Wade Portadown 2002 Reunion


A Wade reunion was held at Laurelvale Cricket Club on Saturday 30th. November 2002.

About 100 past employees attended plus their guests .

A few past employees who were there, perhaps viewers will email missing names quoting photo letter row and number position.

Appealing for old  photographs and stories of Wade Portadown to add to website.

Photo A.

A merry group of Portadown Potters!

Back Row L to R:  Glynis Edgar, Christine Jameson, Vivian Caldwell, Eileen Webb, Muriel Porter, Dessie Lennon.

Middle Row:  Mary Shields, Margaret Wright, Gwen Prescott, Pauline Carson, Tess McFarland, Anne McDowell/Anderson.

Front Row:  Irene McCann, Jimmy McKcaig, Terence Pentland, Margaret Pearson, Ediths Herron, Jim Grimley.




Photo B

L to R:  Mrs Emily Jones. Mrs Myrtle Taylor.

Photo C

L to R  Back Row: Daphne Dunwoody. Donna Proctor.

Front Row:  Robert Traynor, Christine Acheson, Margaret Gilmore.



Photo D

L to R Back Row: Christine Jameson, Muriel Porter, Mary Shields, Margaret Wright.

Front Row;  Glynis Edgar, Irene McCann, Margaret Pearson, Edith Herron.


Photo E

L to R Back Row:  Jim McKaig, Terence Pentland, Clive Wright, Clive Hall. Gwen Prescott.

Front Row:  Vivian Caldwell, Carol Hall, Valerie Wright, Pauline Carson..


Photo F

L to R Back Row:  Glynis Edgar, Margaret Pearson, Irene McCann, Tess McFarland, Eileen Webb.

Front Row:  Dessie Lennon, Jim Grimley, Ann Bain, June Hobson.


Photo H

L to R Back Row:  Tania Taylor, Christine Jameson, Fergis Shepard, Vivian Caldwell.

Front Row:  Caroline Mann, Gillian Hagan, Myrtle Taylor.

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