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Updated 11 September 2019

The Work of Joe Hynes as a watercolour artist needs no introduction thanks to the wide acclaim he has received from collectors Worldwide. For 30 years Joe had distinguished himself with the painting of a wild Irish rose on the scroll of the Templeton Prize that is presented each year by HRH Prince Philip.

Born in the County Armagh and educated in Armagh City, from an early age he showed a precocious talent for sketching and painting. Turning to the watercolour medium came naturally. Although mainly self taught he readily admits to studying the works of English Artists, Edward Wesson, John Yardley and Ashley Jackson, and can recall many happy hours taking lessons from Maurice C Wilks on the banks of the river Lagan.

Joe describes his present style of painting as loosely impressionistic, a departure from the more traditional type of painting which first attracted the attention of eager collectors and enhanced his reputation at home and abroad. Using rapid brush strokes on rough watercolour paper his skill of deceptive simplicity leaves the viewer seeing detail in the painting that has actually never been painted.

While undoubtedly talented in many fields, it is to impressionist painting he now feels drawn using subjects like People Studies, Street Scenes, Harbours and Events, with the interaction of the people showing a real vivacity for life.

Michael Flanagan, Emer Gallery, Belfast.

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