2nd. Portadown Scout Troup.  Edenderry

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Thanks to Mel Wallace for emailing these photos.  Appealing for names to match faces.

Early 1960's ?

Empire Day Parade.

Row closest to camera L to R: Colin McKeown, Dexter Bailey, Mel Wallace, Nigel Crieghton, then lad showing head to foot in far row is Ronnie Chambers. 

Passing junction Bridge Street and High Street, Cafe Rex in background.


Early 1960's ?

Empire Day Parade heading for Thomas Street Methodist Church Service.

L to R:  Level with pole is Billy Rutherford, lad looking towards ground and 'out of step' is Brian Williamson, extreme right Mel Wallace. Could the lad extreme distant right be Martin Lutton?

Taken in Thomas Street.  Shops in background, Jackie McMahon's very first shop then Dilley's music shop then Blacks butchers, a little further on would have been the old British Legion Hall and Portadown News office and printing works.


Presentation to Maurice Fenton on leaving Portadown to settle in New Zealand Feb. 1964.
L to R: David Livingstone, Jim Aughey, Maurice Fenton, Paul Herron and Albert Boyle.

Portadown Scout Troop P1

1st. Portadown Scout Troop Edenderry P2

2nd. Portadown Scout Troop Edenderry P3

2nd.. Portadown Scout Troop Edenderry P4

2nd. Portadown Scout Troop Edenderry P5

2nd. Portadown Scout Troop Edenderry P6

2nd. Portadown Scout Troop Edenderry P7

Brian Dawson Collection

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