Drumcree Sunday School 1956 or 7

I have split this large group in two making it easier to identify each individual.

Many thanks to Robert Dennis for sending this photo, Robert is a son of the late Rev. Dennis, Rector of Drumcree when the photograph was taken by the Carlton Studio.


Thanks to Eileen Hamilton/Millar for supplying names.

Back Row L to R:  Elizabeth Ruddock, Joan Strain, Lillian Wilson, Lette Wilson, Ruth Wilson, Rosemary Robinson, Betty Harrison, Muriel Bell, Gwen Madill, Jean McClelland, Eileen Hamilton, Sally Fleming, Helen Wright.

3rd. Row;  Shaw Cook, Rev. R.E. Dennis, Vina Newell, Elizabeth Doyle, Elizabeth Walker, Hilary McCleland, Barbara Craven, Lee Cooke, Mildred Cooke, Elizabeth McClean, Emma Wilson, Mabel McClelland, Rosemary Wells, Olive Sparks, Barbara McKee, Gretta Wilson, Margaret Ruddle.

2nd. Row;  Rowena McCann, Elenor Newell, Joan Lester, Godfrey Dennis, Harold Moore, Jim Ferguson, Thomas McFarland, Brendan Poots, Jackie McMahon, Margaret Smith, Evan Bond, Elizabeth Eldon, Elizabeth Boyce.

Front Row;  David Lester, David Newell, Peter Killow, Freddie Ruddle, Robert Poyntz, Liam Newell, Colin Sparks, George McNally, Peter Dennis, Joe Clayton, David Clayton, Edward Clayton.

Back Top Left:  Ruth Robinson, Maureen Sparks.

Back Row:  Pearl Wright, Myrtle Johnston, Irene Bell,  unknown, Winifred Carson, Elizabeth Curran, Willie Terry, Thomas Wilson, George Sloan, Harriet Sloan, Wilfie Connelly, Victor Porter, Rev. Kinsella.

3rd. Row;  Pat Turkington, Anne Thompson, Rebe Robinson, Elizabeth Sparks, Gearldine Strain, Mavis Carson, Maureen Forde, June Wilson, Martha Ligget, Margaret Forde, Joan McFarland, unknown boy, unknown boy, Margaret Bullick in front of Rev. Kinsella.

2nd. Row;  Rita Carrick, Flossie Warnock, Lilly Carrick, Patrick Killow, Cliff Thornburry, Joey Cummings, unknown, Billy Harrison, Robert Dennis, Ronnie Wilson, Maurice McClelland.

Front Row:  Bobby Strain, Roy Armstrong, Dessie Ferguson, unknown, Jim Jeffers, Harry McKee, Alan Porter, Harry Porter, Kenny Strain, Kenny McFarland.

About 1965, On their way to Sunday School, they are, left to right:  Alan Milligan, Maurice Dowd, Barbara Robinson. Thelma Dowd (cousin of Maurice)  Alexander Porter and Ernest Templeton. All six were in Evan Bond's Sunday School class.  Years later Thelma Dowd married Alan Milligan, who says there's no romance at Sunday Schools!


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