The Belle of Derryagh

by Moses Teggart. Springfield, Mass. U.S., America. August 10, 1901.


These boys from up the country,
They boast about theirgirls
Wi’ cheeks as red as rosies,
An’ teeth as white as pearls;
An’ then they tell fine it is 
To sue for favours – bagh!
They never coaxed at milkin’ time
The Belle of Derryagh.


The ould men laugh an’ listen,
An’ then wi’ them agree;
The young blades sit an’ snigger,
Then slyly wink at me.
These boys from up the country
Have been enchanted – Bagh!
They never lapped their arms roun’
The Belle of Derryagh.
An’ while their busy talkin’,
A crowd soon gathers roun,-
Some chaps from the far houses,
An’ some from down the town.
The strangers tell of light----- heels
An’ twinklin’ ankles – Bagh!
At dance or ball they never met
The Belle of Derryagh.
These boys from up the country,
When down for turf they come,
About the beauty of their girls
They’d talk ye deaf and dumb.
They’ll tell ye they have tasted lips
As sweet as honey – Bagh!
They never kissed at milkin’ time
The Belle of Derryagh.


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