.
Dickson, Wm. 113 Festival Rd.
Dickson, Wm. 76 Festival Rd.
Dickson, Roy, 55 Glanroy Ave.
Dickson, Margaret A. 28 Ballyoran Hill
Dickson, Ada L. 19 Renmore Ave.
Dickson, Thomas R. 57 Garvaghy Rd.
Dickson, (Jeweller), Church Lane
Dickson, Elizabeth, 22a Hartfield Ave.
Dickson, John, 24 North St.
Dickson, Samuel, 110 Park Rd.
Dickson, John, 101 Jervis St.
Dickson, Alexander, 9 Levaghery Dgns
Dickson, W.H. Grocer, Woodhouse ST
Dickson, Annie, 80 West ST.
Dickson, Norman, 165 Thomas St.
Dickson, Dickie B. 32 Carrickblacker Rd.
Dickson, Wm. 30 Carrickblacker Rd.
Dilly, Wilfred, Mahon Rd.
Dilly's Music Shop, Thomas St.
Dimond, Rev. E.W., 5 Hanover ST.
Diver, Charles, 10 Connaught Pk.
Doak, Wesley, 27 Ranfurley Rd.
Doak, Alice J. 22 MOurneview St.
Doak, Wilfred, 7 Park Rd.
Dobbin, Jane, 84 West St.
Dobbin, Thomas, 78 Brownstown Rd.
Dobbin, Wm.J., 1 Alexandra Ave.
Dobbin, Robert, 27 Craigavon Ave.
Dobbin, John, Bachelor#s Walk
Dobson, Thomas, 109 Westland Rd.
Dobson, Wm., 72 Montagu St.
Dockrell, Rev. G.T. 33 Seagoe Pk.
Dodd, Sydney A., 17 Tandragee Rd.
Doherty, Annie, 174 West St.
Doherty, Francis, 24 Mary St.
Donaghy, George G., 28 Woodside Hill
Donaghy, Mary A., 77 Tandragee Rd.
Donald, James, 54 Union St.
Donald, George, 18 Seagoe Pk.
Donald, Cecil, 10 Windsor Ave.
Donald, Samuel, 41 Granville Rd.
Donald, Hugh, 2 Enniscrone Pk.
Donaldson, David, 4 Joseph St.
Donaldson, Wm. 31 Granville Rd.
Donaldson, Isaac R., 10 Oakwood Pce.
Donaldson, Wm. 10 Ballyoran Tce.
Donaldson, Isaac, Craigavon Ave.
Donaldson, Sydney, 5 David St.
Donaldson, David, 47 Fitzroy St.
Donaldson, Frederick, 15 Mary St.
Donaldson, Wilfred H., 170 Obin St.
Donaldson, Wm.J., 1 Carrickblacker Rd.
Donaldson, Marg., 47 Carrickblacker Rd.
Donaldson, Emma, Church St.
Donaldson, Sydney, 25 Jervis St.
Donaldson, Israel, 21 Queen St.
Donnan, John, 4 Obin St.
Donnelly, Aidan, 46 Thomas St.
Donnelly, James, 19 Drumilly Green
Donnelly, Patrick, 21 Westland Rd.
Donnelly, Thomas, 36 Woodhouse St.
Donnelly, Mary, 5 Jervis St.
Donnelly, James, 65 Obin St.
Donnelly, Gerald, 5 Morrisons Court
Donnelly, Charles, 91Deramore Drive
Donnelly, Ed.R., 18 Irwin St.
Doogan, Eric C., 5 Gilford Rd.
Doogan, Marshal E., 16 Ridgeway Pk. S.
Doonan, Wm. 11 Festival Rd.
Doran, Wm., 107 Westland Rd.
Doran, Thomas, 35 Hartfield Ave.
Dorcas, Ladies Hairdr., 34 Thomas St.
Dorman, H.C., 13 Bridge St.
Dorman, H.Chudleigh, 36 Ridgeway Pk. S.
Dougan, Dr. George, 17-19 Church St.
Dougan, John Howie, 24 Festival Rd.
Douglas, Annabella, 10 Princess Way
Douglas, John A., 102 Armagh Rd.
Douglas, Oliver, 104 Armagh Rd.
Douglas, Wm., 139 Garvaghy Rd.
Douglas, Maud, Hairdr., 5 Edward St.
Douglas, Eugene, 6 River Lane
Douglas, Moore, 106 Brownstown Rd.
Douglas, John, 23 Union St.
Douglas, James, 35 William St.
Douglas, Aloysuis, 110 Westland Rd.
Douglas, James F., 102 Obin St.
Dowd, David, 4 Levaghery Gdns,
Dowds, JOhn, 150 Thomas St.
Dowling, Mary, 10 Carleton St.
Downey, Hugh R., 70 Tandragee Rd.
Downey, Florence, 20 Seagoe Pk.
Downey, William, 13 Park Rd.
Downey, Wm., 10 Garvaghy Rd.
Downey, Eileen, 2 Seagoe Rd.
Downey, Hannah J., 8 Garvaghy Rd.
Dowzard, Annie G., 111 Granville Rd.
Doyle, Peter, 17 Arthur Ave.
Doyle, Stewart T., 12 Deer Park
Doyle, Seth, 16 hartfield Sq.
Doyle, Joseph, 27 Montagu St.
Doyle, James, 101 Jervis St.
Doyle, James, 29 Union St.
Doyle, James, 28 Clonavon Ave.
Doyles, James, 54 Henry St.
Draper, Wm.G. 21 Ranfurley Rd.
Drennan, Maxwell, 15 Ormonde St.
Drennan, Wilson, 13 Tavanagh Ave.
Drennan, Robert J., 31 Loughgall Rd.
Drennan, Robert, 11 Clonavon Ave.
Drought, Wm., qw8 Tandragee Rd.
Drummond, Albert, 28 Union St.
Dudgeon, Mabel, 243 Bridge St.
Duff, Margaret, 40 West St.
Duff, James (Flat) 20 Shandon Sq.
Duffy, John, 41 Woodhouse St.
Duffy, Bernard, 235 Obin St.
Duffy, Charles, 63 Bridge St.
Duke, Wm.E., 12 Castle St.
Duke, Margaret, 20 Union St.
Duke, Oliver, 110 Brownstown Rd.
Duke, Elizabeth, 5 Mount Pleasant
Duke, Wilson, 11 Eden Ave.
Duke, Wm. 81 Garvaghy Rd.
Duke, John, 19 Queen St.
Dunbar, John, 35 Obin St.
Dunbar, James, 25 John St.
Dunbar, Rose A., 47 Obin St.
Duncan, John, 13 Church St.
Duncan, John, 48 Woodside Hill
Duncan, Gordon, 97 West St.
Dunlo[, Robert, 203 Bridge St.
Dunlop, Thomas, 5 Granville Sq.
Dunwoody, John, 12 Gloucester Ave.
Dynam, John, 22 David St.
Dynes, John, 17 Alexandra Gdns.
Dynes, Francis, 5 Killycomaine Rd.
Dynes, Frank, 9 Deramore Drive.


Eagleson, Victor, 7b Loughgall Rd.
Eakin, William, 103 Montagu St.
Eakin, JOhn (Jeweller), 6 High St.
Eakin, Thomas J., 4 Kingsway Drive
Eakins, Noel, 63 Tandragee Rd.
Eakins, Wm., 79 Tandragee Rd.
Easiefit Shoes, 2 Bridge St.
Ebbitt, Richard M., 70 Gilford Rd.
Eccles, John, 18 Oakwood Pce.
Eccles, Stanley, 43 Jervis St.
Edenderry Memorial Methodist Church & Hall
                      Carrickblacker Rd.
Edgar, Leslie, 6 Killycomaine Rd.
Edgar, Leslie J.S., 9 Ridgeway Pk. Nth.
Edgar & Sons Ltd., Jas. (Hardware),
                      5 Market St.
Edgar, Samuel, 171 Thomas St.
Edwards, Jack, 73 Princess Way
Electricity Board Showrooms & Offices,
                                        Goban St.
Elim Pentecostal Church, Clonavon Ave.
Elizabeth (Ladies Hairdr.) 19 High St.
Elkin, Ernest, 45 Tanragee Rd.
Elliott, John T., 43 Festival Rd.
Elliott, Alan, 22 Princess Way
Elliott, Harold, 70 Princess Way
Elliott, Harold, 13 Granville Rd.
Elliott, James, 12 Junction Row
Elliott, Norman, 20 Charles St.
Elliott, Charles, 2 Windsor Ave.
Elliott, Margaret, 34 Hanover ST.
Elliott & Stevenson Ltd., 24 Market St.
Elliott, Daniel, 9 Park Rd.
Elliott, Jane, 5 James St.
Elliott, George, 14 Water St.
Elliott, Richard, 159a Westland Rd.
Elliott, Mabel K., 97 Thomas St.
Elliott, Wm., 1a Carleton St.
Elliott, Herbert, 19 Carleton St.
Elliott, Wm., 38 Church St.
Elliott, Margaret, 68 Jervis St.
Ellis, George, 100 Granville Rd.
Ellis, Albert, 13 Eden Ave.
Ellis, Samuel, 2 Carrickblacker Rd.
Ellis, Harry, 13 Carrickblacker Rd.
Ellis, Samuel, 41 Carrickblacker Rd.
Ellis, Thomas, 11 James St.
Ellis, David, 11 Meadow Lane
Ellis, Thomas, 29 Margretta Park
Emerson, H.A. & Son, 44 Woodhouse St.
Emerson, Jack, 82 Brownstown Rd.
England, David, 177 West St.
England, David, 3 Portmore St.
England, Joseph, 3 Coronation St.
England, Samuel, 166 Westland Rd.
England, Sarah, 9 Woodside Gr.
England, James, 50 Bridge St.
England, Wm., 1 Killycomaine Rd.
England, Richard, 157 West St.
England, Eliz.C., 11 Carrickblacker Ave.
Ennis, Alexander, 10 Drumcarn Gdns.
Ervine, Wm., 13 Coronation St.
Erwin, Hugh, Cycle Agent, Castle St.
Edwin, Maurice, 43 Church St.
Evans, James W. 91 Armagh Rd.
Evans, Arthur N., 27 Ridgeway Pk. Sth.
Evans, Percival, 15 Greenview Gdns.
Ewart, Wm., 24 Westland Rd.
Ewart, Wm.J., 158 Thomas St.
Express Mineral Water Co., Bridge St. Sth.


Fairbairn Ltd., E.F., Hatchery, Mill Ave.
Fairgrieve, Thomas, 73 Deramore Drive
Fairley, Thomas W., 37 Killycomaine Rd.
Fairley, Roberta, 137 Thomas St.
Fairley, R., 46 Church St.
Faloon, Anne, 57 Curran St.
Faloon, John, 16 Curran St.
Faloon, John, 14 River Lane
Faloon, Harry, 27a Market St.
Faloon, Peter, 91 Obin St.
Faloon, Henry, 42 Westland Rd.
Faloon, Wm. (Spirit Mrcnt), 23 High St.
Farrell, Margaret, 27 Obin St.
Farrell, Charles, 74 Obin St.
Farrell, Henry, 13 Obin St.
Farrell, Doreen, 13 Armagh Rd.
Farrell, John, 13 Fitzroy St.
Farrell, Gerald, 23 Alexandra Gdns.
Farrelly, Laurence, 11 Montagu St.
Fearon, Matthew, 18 Church St.
Fearon, Joseph, 28 Castle St.
Fearon, Joseph, 139 West St.
Fearon, Benedict, 120 Brownstown Rd.
Fearon, Edward, 186 Obin St.
Fearon, Patrick, 40 Obin St.
Fearon, Daniel, 237 Obin St.
Fearon, Edward, 20 Curran St.
Fearon, John, 33 Bridge St.
Fearon, Edward, 15 Marley St.
Fee, Mary, 46 Union St.
Fee, John, 11 Ridgeway Pk. South
Fenton, Robert C., 40 Granville Rd.
Fenton, Samuel, 87 Woodside Grn.
Fenton, Robert H., 132 Park Rd.
Fergus, Samuel, 124 Thomas St.
Ferguson, Joseph, 50 Armagh Rd.
Ferguson, Gerald, 30 Cecil St.
Ferguson, John, 22 Charles St.
Ferguson, Jack, 13 Corcrain Gdns.
Ferris, Norman, 56 Westland Rd.
Ferris, Joseph, 6 Church St.
Fiddis, Henry, 96 Festival Rd.
Fiddis, Robert, 11 Florence Court
Fiddis, George, 24 Florence Court
Filbin Bros. (Bakers), 46 West St.
Finlay, Robert, 100 Festival Rd.
Finlay, Margaret, 54 Charles St.
Finlay, James, Corcrain Villas
Finlay, Margaret J., 9 Ranfurley Rd.
Finn, Samuel, 52 Woodhouse St.
Finn, Margaret, 17 Ranfurley Rd.
Finn, Susan, 10 Ballyoran Hill
Finn, Bridget, 14a Glanroy Ave.
Finn, Henry (Upholsterer), 147 Bridge St.
Fisher, Wilfred, 68 Festival Rd.
Fisher, Gladys (Optician), 1b Edward St.
Flanigan, Eliza, 1 Fox St.
Flanigan, Ellen, 60 Bridge St.
Flanigan, John, 9 Armagh Rd.
Flanigan, Richard, 78 Thomas St
Flannigan, Cecilia, 5 Wilson St.
Flannigan, James, 8 South ST.
Flavelle, Elizabeth, 157 Obins St.
Flavelle, Wm. 144 Park Rd.
Fleming, Anne, 33 Church ST.
Fleming, Mary, 11 Castle Ave.
Fleming, Mary J. 45 Carrickblacker Rd.
Fleming, Samuel, 13 Westland Rd.
Fleming, Alexander, 44 Seagoe Rd.
Fleming, Moses, 110 Tandragee Rd.
Fleming, Sarah J. 233 Obins St.
Fleming, Margaret, 12 Windsor Rd.
Fleming, Joseph, 239 Charles St.
Fleming, James,2 Florence Court
Fleming, John, 41 Fitzroy St.
Fleming, Robert, 37 Fitzroy St.
Fleming, George, 7 Garvaghy Rd.
Fleming, Joseph E., 92 Armagh Rd.
Fleming, Wm.G., 86 Armagh Rd.
Fleming, Joseph, 21 Ormonde St.
Fletcher, Joseph H., 76 Princess Way
Fletcher, Joseph, 78 Princess Way
Fletcher, Thos. James, 144 Princess Way
Fletcher, George, 18 Bann St.
Fletcher, John, 21 Deramore Drive
Fletcher, Jas, Cycle Agent, 6 Woodhouse St.
Fletcher, Robert, 61 Clonavon Ave.
Flight, Robert, 17 Deramore Drive
Fluke, James, 62 Meadow Lane
Fforde, Aimee M.M. 170 Tandragee Rd.
Fogarty, Wm.G., 9 Oakleigh Park
Foots, James, 156 West St.
Forbes, Theda, 88 Granville Rd.
Forbes, Ernest D., 11 Gilford Rd.
Forbes, James, 8 Renmore Ave.
Forbes, Sarah, 10 Ripley Tce.
Forbes, Sarah, 209 Obins St.
Forbes, Wm., 26 Obins St.
Forbes, Donaldson, 62 Tandragee Rd.
Forbes, Norman, 109 West St.
Forbes, Thomas, 13 Watson St.
Forbes, Marion H., 129 Westland Rd.
Forde, Kathleen, 69 Clonavon Ave.
Forde, Wm., 23 Clonavon Ave.
Forde, Wm., 24 Church St.
Forde, Eva, 21 Carleton St.
Forde, Sarah, 30 Union St.
Forde, Wm. J., 200 West St.
Forde's Cafe, 111-113 West St.
Forde, Maria, 71 West St.
Forde, Mary, 213 Obins St.
Forde, Kathleen,161 Obins St.
Forde, Wm., 9 James St.
Forde, David, 20 Montagu St.
Forde, Benjamin, 19 North St.
Forde, Annie, 3 Fitzroy ST.
Forde, James, 25 Craigwell Ave.
Forde, David B., 21 Craigwell Ave.
Forde, Emma, 7 Atkinsons Ave.
Forde, Arthur, 3 Glanroy Ave.
Forde, Mary, 9 Joseph St.
Forde, Samuel, 78 Granville Rd.
Forde, Thomas, 67 Princess Way
Forde, David, 94 Festival Rd.
Forde, John Joseph, 16 Festival Rd.
Forde, Martha, 17 Queen St.
Forker, Wm., 146 Tandragee Rd.
Forsythe, Wm., 97 Festival Rd.
Forsythe, Thomas, 11 Jervis St.
Forsythe, Richard, 42 Seagoe Rd.
Forsythe, Anne A., 100 Thomas St.
Forsythe, John, 117 Killycomaine Rd.
Forsythe, James H., 4 Mount Pleasant
Foster, Derek, 44 Festival Rd.
Foster, Ellen, 16 Carrickdale Gdns,
Foster, Elizabeth, 1 George St.
Foster, John McK., Station Villa,Watson St.
Fowler, Fergus J., 28 Woodhouse St.
Fox, Albert, 6 Connaught Pk.
Fox, Patrick, 50 Thomas St.
Fox, John, 49 Obins St.
Fox, Dominick, 31 Obins St.
Fox, Mary A., 15 Obins St.
Fox, Hugh, 231 Garvaghy Rd.
Fox, Patrick, 51 Deramore Drive
Foy, Joshua, 43 Bridge St.
Foy, Henry, 36 Granville Rd.
Foy, Dermott, 6 Burnbrae Ave.
Foy, Wm., 2 Ballyoran Tce.
Foy, Thomas, 14 Francis St.
Foy, Gerald, 175 Charles St.
Foy, Robert, 56 Woodside Green
Foy, Thomas Jas., 3 Hartfield Ave.
Foy, Malachy, 47 Mary St.
Foy, Francis, 93 Montagu St.
Foy, Elizabeth, 11 Irwin St.
Foy, Leslie G., 187 Obins St.
Foy, Mildred, 1d Drumilly Green
Foy, John, 130 Westland Rd.
Frazer, Wm., 62 Gilford Rd.
Frazer, Samuel, 18 Cecil St.
Frazer, Wm., 2 Mount Pleasant
Frazer, Fred G., 21 Tandragee Rd.
Frazer, Wm.N. 122 Brownstown Rd.
Freeburn, Mrs.E., 5 Church St.
Freeburn, Elizabeth, 17 Clonavon Ave.
Freeburn, Margaret J 22 Carrickblacker Rd.
Freeburn, Mary, 40 Thomas St.
Freeburn, James (Confctr) 19 West St.
Freeburn, Ita, 7 Mary St.
Freeburn, Norman, 16 Queen's Gdns,
Freeburn, Vera, 1 Oakleigh Pk.
Freeburn, Thomas, 24 Charles St.
Freeburn, Sarah, 16 Florence Court
Freeburn, Joseph, 7 Alexandra Gdns.
Freeburn, James, 13 Joseph St.
Freeburn, Samuel, 2 Joseph St.
Freeburn, James, 18 Ormonde St.
Freeburn, Wm., 13 Oakwood Place,
Freeman, Charles, 62a Gilford Rd.
Freeman, Wm.D., 160 Park Rd.
Friar, Wm., 15 Donard Walk
Friel, John A., 115 Granville Rd.
Fry, Ellen, 41 Annagh Hill
Fullan, Thomas, 37 Hartfield Ave.
Fullan, Catherine, 44 Castle St.
Fullerton, Joseph, 48 Gilford Rd.
Fullerton, Lucinda, Bachelors Walk,
Fulton, Herbert, 26 Hartfield Sq.
Fulton, Mary J., 28 NOrth St.
Fulton, Robert, 1a Jervis St.
Fulton, George, 151 West St.
Fulton, Gertrude, 16 Castle Ave.
Fulton, Mary E., 26 Castle Ave.
Fulton, James, 103 Festival Rd.
Fulton, Mary, 19 Johns St.
Furphy, Austin, 22 Bann St.
Furphy, Catherine, 43 Obins St.
Furphy, Patrick, 61 Westland Rd.
Furphy, Patrick, 9 Wilson St.
Furphy, Kate, 40 Castle St.



Gallery, Wm., 18 Watson St.
Gallery, Wm., 28 Alexandra Gdns.
Galway, Charles, 29 Craigwell Ave.
Gamble, Sarah M., 18 Ridgeway Pk. S.

Gamblin, Andrew, Edward St.
Gardiner, Robert D. 28 Portmore St.
Garvey, Elizabeth, 159 West St.
Garvey, Patrick, 56 Curran St.
Garvey, Michael, 136 Park Road.
Gaston, Robert, 23 Margretta Park.
Gates, Wilson, 148 Tandragee Rd.
Gates, Robert, 13 Edward St.
Gates, Victor, 33 Hartfield Ave.
Gates, Gwendoline, 29 Mournview St.
Gates, Robert, 166 Tandragee Rd.
Gates, Hugh, 168 Tandragee Rd.
Gates, James, 176 West St.
Gates, Wilfred, 47 Jervis St.
Gates, Wm. J., 106 Park Rd.
Gaw, William, 47 Jervis St.
Gaynor's Snack Bar, Church Lane.
Geddis, John, 5 Sandy Row.
Geddis, Kathleen, 9 Union St.
Geddis, Thomas, 55 Mourneview St.
Geddis, Robert, 54 Meadow Lane.
Geddis, Elizabeth, 20 Renmore Ave.
Geddis, James R., 6 Fowler's Entry.
General Accident Assurance Co. Ltd.,
                                     High Street.
Getgood, John T., 11 Drumilly Green.
Gibney, Annie, 16 Garvaghy Rd.
Gibson, Robert, 26-38 Thomas St.
Gibson, Alexander, 10 Carrickdale Gds.
Gibson, James, 29 Carleton St.
Gibson, Margaret, 2 South St.
Gibson, T.D. & Co., 28 Church St.
Gibson, Wm., 7 Coronation St.
Gibson, Robert, 10 Clonavon Ave.
Gibson, Isobel, 144 West St.
Gibson & Co. Ltd., John, 8-10 Thomas St.
Gibson, Robert, 29 Thomas St.
Gibson, Wm., 159b Westland Rd.
Gibson, Wm., 88 Tandragee Rd.
Gibson, David, 53 Tandragee Rd.
Gibson, Eileen. 59 Jervis St.
Gibson, Joseph, 7 Irwin St.
Gibson, Wm. 28 Hanover St.
Gibson, John, 93 Woodside Green.
Gibson, Annie, 28 Fow;er's Entry.
Gibson, Thomas, 26 Fowler's Entry.
Gibson, Mary, E., 24 Fowler's Entry.

Gibson, Norman, 8 Ripley Tce.
Gibson, Rosetta, 11 John St.
Gibson, Ernest, 180 Bridge St
Gibson, Robert, 209 Bridge St.
Giffen, George, 4 Castle Ave.
Gilchrist, Robert, 25 Clonavon Ave.
Gill, George, 9 Ormonde St.
Gill, Alexander, 24 Ballyoran Hill.
Gill, Desmond, 85 Woodside Green.
Gillanders, Wm., 17 Deer Pk.
Gillen, Cecil, 11 King St.
Gillen, Edward A., 105 Jervis St.
Gillespie, Wm., 4 Glenmahon Ave.
Gillespie, Wm. J., 51 Westland Rd.
Gillespie, Walter, 64 Park Rd.
Gillespie, Desmond, 64 Montagu St.
Gillespie, Thomas. G., 43 Gilford Rd.
Gillespie, David, 62 Bridge St.
Gillespie, Wm., Castle St.
Gillespie, Wm. G., 76 Carrickblacker Rd.
Gillespie, John, 13 Clonavon Ave.
Gilliland, Sydney, 43 Bridge St.
Gilliland, Sarah, 98 Armagh Rd.
Gillis, James, 40 Tandragee Rd.
Gillis, Wm. James, 8 Carrickdale Gdns.
Gillis, Wm., 131-133 Garvaghy Rd.(Flats)
Gilmore, John (Publican) 24 Thomas St.
Gilmore, Kenneth, 21 Henry St.
Gilmore, Wm., 14 Hanover St.
Gilmore, Wm., 10 Corcrain Gdns.
Gilmore, Edith, 64 Charles St.
Gilmore, Joseph, 118 Festival Rd
Gilpin, John, 74 Festival Rd.
Gilpin, David, 4 Fox St.
Gilpin, Annie, 58 Charles St.
Gilpin, James, 59 Woodside Green
Gilpin, George, 33a Ranfurley Rd.
Gilpin, Eric, 74 Hanover St.
Gilpin, James, 3 Henry St.
Gilpin, Hanna, 4 Morrison's Court
Gilpin, Thomas, 96 Park Rd.
Gilpin, Dynes, 126 Park Rd.
Gilpin, Wm.J., 44 Tandragee Rd.
Gilpin, Leslie, 122 Tandragee Rd.
Gilpin, Thomas, 83 West St.
Gilpin, Albert, 171 West St.
Gilpin, Fred., Church Lane (Upper)
Gilpin, John, 56 Union St.
Gilpin, Elizabeth, 11 Levaghery Gdns.
Gilpin, Margaret, 92 Park Rd.
Girling, Noel P., 9 Renmore Ave.
Girvan, Gerald, 119 Bridge St.
Girvan, James, 84 Bridge St.
Girvan, Harrison, 56 Seagoe Pk.
Girvan, Martha, 7 King St.
Glasgow, Edward, 149 Thomas St.
Glasgow, Robert, 1 Ballyoran Tce.
Glassy, Wm., 13 Francis St.
Glover, H.S., Survey9or, High St.
Glover, Margaret, 21 Ob ins St.
Goldenlea Ltd., River Lane
Goodwin, John, 64 Church St.
G.P.O. Garages, Bridge St.South
Gordon, Samuel, 143 Princess Way
Gordon, Jack, 18 Gloucester Ave.
Gordon, John, 7 Bann St.
Gordon, Thos. J., 5 Glanroy Ave.
Gordon, Edith H., 93 Armagh Rd.
Gordon, George, 113 Garvaghy Rd.
Gordon, John, 20 Ranfurley Rd.
Gordon, Sarah, 57 Jervis St.
Gordon, Wm., 24 Tandragee Rd.
Gordon, Lilian, 176c Westland Rd.
Gordon Bar (Peter Tierney), 29 West St.
Gordon, James, 29 Carrickdale Gdns.
Gordon, Robert, 23 Castle St.
Gordon, Margaret, 2 Carleton St.
Gorman, Patrick, 3 Irish St.
Gorman, John, 143 Obins St.
Gosnell, John, 52 Woodside Green
Gospel Hall, Hanover St.
Gospel Hall, Harford St.
Gough, John, 48 Cecil St.
Gough, Ellen, 30 Gilford Rd.
Gough, John Henry, 49 Fitzroy St.
Gould, John, 160 Tandragee Rd.
Gould, John, 40 Deramore Dr.
Government Valuation Office, 28 High St.
Gracey, Walter, 12-14 Thomas St.
Gracey, Meta, 69 Tandragee Rd.
Gracey, Samuel, 62 Seagoe Pk.
Gracey, George, 24 Margretta Pk.
Gracey Bros, Portmore St.
Gracey, Harold, 19 Woodside Hill
Gracey, Thomas, 15 Woodside Green
Gracey, May, 9 Woodside Gdns.
Gracey, Wm., 17 Florence Court
Gracey, Olive, 131-133 Garvaghy Rd.(Flats)
Gracey, Joseph, 4 Alexandra Gdns.
Graham, Edward H., 8 Windsor Ave.
Graham, Joseph, 4 Bann S.t
Graham, Eva, 47 Ormonde St.
Graham, Kenneth, 17 Joseph St.
Graham, Walker, 14 Glanroy Ave.
Graham, James, 26 Alexandra Gdns.
Graham, Hugh, 12 Ballyoran Tce.
Graham, Samuel J., 33 Armagh Rd.
Graham, Arthur, 22 Curran St.
Graham, Rebecca, 6 Century St.
Graham, Richard, 15 Hartfield Ave.
Graham, Joseph, 30 Mourneview St.
Graham, Wm.C., 10 James St.
Graham, James, 15 Jervis St.
Graham, James, 68 Tandragee Rd.
Graham, Wm. 150 Tandragee Rd.
Graham, Wm., 149a Westland Rd.
Graham, John, 74 Westland Rd.
Graham, Wm.J. 92 Westland Rd.
Graham, Norman, 94 Westland Rd.
Graham, T.Edison, Boot Merchant,
                    18 Thomas Street
Graham, Hugh, 11 Church St.
Grant, W.J., Draper, 4 Church St.
Gray, Wm., 1 Coronation St.
Gray, John, 35 Woodhouse St.
Gray, Mary E., 12 Kingsway Drive
Gray, Wm. S., 5 Kingsway Drive
Gray, John, 11 Mary St.
Gray, Elizabeth, 41 Hartfield Ave.
Gray, Charlotte, 36 Charles St.
Gray, David S., 76 Armagh Rd.
Gray, Kathleen E., 72 Armagh Rd.
Gray, Marjorie, 217 Bridge St.
Gray, Samuel, 58 Granville Rd.
Gray, George, 45 Fitzroy St.
Graydon, Ernest V., 65 Church St.
Green, Thomas, 50 William St.
Green, James, 3 Hanover St.
Green, Henry, 11 Edward St.
Green, Michael, 35 Glandore Tce.
Green, Wm.J., 2 Gilford Rd.
Green, Frank, 106 Granville Rd.
Green, James, 88 Brownstown Rd.
Greenaway, Albert, 4 Duke St.
Greenwood, Albert, 25 Ridgway Pk.Sth.
Greer & Son Ltd., Coal Merchants
                            148-152 West St.
Greer, Jack, 1 Union St.
Greer, James, 148 Thomas St.
Greer, Thomas, 68 Seagoe Pk.
Greer, Irene, 79 Jervis St.
Greer, Wm.J. 2 Goban St.
Greer, Albert, 101 Princess Way
Greeves, Wm.E., 1 Gilford Rd.
Greeves, Edmund O., 21 Gilford Rd.
Greeves, Gilbert R.J., 10 Armagh Rd.
Greeves, Bertha, 27 Margretta Pk.
Greeves, David, 10 Margretta Pk.
Greeves, George M., 7 Kingsway Dr.
Gregg, David, 6 Union St.
Gregg, Robert, 57 Westland Rd.
Gregory, John G., 2 Connaught Pk.
Gregory, John, 27 William St.
Gregson, Alexander, 10 Craigwell Ave.
Grew, James(Jun.), 4 Windsor Ave.
Grew, James & Co.Ltd., Mary St.
Grey, Alfred W., 87 Montagu St.
Greyhound Bar (T.D.Ward) 48 Woodhouse St.
Gribben, James, 53 Bridge St.
Gribben, Joseph, 52 Deramore Drive,
Grimason, Joseph, 33 Oakwood Pce.
Grimason, Frances, 11 Harford St.
Grimason, Sydney, 9 Harford St.
Grimason, Abraham, 73 Jervis St.
Grimason, Albert S., 91 Jervis St.
Grimason, Samuel, 18 King St.
Grimason, Wm.A., 112 Thomas St.
Grimason, Anne, 14 Mourneview St.
Grimes, James, 23 Castle St.
Grimes, Minnie, 8 Irwin St.
Grimes, Wm., 2 Eden Ave.
Grimes, Peter, 25 David St.
Grimes, Patrick, 10 Bann St.
Grimley, Wm.J., 4 Queen's Walk
Grimley, James, 35 Bridge St.
Grimley, Malachy, 39 Curran St.
Grimley, Gerald, 4 Curran St.
Grimley, Clara, 2 Frances St.
Grimley, Frank, 2 River Lane
Grimley, John, 59 Obins St.
Grimley, Patrick, 73 Obins St.
Grimley, James, 12 Clonavon Ave.
Guthrie, John R., 44 Woodside HIll
Guthrie, Thomas, 103 Church St.
Guy, Charlotte. 211 Bridge St.
Guy, David, 31 Alexandra Gdns.
Guy. Robert T., 95 Jervis St.
Guy, Isobella, 2 Lurgan Rd.


Hadden, Elizabeth, 33 Killycomaine Rd.
Hadden, Dr.Robert, 66 Carrickblacker Rd.
Hadden, Dr.Winifred, Maharee, Thomas St.
Hadfield, George, 21 Woodside Hill
Haddock, John, 36 Alexandra Gdns.
Haddock, Thomas, 87 Jervis St.
Hagan, Peter, 3 Annagh Hill
Hagan, Teresa, 38 Mary St.
Hagan, Malachy, 103 Obins St.
Hagan, James, 148 Obins St.
Hagan, Charles, 32 Union St.
Hagan, Francis, 45 Carrickdale Gdns.
Hagan, John, 118 Church St.
Hagan, Charles, 25 Glanroy Ave.
Hagan, Lily, 1c Hartfield Avel
Haire, Jackson, 8i4 Park Rd.
Haire, Annie, 129 Killycomaine Rd.
Hale, Kathleen, 7 Junction Row
Halfpenny, Michael, 1 Francis St.
Halfpenny, Martha, 6 Irwin St.
Hall, James, 122 Clonavon Ave.
Hall, Joseph, 23 South S.t
Hall, Joseph, 16 Union St.
Hall, Thomas, 23 Seagoe Rd.
Hall, Robert, 29 Drumilly Green
Hall, Anne E., High St.
Hall, Emma, 40 West St. (Flats)
Hall, Martha, 98 Westland Rd.
Hall, Louisa, 159c Westland Rd.
Hall, Thomas, 101 Westland Rd.
Hall, Kenneth, 5 King St.
Hall, Sarah, 4 James St.
Hall, George, 7 Morrison's Court
Hall, Samuel, 3 Margaret St.
Hall, Jean, 43 Hartfield Avel
Hall, Thomas J., 4 Woodside Greeen
Hall, Wm., 41 Garvaghy Rd.
Hall, Wm., 18 David St.
Hall, Daniel, 8 David St.
Hall, Wm., 4 David St.
Hall, Jack, 27 Annagh Hill
Hall, Wm., 21 Annagh Hill
Hall, Florence, 162 Bridge St.
Hall, Thomas, 119 Garvaghy Rd.
Hall, Annie Eliz., 5 Windsor Ave.
Hall's Store, Spirit Mer., High St.
Halliday, George, 66 Seagoe Pk.
Halligan, Kenneth, 3 Woodside Hill
Halligan, Annie, 12 Oakleigh Pk.
Halligan, Lila, Eloc. Ichr., 7a High St.
Halligan, Samuel, 76 Jervis St.
Halloway, Matilda, 63 Woodhouse St.
Hamill, Gerald, 112 Obins St.
Hamill, G.M., Obins St.
Hamill, Mary, 42 Obins St.
Hamill, John, 109 Obins St.
Hamill, Bridget, Obins St.
Hamill. Joseph, 7 Obins St.
Hamill, James, 19 Irwin St.
Hamill, Mary, 4 River Lane,
Hamill, Patrick, 23 John St.
Hamill, Helena F., 18 Renmore Ave.
Hamill, Bernard, 128 Obins St.
Hamill, Mary, 26 Woodhouse St.
Hamill, James, Church Lane
Hamill, Edward, 37 Carrickdale Gdns,
Hamill, Frank, 161 Charles St.
Hamill, Anna, 28 David St.
Hamill, Dermott, 8 Curran St.
Hamill, Eugene, 17 Curran St.
Hamill, Francis, 15 Curran St.
Hamill, Robert, 131 KIllycomaine Rd.
Hamill, Patrick, 23 John St.
Hamill, Thomas, 10 John St.
Hamill, John, 21 Oakwood Plc.
Hamill, Wm.R., 62 Festival Rd.
Hamilton, James E., 68 Meadow Lane
Hamilton, Alexander, 11 Woodview Ave.
Hamilton, Walter P., 40 Woodside Green
Hamilton, Frances, 195 Charles St.
Hamilton, Joseph, 24 Foundry St.
Hamilton, Wm.J. 36 Florence Court
Hamilton, John, 21 Florence Court
Hamilton, George, 51 Armagh Rd.
Hamilton, Gerald, 108 Armagh Rd.
Hamilton, Thomas, 9 Alexandra Ave.
Hamilton Robb Ltd., Goban St.
Hamilton, Mary, 279 Bridge St.
Hamilton, Hilda (Hairdresser) 69 Bridge St.
Hamilton, Robert, 95 Killycomaine Rd.
Hamilton, James, 108 Granville Rd.
Hamilton, Gerald, 28 Festival Rd.
Hamilton, Harriett, 75 Festival Rd.
Hamilton, Alex. 71 Festival Rd.
Hamilton, Thos.H., 12 Castle St.
Hamilton, Samuel, 62 Church St.
Hamilton, Victor, 4 Sandy Row
Hamilton, Robert, 57 Seagoe Rd.
Hamilton, Norman, 70 Seagoe Rd.
Hamilton, John, 63 Seagoe Rd.
Hamilton, Thos.J., 164 West St.
Hamilton, Dennis, 158 Obins St.
Hamilton, Carol, 35 Jervis St.
Hamilton, David, 8 Morrison's Court
Hamilton, Annie, 10 Water St.
Hamilton, John J., 24 Deer Pk.
Hamilton, James, 50 Portmore St.
Hammond, Robert, 75 Deramore Drive
Hammond, George, 172 Westland Road
Hampton, Vernon, 48 Tandragee Rd.
Hampton, John, 6 Sandy Row
Hancock, Harold, 113 Westland Road
Hanlon, Mary, 4 Ormonde St.
Hanlon, Robert, 4 Alexandra Ave.
Hanlon, Harold, 6 Westland Road
Hanna, John E., 18 Ranfurley Rd.
Hanna, Wm., 30 Alexandra Gdns.
Hanna, Isaac, 13 Burnbrai Ave.
Hanna, Frederick, 35 Granville Rd.
Hanna, Victor, 14 Gloucester Ave.
Hanna, Wm., 12 Queen's Gdns.
Hannah, Isabella, 15 Clonavon Ave.
Hannah, Thomas, 17 Coronation St.
Hannath, Wm., 49 Woodside Green
Hannathy, Paul, 22 Drumannon Pk
Hannathy, Joseph, 163 West St.
Hannathy, John, 153 West St.
Hannathy, Joseph, 1 Hartfield Sq.
Hannathy, Mary, 34 Charles St.
Hanthorne, George, 119 Festival Rd.
Hanton, Sarah, 11 Bann St.
Hara, Mary, 10 Eden Ave.
Harbinson, Ellen, 75 Westland Rd.
Harbinson, Owen, 156 Park Rd.
Harbinson, Reginald, 4 North St.
Harbinson, Adam, 3 Fox St.
Hardy, Thomas, 15 Queen St.
Hardy, Ernest, 64 Granville Rd.
Hardy, Martha, 27 Garvaghy Rd.
Hardy, Lavinia, 66 Hanover St.
Harper, James, 30 Festival Rd
Harris, Alice, 39 Bridge St.
Harris, James, 14 King St.
Harris, Margaret, 4 Water St.
Harris, Sarah, 7 Water St.
Harrison, James, 31 Carrickdale Gdns,
Harrison, Ella, 99 Tandragee Rd.
Harrison, James, 8 Sandy Row
Harrison, John, 12 Craigwell Ave.
Harrison, Thos,A. 9 Kingsway Drive
Harrison, Thos., 56 Tandragee Rd
Harrison, Wm.J., 84 Brownstown Rd.
Harrison, Malcolm, 35 West St.
Harrison, Thos., 104 Church St.
Harrison, Emily J., 52 Gilford Rd.
Harrison, Wm., 8 Donard Walk
Harrison, Cissie, 8 Fowler's Entry
Harrison, Robert, 56 Woodside Green
Harrison, Wm., 17 John St.
Hart, Frederick, 154 Princess Way
Hart, Jack, 9 River Lane
Harvey, Samuel, 33 Hanover St.
Harvey, Noel, 85 Killycomaine Rd.
Harvey, James, 36 Jervis St.
Haugh, James, 24 South St.
Haughian, Luke, 99 Westland Rd.
Hawthorne, George, 39 Tandragee Rd.
Hawthorne, Ellen M., 249 Obins St.
Hawthorne, Charlotte, 42 Portmore St.
Hawthorne, Emily, 5 Century St.
Hawthorne, Thomas, 28 Deramore Drive
Hawthorne, James C., 19 Deramore Drive,
Hawthorne, Howard J., 9 Arthur Ave.
Hawthorne, William F., 19 Gilford Rd.
Haycock, Edward R., 32 Margretta Pk.
Hayes, John, 93 Jervis St.
Hayes, John, 17 Drumilly Green
Hayes, Daniel, 40 Mary St.
Hayes, frank, 50 Woodside Green
Hayes, Ernest, 29 Granville Rd.
Hazelton, Gertrude, Woodhouse St.
Hazley, David, 45 Carleton St.
Health Dept., 52 Church St.
Heasley, Foster, 14 Deramore Dr.
Heathwood, Samuel, 50 Henry St.
Heathwood, Henry, 6 Goban St.
Heathwood, Robert (Builder), 87 Bridge St.
Heatley, Robert, 6 Festival Rd.
Heatley, David, 13 Ridgeway Pk. Nth.
Heatley, John, 16 Woodside Gr.
Heily, Alice E., 102 Tandragee Rd.
Henderson, Mary, 1 Woodside Gdns.
Henderson, Kathleen, 32 Woodhouse St.
Henderson, Frank, 182c Westland Rd.
Henderson, Thos., 104 Brownstown Rd.
Henderson, Elizabeth, 22c Hartfield Ave.
Henderson, Robt.Jas., 31 Lurgan Rd.
Henderson, Gerald, 47 Carleton St.
Hendron, Michael, 9 Junction Row,
Hendron, Thos., 23 Curran St.
Hendron, Frank, 89 Westland Row
Hendron, James G., M.P.S., 25 West St.
Hendron, Thos., 7 Greenview Gdns.
Heney, Sarah, 7 Harford St.
Heney, Thos.J. 16 James St.
Heney, Desmond, 78 Jervis St.
Heney, Geoffrey, 72 Church St.
Henning, Samuel J., 144 Thomas St.
Henry, Joshua, 27 Seagoe Pk.
Henry, Wallace, 14 Irwin St.
Henry, Nathaniel, 134 Obins St.
Henry, Joseph B., 144 Tandragee Rd.
Henry, Wallace, 124 Brownstown Rd.
Henry, James, 27 Clonavon Ave.
Henry, Parker, L.D.S., 26 Church St.
Henry, Parker J., 61 Carrickblacker Rd.
Henry, Wm., 36 Henry St.
Henry, Wm., 5 Hartfield Ave.
Henry, Joseph, 8 Century St.
Henry, James, 10 George St.
Henry, James Brown, 54 Festival Rd.
Herron, Ivan, 107 Festival Rd.
Herron, (Fishmonger) 85 Bridge St.
Herron, Wm., 22 Bridge St.
Herron, Alfred, 80 Armagh Rd.
Herron, Robt.J., 35 Woodside Hill
Herron, W., Ltd., 3 Church St.
Herron, Sarah A., 173 West St.
Herron, Ralph, 22 Seagoe Pk.
Herron, Ernest, 4 Seagoe Pk.
Herron, Cecil, Rly, Cottage, Jervis St.
Herron, Robert, 54 Jervis St.
Heuston, Stephen, 20 Woodside Green
Hewitt, Samuel, 2 Morrison's Court
Hewitt, Eileen, 6 North St.
Hewitt, Herbert, 88 Park Rd.
Hewitt, Elizabeth, 144 Park Rd.
Hewitt, Thos.A., 15 James St.
Hewitt, Rachel, 64 Jervis St.
Hewitt, John, 6 King St.
Hewitt, James W., 8 Kingsway Drive
Hewitt, Brook W., 1 Tavanagh Ave.
Hewitt, Wm., 37 Seagoe Pk
Hewitt, Norman H., 52 Westland Rd.
Hewitt, Ernest, 112 Brownstown Rd.
Hewitt, Ernest, 89 West St.
Hewitt, Wm.John, 153 West St.
Hewitt, C.(Fireplaces) 34 West St.
Hewitt, Annie, 122 West St.
Hewitt, Annie, 154 West St.
Hewitt & Gill, Market St.
Hewitt, J.W.(Grocer) 43 High St.
Hewitt, Brook, M.P.S., 43 High St.
Hewitt, Samuel, Church Lane
Hewitt, Nelson, 16 Greenview Gdns.
Hewitt, Thos., 10 Carrickblacker Rd.
Hewitt, R.& Sons (Garage) Church St.
Hewitt, James, 6 Castle St.
Hewitt, Winifred, 30 Portmore St.
Hewitt, John, 29 Coronation St.
Hewitt, Hannah, 66 Henry St.
Hewitt, Ita, 33 Edward St.
Hewitt, Moses, 15 Eden Ave.
Hewitt, Percival, 55 Deramore Dr.
Hewitt, Victor, 5 Duke St.
Hewitt, Jack, 34 David St.
Hewitt, Thos. 4 Ripley Tce.
Hewitt, Cecil, 33 Ridgeway Pk. Sth.
Hewitt, Wm.J., 11 Arthur Ave.
Hewitt, Alan, 14 Armagh Rd.
Hewitt, James, 9 George St.
Hewitt, Madge, 16a Glanroy Ave.
Hewitt, Wm., 135 Bridge St.
Hewitt, Norman, 3 Joseph St.
Hewitt, Thos., 1 Oakwood Pl.
Hewitt, John George, 19 Granville Rd.
Heyburn, Robt.H., 101 Armagh Rd.
Hickey, Ernest M., 11 Thomas St.
Higgins, Sarah, 18 William St.
Higgins, Sarah H.Jane, 62 West St.
Hill, Robert, 5 South St.
Hill, Jack, 12 Carrickblacker Rd.
Hill, Wm., 6 South St.
Hill, Samuel, 12 Deramore Dr.
Hill, Wm.J., 2 George St.
Hill, Douglas, 21 Atkinson's Ave.
Hillen, George, 1 Meadow Lane
Hillen, Moore, 3 Montagu St.
Hipps Ltd. (Tailors), 47 High St.
H.M. Collector of Taxes, Edward St.
H.M. Collector of Excise, Edward St.
Hobbs, Samuel, 78 Festival Rd.
Hobson, Godfrey, 19 Ballyoran Tce.
Hobson, John, 10 Deramore Drive
Hobson, Norman D., 18 Fitzroy St.
Hobson, James, 55 Hartfield Ave.
Hobson, Anne Jane, 30 Henry St.
Hobson, Alexander, 4 Sarah St.
Hobson, W.J. (Boot Mer), 7 Market St.
Hobson, Joseph, 13 Seagoe Pk.
Hobson, Ernest, 39 Hanover St.
Hodgen, George E., 19 Mourneview St.
Hodgen, Joseph, 176a Westland Row
Hodgen, Wm.J., 4 Drumannon Pk.
Hodgen, Wm.H., 51 Union St.
Hodgen, Mary, 53 Chuch St.
Hodgen, John, 5 Coronation St.
Hodgen, John, 18 Queen St.
Hoey, John, 201 Obins St.
Hogan, Francis, 45 Carrickdale Gdns.
Hogan, Peter, 3 Annagh Hill
Hogan, Edward P., 43 Annagh Hill
Hogan, John, 45 Annagh Hill
Holland, Alex., 4 Montagu St.
Holland, John, 60 Jervis St.
Holland, David, 1 Water St.
Holland, Anne, 44 Obins St.
Holland, Ernest, 63 Westland Rd.
Holland, Joseph, 1199 Westland Rd.
Holland, Wm.S., 36 Westland Rd.
Holland, Mabel, 8 Princess Way
Holland, Elizabeth, 10 Junction Row
Holland, Margaret, 6 Alexandra Gdns.
Holland, Cecil, 6 Atkinson's Ave.
Holland, Eleanor, 5 Renmore Ave.
Holland, Fred, 7 Corcrain Gdns.
Holland, Wm.J., 2 Henry St.
Holland, Joseph, 1 Woodside Hill
Holland, Isaac, 3 Spences Cottages
Hollinger, Joseph, 43 Woodside Green
Hollinger, James, 32 Church St.
Hollingsworth, Robt. 32 Tandragee Rd.
Hollywood, Benjamin L., 49 Loughgall Rd.
Hollywood, John, 6 Junction Row
Hollywood, Mary A., 4 William St.
Holmes, Thos., 131 KIllycomaine Rd.
Holmes, Jean, 10 Renmore Ave.
Holmes, Margaret, 52 Henry St.
Holmes, Wm.J., 13 Margaret St.
Holmes, Thos. (Provision Mer), 27 West St.
Holmes, Richard, 35 Queen St.
Home Stores (H.W.Thompson) 13 West St.
Hood, John H., 18 Connaught Pk.
Hood, J. (Boot Mer), 49 High St.
Hood, Elizabeth, 176d Westland Rd.
Hooke, R. Ltd., 20 Church St.
Hooke, Robt.H., 11 Renmore Ave.
Horlick, Mary, 20 South St.
Hosey & Co., John, 27 Market St.
Hospital, Georgina, 255 Bridge St.
Houston, Agnes, 26 James St.
Houston, Wm., 34 Seagoe Pk.
Houston, Ross, 62 Brownstown Rd.
Houston, Ross, 128 Brownstown Rd.
Houston, Ronald, 2 Drumannon Pk
Houston, Wm., 27 Hanover St.
Houston, Aubrey, 29 Woodside HIll
Howe, Charles, 119 Thomas St.
Howell, Robert, 6 Beechcote Ave.
Hoy, Anne, 148 Bridge St.
Hoy, Robert, 6 Bridge St.
Hoy, Patrick, 229 Obins St.
Hoy, Violet, 4 Mourneview St.
Hoy, Wm.J., 11 Mourneview St.
Hughes, Joseph, 69 Princess Way
Hughes, Roy, 92 Granville Rd.
Hughes, John, 4 Granville Gdns.
Hughes, Walter, 32 Ormonde St.
Hughes, Frank, 44 John ST.
Hughes, Gertrude, 47 Bridge St.
Hughes, James, 277 Bridge St.
Hughes, Thomas, 19 Glandore Tce.
Hughes, Mary, 34 Curran St.
Hughes, Rose, 3 Duke St.
Hughes, Elizabeth, 30 Charles St.
Hughes, John, 20 Hanover St.
Hughes, Wm., 46 Mary St.
Hughes, George, 13 South St.
Hughes, (Butchers), 6 Castle St.
Hughes, Wm., 35 Carrickblacker Rd.
Hughes, Patrick, 120 Church St.
Hughes, Thomas, 124 West St.
Hughes, James, 44 Westland Rd.
Hughes, Robinson, 164 Obins St.
Hughes, John, 66 Obins St.
Hughes, James, 221 Obins St.
Hughes, Joseph, 9 Jervis St.
Hughes, Alice, 13 Irwin St.
Hughes, Joseph, 2 North St.
Hughes, John A., 18 Henry St.
Hughes, John, 14 Eden Ave.
Hughes, Annie, 3 Mountpleasant
Hull, JOhn Wilfred, 1 Granville Sq.
Humphries, Wm., 50 Jervis St.
Humphries, Samuel, 66 Westland Rd.
Humphries, Daniel G., 29 Ridgeway Pk. Nth.
Hunes, Charles, 125 West St.
Hunniford, Thomas, 54 Portmore St.
Hunniford, Mary J., 68 Carrickblacker Rd.
Hunniford, J., M.R.C.V.S., 30 Church St.
Hunniford, Madge, 40 Union St.
Hunniford, Richard, 32 Sarah St.
Hunniford, George, 16 Margaret St.
Hunniford, David, 17 Woodside Gr.
Hunniford, Mary J. (Confect) 1a Edward St.
Hunniford, Herbert, 12 Fitzroy St.
Hunniford, Charles, 69 Garvaghy Rd.
Hunniford, Joanna, 65 Garvaghy Rd.
Hunniford, Benjamin, 5 Craigavon Ave.
Hunniford, Claud, 14 Ballyoran Tce.
Hunniford, Benjamin, 14 Alexandra Gdns.
Hunniford, James, 111 Killycomaine Rd.
Hunniford, Leslie, 36 Festival Rd.
Hunniford, Charles, 94 Armagh Rd.
Hunter, Thomas, 79 Festival Rd.
Hunter, George, 34 Princess Way
Hunter, Wm., 113 Granville Rd.
Hunter, Robert, 27 Florence Courts
Hunter, John , 210 Obins St.
Hunter, Robt.J. (Acct), 28 High St.
Hunter, George, 49 Hartfield Ave.
Hurst, Sarah, 1 Wilson St.
Hurst, Wm., 1 Henry St.
Hurst, Wm., 11 Fowler's Entry
Hurst, Wm., Queen St.
Hurst, William N., 42 Queen St.
Hutchinson, Thos., 108 Church St.
Hutchinson, Albert W., 35 Armagh Rd.
Hutchinson, Wm.G., 9 Ridgeway Pk Sth.
Hutchinson, Edward, 66 Meadow Lane
Hutchinson, Reuben, 32 Mourneview St.
Hutchinson, Samuel, 103 Tandragee Rd.
Hutchinson & Son, W.G. (Outfitters) 28 High St.
Hutchinson, Wm., 27 Watson st.
Hutton, Samuel, 45 Mary St.
Hutton, Thos.Henry, 80 Westland Rd.
Hyde, Francis J., 167 Thomas St.
Hyde, John, Rose Cottage, West St.
Hyde, Susanne, 77 West St.
Hyde, James, 155 West St.
Hyde, Arthur H.J., 154 Thomas St.
Hyde, George E., 25 Tandragee Rd.
Hyde, Albert, 16 Atkinson's Ave.
Hyde, James, 28 Ridgeway Pk. Sth.
Hyde, Thos & Sons Ltd., 8-12 Mandeville St.
Hyde, George, 6 Ridgeway Pk. Nth.
Hyde, Patrick, 45 Obins St.
Hynds, George, 43 Westland Rd.
Hynds, Wm., 58 Woodside Gr.
Hynds, James, 21 Festival Rd.
Hynds, Florence, 5 Granville Rd.
Hynds, David, 28 Westland Rd.
Hynes, Amelia, 11 Deramore Drive
Hynes, John, 39 Woodside Hill
Hynes, Joseph, 48 Seagoe Pk.
Hynes, George, 59 Woodhouse St.
Hynes Office Supplies, High St.


Ingram, Albert, 14 Westland Rd.
Ingram, Edward, 19 Arthur Ave
Invisible Repairs, 31 Bridge St.
Imperial Hotel, 14 High St.
Irvine, Christina, 44 Portmore St.
Irvine, David, 42 Killycomaine Rd,
Irwin, Eric, 10 Sarah St.
Irwin, Elsie, 42 Union St.
Irwin, George C., 126 Tandragee Rd.
Irwin, Hubert, 42 Henry St.
Irwin, Harold, 4 Union St.
Irwin, James, 12 Festival Rd.
Irwin, Jane, 47 Princess Way
Irwin, John, 38 Woodside Gr.
Irwin, Joseph, 7 Levaghery Gdns.
Irwin, Margaret, 5 Queen's Gdns.
Irwin, Kenneth, 12 Woodhouse St.
Irwin, Pauline, 14 Seagoe Pk.
Irwin's Cafe, 74b Woodhouse St.
Irwin, W.G., 141 Westland Rd.
Irwin, R.H., 42 Woodside Gr.
Irwin, W.D.& Sons Ltd., 12-15 Woodhouse St.
Irwin, W.F., 'Greenacres', Killycomaine Rd.
Irwin, Thomas W., 162 West St.


Jackson, Minnie A., 85 Armagh Rd.
Jackson, Minnie, 21 Fowler's Entry
Jackson, Martin, 243 Charles St.
Jackson, Jesn, 22 Oakleigh Pk.
Jackson, Martha, 52 Meadow Lane
Jackson, Brian, 19 Tandragee Rd.
Jackson, Wm.J., 50 Tandragee Rd.
Jackson, Bertie, 114 Westland Rd.
Jackson, Thomas, 118 Westland Rd.
Jackson, Thos., Mus. Tchr., 6a West St.
Jackson, Brian, 6 Thomas St.
Jackson, David, 59 Church St.
James, Thomas H., 27 Carrickdale Gdns.
Jameson, William, 207 Bridge St.
Jameson, Lionel, 3 Granville Sq.
Jamison, Joseph, 50 Seagoe Rd.
Jamison, Robert, 7 Drumcarn Gdns.
Jamison, (Greengrocer), 5 Woodhouse St.
Jamison, Wm., 1 Jervis St.
Jamison, Harry, 229 Bridge St.
Jamison, Joseph, 50 Seagoe Rd.
Jamieson, Edward, 83 Granville Rd.
Jamieson, Joseph, 38 Henry St.
Jeffers, Fred., 58 Gilford Rd.
Jeffers, Ethel, 133 Bridge St.
Jeffers, Elizabeth, 189 Bridge St.
Jeffers, Wm.(Garage), 201 Bridge St.
Jeffers, Isaac, 10 Joseph St.
Jeffers, Florence, 20 Craigwell Ave.
Jeffers, Wm., 1 Corcrain Gdns.
Jeffers, Dawson, 26 Woodside Hill
Jeffers, Thomas, 21 Mary St.
Jeffers, James, 68 Montagu St.
Jeffers, Sarah, 7 Jervis St.
Jeffers, John, 1 Stewart Ave.
Jeffers, Grace, 39 Seagoe Pk.
Jeffers, Lily, 26 Union St.
Jeffers Bros., Castle St.
Jeffers & Son, D., (Newsagents) 9 Market St.
Jenkinson, Ellen, 41 Alexandra Gdns.
Jenkinson, Elizabeth, 4 Atkinson's Ave.
Jenkinson, Robert, 23 Levaghery Gdns.
Jenkinson, Wm., 114 Tandragee Rd.
Jenkinson, Emily E., 90 West St.
Jenkinson, Wm. (Butcher) 63 West St.
Jenkinson, Joshua, 71 Woodside Green
Jennings, Henry, 112 Church St.
Jennings, Rev. John V., Thomas St.
Jennett, Samuel, 49 Festival Rd.
Jennett, Wm., 15 Granville Gdns.
Jennett, Richard, 32 Florence Court
Jennett, Wm., 72 Seagoe Pk.
Jennett, Robert, 45 Loughgall Rd.
Johnston, Wm., 22 Woodhouse St.
Johnston, Thomas, 115 Princess Way
Johnston, James A., 22 Granville Rd.
Johnston, Wm., 24 Oakwood Place.
JOhnston, Ernest, 37 Ormonde St.
Johnston, Joshua, 29 Glanroy Ave.
Johnston, Joseph, 93 Bridge St.
Johnston, Wm., 44 Bridge St.
Johnston, Alan, 91 Killycomaine Rd.
Johnston, Samuel, 5 Renmore Ave.
Johnston, Thos. L., 20 Ridgeway Pk. N.
Johnston, Alice, 6 Craigavon Ave.
Johnston, Jacob, 6 Craigavon Ave.
Johnston, Elizabeth, 55 Craigavon ave.
Johnston, Elizabeth, 9 Craigwell Ave.
Johnston, Richard, 7 David St.
Johnston, Norman C., 55 Woodside Gr.
Johnston, Walter, 66 Woodside Gr.
Johnston, John, 10 Ranfurley Rd.
Johnston, Wm., 1a Hartfield Ave.
Johnston, Samuel, 58 Meadow Lane
Johnston, Francis J., 13 River Lane
Johnston, James, 26 Montagu St.
Johnston, Alex., 28 Montagu St.
Johnston, Thos. G., 12 Irwin St.
Johnston, Helen, 41 Jervis St.
Johnston, Wm., 43 Seagoe Pk.
Johnston, Hamilton, 66 Tnadragee Rd.
Johnston, Sarah, 60 Westland Rd.
Johnston, W. Boyd, 68 Westland Rd.
Johnston, --- 4 Drumcarn Gdns.
Johnston, Gerald, 11a Loughgall Rd.
Johnston, James, 11 Shandon Sq.
Johnston, Helen M., 94 Thomas St.
Johnston, Wm., 27 Union St.
Johnston, Wm., 30 Carrickblacker Rd.
Johnston, John E., 64 Carrickblacker Rd.
Johnston, Francis, 4 Carrickdale Gdns.
Johnston, Marion, 17 Carleton St.
JOhnston, Frank, 53 Carleton St.
Johnston, James, 9 William St.
Johnston, Thomas, 25 Coronation St.
Johnston, Henry, 15 Levaghery Gdns,
Johnston, Edward, 25 Meadow Lane
Johnston, Henry, 130 Church St.
Johnston, James, 9 William St.
Jones, Herbert, 105 Festival Rd.
Jones, Joseph, 23 Burnbrae Ave.
Jones, Frederick, 6 George St.
Jones, Emma, 72 Gilford Rd.
Jones, Lewis, a5 Glanroy Ave.
Jones, Eric, 11 Joseph St.
Jones Bros.,(Grocers) Ballyoran Hill
Jones, Thomas, 7 Craigwell Ave.
Jones, thomas, 49 Curran St
Jones, Kenneth, 87 Garvaghy Rd.
Jones, Edward, 111 Garvaghy Rd.
Jones, John F., 4 Garvaghy Rd.
Jones, John F., (Grocer) 6 Garvaghy Rd.
Jones, Eric, 83 Garvaghy Rd.
Jones, Thomas F. 6 Eden Ave.
Jones, John, 12 Corcrain Gdns.
Jones, Margaret, 5 Woodside Gdns.
Jones, Wm., 37 Woodside Hill
Jones, Samuel, 18 Oakleigh Pk.,
Jones, Charles, 13 Hanover St.
Jones, Joshua, 30 Hanover St.
Jones, Wm., 34 Henry St.
Jones, Frank, Meadow Lane
Jones, Robert, 35 Mourneview St.
Jones, John, 9 North St.
Jones, Edward, 17 Water St.
Jones, Gordon, 36 Seagoe Pk.,
Jones, Elizabeth, 152 Tandragee Rd.
Jones, Jane, 22 Brownstown Rd.
Jones, Ernest C., 114 Brownstown Rd.
Jones, Wm., 155 Thomas St.
Jones, Kenneth, 99 thomas st.
Jones, Edward, 25 Carleton St.
Jones, Robert, Carleton St.
Jones, Henry, 96 Church St.
Jones, Elizabeth, 98 Church St.
Jordan, John B., 54 Gilford Rd.
Jordan, John J., 41 Edward St.
Jordan, Andrew, 14 William St.
Jordan, Eileen, 25 Wilson St.
Jordan, John, 23 Wilson St.
Jordan, Robert, 79 Loughgall Rd.
Jordan, W., 37 Westland Rd.
Jordan, Bridget, 233 Levaghery Gdns.
Jordan, John, 8 Junction Row.
Jordan, Eamonn, 17 Junction Row,
Joughin, Benjamin, 2 Queen's Gdns.
Joyce, Nesbitt, 16 Renmore Ave.
Joyce, Leonard, 24 Seagoe Pk.
Joyce, Henry, 16 Westland Rd.
Joyce, Leslie, 2 Glenmahon Ave.
Joyce, Joseph, 1 Carrickblacker Rd.
Joyce, Jean, 48 Portmore St.
Joyce, David, 31 Coronation st.
Judge, Francis J., 10 Castle St.
Judge, James, 7 Irish St.
Judge, Brian, 17 Hartfield Ave.


Kane, Charles, 1 Festival Rd.
Kane, David, 7 Festival Rd.
Kane, John, 11 Market St.
Kane, Gerald, Roslyn Ave.
Kane, James, 24 Watson St.
Kane, Sarah, 25 Watson St.
Kavanagh, Sheamus, 13 Carrickdale Gdns.
Kavanagh, Mary, 35 Carrickblacker Rd.
Kearns, David, Killycomaine Rd.
Keatley, Jack, 35a Ranfurley Rd.
Keegan, James H., 97 Tandragee Rd.
Keeson, James, 6 Francis St.
Keith, Hanna, 16 Henry St.
Keith, Thomas, 76 Park Rd.
Keith, John, 27 Jervis St.
Kells, Henry, 4 Carleton St.
Kells, Sarah, 5 Arthur Ave.
Kelly, William E., 34 Festival Rd.
Kelly, Sarah, 121 Princess Way
Kelly, William, 6 Ballyoran Tce.
Kelly, Joseph, 7 Curran St.
Kelly, Thomas, 21 Curran St.
Kelly, James, 41 Curran St.
Kelly, Kathleen, 6 Curran St.
Kelly, Francis, 14 Curran St.
Kelly, John, 8 Francis St.
Kelly, Peter, 163 Charles St.
Kelly, Edward J., 19 Ranfurley Rd.
Kelly, Mona, 14 Marley St.
Kelly, Michael, 23 Mary St.
Kelly, Margaret, 12 Morrison's Court
Kelly, William, 13 Montagu St.
Kelly, Charles, 57 Obins St.
Kelly, Michael, 211 Obins St.
Kelly, Frank, 72 Obins St.
Kelly, Bernard, 76 Obins St.
Kelly, Patrick, 206 Obins St.
Kelly, John, 254 Obins St.
Kelly, John, 16 Westland Rd.
Kelly, James, 4 Market St.
Keenan, Malachy, 20 William St.
Kennedy, Robert, 152 Princess Way
Kennedy, William, 138 Park Rd.
Kennedy, Elmer, 10 Levaghery Gdns.
Kennedy, Austin, 22 Westland Rd.
Kennedy, Walter, 90 Westland Rd.
Kennedy, Andrew, 123 West St.
Kennedy, James, 33 Seagoe Rd.
Kennedy, William, 22 South St.
Kensington Cafe, 21 Thomas St.
Kensington Bakery, 69 West St.
Keogh, Annie, 10 River Lane
Kernaghan, William, 37 Castle St.
Kerr, Patrick, 6 Oakwood Place
Kerr, John, 6 Glanroy Ave.
Kerr, Gilbert, 1 Atkinson's Ave.
Kerr, Rita, 7 Ridgeway Pk. Nth.
Kerr, Agnes, 2 Woodview Ave.
Kerr, Leslie, 39 Henry St.
Kerr, Margaret, 14 Meadow Lane
Kerr, Mary 152 Park Road
Kerr, Bella, 28 James St.
Kerr, William, 21 Seagoe Pk.
Kerr, Joseph, 15 Carleton St.
Kerr, Alex, 25 Westland Rd.
Kerr, Alex, 47 & 55 West St.
Kerr, Gilbert, 72 West St.
Kerr, James, 82 West St.
Kerr, Annie, 16 Castle St.
Kerr, Elizabeth, 18 Castle St.
Kerr, Alice, 7 Watson St.
Keer, James, 12 Watson St
Kerr, William, 26 Coronation St.
Kerr, Hugh, 100 Church St.
Kerr, Elizabeth, 17 William St.
Kerr, Patrick, 15 Coronation St.
Kerr, Annie, 13 Lurgan Rd.
Keyes, Arnold, 81 Granville Rd.
Kidd, Margaret, 31 Meadow Lane.
Kielty, William, 34 Fitzroy St.
Kielty, James, 18 Meadow Lane.
Killow, Thomas, 17 Eden Ave.
Killow, Elizabeth, 67 Armagh Rd.
Killops, George, 54 Curran St.
Killops, John, 13 Woodside Green.
Killops, Mima, 2 Ripley St.
Killops, Mary, A., 35 Henry St.
Killops, Mary, 154 Park Rd.
Killops, Herbert, 76 Thomas St.
Killops, Herbert, William St.
Kilpatrick, James, 7 Granville Rd.
Kilpatrick, Jane, 10 Century St.
Kilpatrick, Robert, 13 James, St.
Kilpatrick, James, 18 James, St.
Kilpatrick, William A., 129 Thomas St.
Kilpatrick, Samuel, 7 Seagoe Rd.
Kilpatrick, James, 58 Portmore St.
Kilpatrick, Alex, 19 Clonavon Ave.
Kilpatrick, David, 51 Carrickblacker Rd.
Kilcannon, Hugh, J., 80 Brownstown Rd.
Kilgor, Owen F. G., 49 Granville Rd.
Kinkead, Thomas, 16 Woodhouse St.
Kingdom Hall, Jehovah's Witness,    2a High St.
King, Albert, 28 Craigwell Ave.
King, Mona, 26 Margaret St.
King, Albert, 9 Drumannon Pk.
King, Charles, 25 Drumannon Pk.
King, Joseph, 8 Carrickblacker Rd.
King, Isobel, 107 Thomas St.
Kinnersly, William F., 21 Glandore Ter.
Kirk, Ellen, 6 Alexandra Ave.
Kirk, Mary, 1 Dawson Court.
Kirk, Fredrick, 2 King St.
Knipe, William (Hardware) 97 Market St.
Knipes, William, 25 Obin St.
Knox, Thomas, 37 William St.


Lamb, John, 3 Goban St.
Lamb, James, 29 Bridge St.
Lamb, David, 10 Spences Cottages
Lamb, Elizabeth, 2 Mahon Rd.
Lamb, John, 25 Bridge St.
Lamb, Leo, 48 Carleton St.
Lamb, David, 8 Granville Sq.
Lamb, Arthur, 16 Windsor Ave.
Lambert, Richard, 108 Festival Rd.
Lamont, David, 33 James St.
Lancashire, Elizabeth, 18 Sarah St.
Langford, Anne, 4 Seagoe Rd.
Lappin, Wm. J., 66 Park Rd.
Lappin Jane, 128 Park Rd.
Lappin James, 3 Irwin St.
Lappin, Mary A., 113 Obins St.
Lappin, Annie, 137 Obins St.
Lappin, Joseph, 261 Obins St.
Lappin, Andrew, 46 Meadow Lane,
Lappin, Cissie, 120 West St.
Lappin, William, 27 Loughgall Rd.
Lappin, Brendan, 25 William St.
Lappin, Alice, 4 Portmore St.
Lappin, Patrick, 50 Castle St.
Lappin, Thomas A., Bachelors Walk
Lappin, Albert, 63 Festival Rd.
Lappin, Arthur, 1 Queens Gdns.
Lappin, Gerald, 148 Princess Way
Lappin, Mary, 34 Granville Rd.
Lappin, Harold, 52 Granville Rd.
Lappin, James, 13 George St.
Lappin, Sarah J., 7 Goban St.
Lappin, Mary, 37 Bridge St.
Lappin, Peter, 125 Killycomaine Rd.
Lappin, Patrick, 12 Francis St.
Lappin, James, 145 Garvaghy Rd.
Lappin, John, 28 Cecil St.
Lappin, James, 177 Charles St.
Lappin, Hugh, 73 Woodside Green
Lappin, Sarah, 1 Ranfurley Rd.
Lappin, Harold B., 18 Hartfield Sq.
Lappin, Charles, 7 Henry St.
Lappin, John, 4 Henry St.
Larkin, Leo, 2 Russell St.
Larkin, John, 25 Castle St.
Laureson, Frederick, 22 Greenview Gds.
Lavelle, Anne, 55 Jervis St.
Laveille, Henri, 6 Kingsway Drive
Laverty, Samuel, 22 Montagu St.
Laverty, Rachel, 21 Montagu St.
Laverty, Earl V., 39 Montagu St.
Laverty, Mary, 67 Tandragee Rd.
Laverty, Sarah, 60 Thomas St.
Laverty, Hugh, 8 North St.
Laverty, Frances, 7 Oakwood Place
Laverty, William S., 23 Annagh Hill
Lavery, Elizabeth, 26 Park Rd.
Lavery, Thomas, 19 Levaghery Gdns.
Lavery, William, 19 Obins St.
Lavery, John, 203 Obins St.
Lavery, Mary, 64 Obins St.
Lavery, Frank, 42 Woodhouse St.
Lavery, William, 19 Obins St.
Lavery, Frank, 42 Woodhouse St.
Lavery, Henry, 6 Castle St.
Lavery, Michael (B.L.), 72 Church St.
Lavery, James, 3 Meadow Lane
Lavery, Robt. J., 33 Mourneview St.
Lavery, James, 29 Deer Park
Lavery, Thomas, 77 Deramore Drive..
Lavery, Sidney, 50 Deramore Drive
Lavery, Annie, 70 Florence Court
Lavery, Patrick H., 26 Woodside Green
Lavery, Norman, 2 Margaret St.
Law, Ronald G., 27 Woodside Hill
Lawless, Bernard G., 111 Obins St.
Lawless, Peter, 59 Bridge St.
Lawless, Patrick, 1 Curran St.
Lawless, Patrick, 9 Curran St.
Lawless, Anne, 12 Curran St.
Lawlor, Andrew, 67 Church St.
Lawson, Kenneth, 12 Drumcarn Gdns.
Leathem, Brownlee, 57 Festival Rd.
Ledwith, Teresa, 20 Hartfield Sq.
Lee, Anne, 253a Obins St.
Lee, Thomas, 7 Church St.
Leeman, Elizabeth, 46 Portmore St.
Leeman, William, 9 Castle St.
Leeman, Thomas, 5 Mandeville St.
Leeman, James, 6 Meadow Lane
Leeman, John, 87 Festival Rd.
Leeman, Edward, 11 Craigavon Ave.
Legge, William G., 3 Shandon Sq.
Lennon, Laurence, 47 Woodside Hill
Lennon, Robert, 42 Hanover St.
Leonard, Kathleen, 8 Meadow Lane
Lester, William Geo., 24 James St.
Lester, John, Obins St.
Lester, Oswald, 49 Mourneview St.
Lester, John, 3 Ballyoran Hill
Lewie, James, 90 Gilford Rd.
Lewis, Emily, 41 Carleton St.
Lewis, Helen, 127b Westland Rd.
Lewis, Charles R., 70 Woodside Green
Liggett, Maurice, 23 Fowler's Entry
Liggett, Thomas J., 145 Tandragee Rd.
Liggett, Roy, 22 Tandragee Rd
Liggett, James, 4 Watson Lane
Liggett, Sadie, 56 Portmore St.
Liggett, Roy, 6 Carrickblacker Rd.
Liggett, Edith, 86 Charles St.
Liggett, Mary, 221 Charles St.
Liggett, Samuel, 18 Festival Rd.
Liggett, Alexander, 12 Granville Sq.
Liggett, Thomas, 261 Bridge St.
Liggett, Isaac, 3 Florence Court
Liggett, Isaac, 18 Florence Court
Liggett, Julia, 6 Florence Court
Liggett, Jane, 26 Florence Court
Liggett, Sarah, 28 Florence Court
Liggett, Hugh, 30 Florence Court
Liggett, Noel, 36 David St.
Lilliput Ltd., 15 High St.
Lindsay, Jane, 16 Cecil St.
Lindsay & Wooton, 105 Church St.
Lindsay, Richard, 283 Bridge St.
Linton, Edward G., 9 Montagu St.
Lipton Ltd., 1 High St.
Little, John, 41 John St.
Littlejohn, John, 90 Brownstown Rd.
Littlejohn, James, 14 Garvaghy Rd.
Livingston, George, 29 James St.
Livingston, Thomas, 16 Water St.
Livingston, Stephen, 82 Obins St.
Livingston, William, 103 Brownstown Rd.
Livingston, George, 5 High St.
Livingston, Albert, 27 Lurgan Rd.
Livingston, John, 9 Seagoe Rd.
Livingston, George, 103 Thomas St.
Livingston, Jean, 10 Watson St.
Livingston, Joseph, 5 Carrickblacker Ave.
Livingston, George, Castle Ave.
Livingston, Joseph, 6 Mourneview St.
Livingston, William, 12 Queen's Walk
Livingston, Annie, 6 Marley St.
Livingston, Samuel, 8 Craigwell Ave.
Livingston, Elizabeth, 38 Curran St.
Livingston, Edward, 15 Loughgall Rd.
Livingstone, Susan, 30 William St.
Livingstone, Daniel, 153 Princess Way
Livingstone, Joseph, 11 Francis St.
Livingstone, Kathleen, 5 Curran St.
Livingstone, Priscilla, 53 Armagh Rd.
Lockhart, Arthur, 20 Ormonde St.
Locke's Travel Agency, 18 Woodhouse St.
Locke, Geo.A.& Son, Yard, 39 Woodhouse St.
Locke, Geo.A.& Son 18 Woodhouse St.
Locke, Lester, 162 Obins St.
Locke, George A., 12 Windsor Ave.
Lock~up Garages, Bridge St.South
Loftus, John, 165 Obins St.
Logan, Maureen, 167 West St.
Logan, Annie, 141 Thoma St.
Logan, Maureen, 77 Granville Rd.
Logan, Olive, 16 Granville Rd.
Logan, Robert, 7 Seagoe Pk.
Logan, William, 9 Goban St.
Logan, Kenneth, 7 Spences Cottages
Logan, Jack, 85 Armagh Rd.
Loney, E.M. (Draper), 1a High St.
Loney, Sammie, 66 Festival Rd.
Loney, John, 111 Princess Way
Loney, Samuel, 7 Joseph St.
Loney, William A., Killycomaine Rd.
Loney, Edward M., 14 Arthur Ave.
Loney, Mary, 12 Florence Court
Loten, Harry, 5 Hartfield Sq.
Loudan, Ernest, 72 Thomas St.
Loughead, Meredith, 6 Oakleigh Place
Loughead, Alice, 7 Windsor Ave.
Loughead, Mary, 39 Glandore Terr.
Loughran, Daniel, 16 John St.
Loughran, James, 2 Curran St.
Loughran, George, 9 Ballyoran Terr.
Loughran, Frank, 20 Marley St.
Loughran, John C., 4 Wilson St.
Love, Alexander, 85 Princess Way
Love, Martha, 20 North St.
Love, Annie, 16 Irwin St.
Lowry, Sydney, 9 Granville Gdns.
Ludlow, William, 60 Henry St.
Lundy, James Maurice, 37 Woodside Gr.
Lundy, James M., 263 Obins St.
Lunn, Elizabeth, 37 Jervis St.
Lunn, Richard, 47 Seagoe Park
Lutton, Cecil, 40 Festival Rd.
Lutton, Alexander, 17 Granville Rd.
Lutton, Agnes R., 43 Killycomaine Rd.
Lutton, Isobel, 38 Deramore Drive
Lutton, Thomas Jas., 12 Donard Walk
Lutton, Samuel, 28 Margaret St.
Lutton, Andrew, 30 Margaret St.
Lutton, John, 18 Mary St.
Lutton, William, 88 Westland Rd.
Lutton, J., 20 Brownstown Rd.
Lutton, Emma L., 20 Seagoe Rd.
Lutton, Samuel, 18 Carrickblacker Ave.
Lutton, William J., 18 Montagu St.
Lutton, George, 59 Carrickblacker Rd.
Lynas, John, 3 Granville Gdns.,
Lynas, James, 23 Bridge St.
Lynas, Margaret, 15 John St.
Lynas, Charles F., 74 Seagoe Park
Lynas, Thomas J., 27 Drumilly Green
Lynas, Harry, 61 Seagoe Rd.
Lynas, Harold, 31 Carrickblacker Rd.
Lynas, Alfred, 9 Seagoe Park
Lynas, James, 125 Princess Way
Lynass, Elizabeth, 17 Jervis St.
Lynn, James, 183 Charles St.
Lynn, Anne, 165 Charlest St.
Lynn, Jack, 21 Carrickblacker Road
Lynn, Peter, 19 Junction Row
Lynn, Mary J., 11 Water St.
Lyske, James, 14 North St.
Lyske, Elizabeth, 66 Bridge St.
Lyske, Thomas, 100 Brownstown Rd.
Lyske, Herbert, 16 Carrickblacker Rd.
Lyske, David, 63 Church St.
Lyttle, John , 46 MOurneview St.
Lyttle, Thomas, 39 Glanroy Ave.
Lyttle, Sarah, 77b Bridge St.
Lyttle, Frederick, 3 Craigwell Ave.
Lyttle, Thomas, 9 Florence Court
Lyttle, Thomas, 34 Florence Court
Lyttle, Mary, 7 Edward St.
Lyttle, Samuel, 82 Charles St.
Lyttle, Simon, 90 Charles St.
Lyttle, Richard, 100 Charles St.
Lyttle, Thomas, 8 Corcrain Gdns.
Lyttle, William J., 11 Woodside Green
Lyttle, Frank, 10 Woodview Ave.
Lyttle, Olive, 25 Atkinsons Ave.
Lyttle, Hugh, 1 Ballyoran HIll
Lyttle, Richard H., 86 Westland Rd.
Lyttle & C., N.A.(Foundry) Bridge St. South
Lyttle, Cecil, 183 West St.
Lyttle Bros.,(Butchers) 24 West St.
Lyttle, Albert (Butcher) 104 West St.
Lyttle, Norman A., 20 Carrickblacker Ave.
Lyttle, Elizabeth, 40 Carleton St.
Lyttle, William, 42 Carleton st.
Lyttle & Son Ltd., H., 42 Carleton St.
Lyttle, Albert, 20 Jervis St.
Lyttle, Margaret, 9 King St.
Lyttle, Samuel, 35 Seagoe Park

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