Drumcree Girls Brigade

Drumcree Girls Brigade 1950

Back Row L to R; Mildred McClelland, Helen Forsythe, R. J. Sparks, Rachel Ruddell, Sally Holland, Mavis Carson, Norma Woods, N. Rooney, Margaret
Matchett, Matilda (Tilly) Kelly,

Middle Row; Kathleen. Sloan, Pauline Waugh, Jean Wilson, Mary Gilpin, Vivien Sparks, Helen Moore, Barbara Gregson, A. Jones, Irene Carson, Pearl

Front Row; Elizabeth (Betty) Lappin, Doreen Robinson, Elizabeth (Lillian) Johnston, Jean Cassidy, Miss Hilda R. Trueman, Rev. R. E. Dennis, M.A., Miss
Elizabeth (Lilly) Carrick, Carol Curran, Elizabeth Todd, Doris Magowan, Sylvia Willoughby.

Seated on ground; Margaret Smyth, and Maureen Sparks.

About 1958

'The Wedding of The Painted Doll'

Taken at a parents night display.

Minister played by Pat Ruddock,

Girl in white left front of Pat is Olive Benson beside her top right top hat is June Wilson next top hat is Elizabeth Robinson.

Behind the Groom is Rowena McCann.

groom by Mavis Carson, 

bride by Lee Cook, above Lee's head is Anne Armstrong and on extreme right is Shelia Porter.



Some names in photo: Elizabeth Curran, Elizabeth Ruddock, Marlene Stewart, Muriel Porter, Pat Turkington, Sally Fleming, Tilley Kelly, Carol Robinson, Joyce Kelly, Vieny  Newell. Olive Sparks, Maureen Ford, 

In audience: Marie Carson, Beryl Monahan


About 1960

Can anyone put names to the faces, Carol Hanlon is 2nd. from front nearest camera.  Hilary Adams is 5th. from right back row.




Back Row L to R;  Hilda Trueman (Cpt), Rosemary Robinson, --? --, Jean McClelland, Pat Ruddock, Pat Turkington, Rhebe Robinson, Hillary McCleland, Joan Grimanson, Kathleen Connolly, Elizabeth, Robinson, Rowena McCann, Connie Woods, Elizabeth Ruddock,  ---?--.
Middle Row;   Mavis Carson,Barbara Craven,---?---,--?---, Lorna Wallace, Gloria Moore, --? --, Andrea Woods, Phyllis Robinson, Hillary Robinson, Carol Lamont, Joan McFarland. 
Front Row;  Wendy Stevenson, Caroline Armstrong, Thelma Dowd, Mabel Connell. Lorna McKinley, Anne Porter, Barbara Robinson, Ruth Johnstone, Anne Robinson, Anne Turkington.


March 1968

Back Row L to R;  Anne Armstrong, Hillary McClelland,

Ruth Johnstone, Mabel Connell.

Front Row;  Lorna Mckinley,Valerie Sergeant, Jennifer Milligan.

Drumcree Sunday School

Drumcree Choir

Drumcree B,B

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