Portadown College Prefects 1970


Names to follow.


Back Row Girls L to R; Rosalind Owens, Marion Clements, Frances Williamson, Elwyn Hoey, Ruth Callaghan, Carol Hall, Elizabeth Jennings, Patricia McQuire, Nolene Wolsey, Dorothy Nelson, ---?---, Carol Truesdale.

Back Row Boys L to R: Maurice Johnson, Robyn Day, Keith Livingstone, Keith Grant, Patrick Brown, Calvert, Marshall, Billy Smith, Robert Magee, George Scott, Steven McAuley, Steven Best, Robert Kinnign, ---?---, BillyWallace, Mark Burnett, David McKinney, David McIlroy, Jim Richardson.

Front Row L to R: Gail Harkness, Linda Robinson, Alison McCleland, Sandra Shilladay, Michael Chambers, Heather, Eakin, Mr Armstrong, Gary Chambers, Mary Nelson, Rosaline Glover, Susan Bryson, Jill Atkinson, Valiere Lacky.

Loaned by Rosaline Glover-McMahon

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