The Turf Bummer

by Moses Teggart. Springfield, Mass. U.S., America.

Never mind the abilty’s winkers!
But if somethin’ you You must do,
Throw me up those clods an’ clinkers,
Pitch me up those black ones too,
This load’s for a man in Lurgan;
An’ to-morrow, Tandragee,
Will see me in the market standing’
Hagglin’ for three bob an’ three.
Rain an’ sleet an hailstones scornin’
A master of the bummer’s art,
Many a cold an’ hasky mornin,
Has poor Jemmy panged the cart;
Manny a night between the cribbins,
Studying’ the starry dome,
He, footsore, has brought the shility
An’ three white shillin’s home.


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