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St. Mary's Boys Club leaving for a day's outing to Butlin's Holiday Camp. Thanks to Brian Hagan for supplying the names.

Back row....Lawrence McCann-Willie Carville-Mr. Gillan-Jim Donnelly-Matt Sloan-Pat Fox..?..Frank (Fra) Mc Coy-Dan Breen-Seamie Mallon..?..?..?..?..Frankie Trainor..?..Scottie Mc Court-Oliver Devine..?..John Lappin-Pat John Kelly-Kevin Mc Veigh..?..?..Joe Duffy-Jim Hagan-Gerald McCourt-Martin Lavery..?..

Middle row....?..Malachy Mc Cann-Malachy Judge-Michael Carville-John McCooe-Eugine Wilson-Brian Hagan-Thomas Creaney-Jimmy Creaney-Eugene
Douglas.. ?..Tony Mulholand..?..?..?..?..Oliver Halfpenny-Dermot Hagan-Jim Cullen..

Front row..Bernard Hagan-Brian Judge-Mickey Duffy-Paul Kelly-Thomas Mc Cooe-Martin Douglas..?..?..Dessie Elliott-Paul Lavery-Bobby Judge..?.Jim Totten..?..?.. 


L to R:  Eddie Foy, Jimmy McDonagh, Johnny Gorman, Alma Cogan, Father McGrath, Willie Carville, in front of Willie is Jimmy McDonald, Frank Hamill, Tommy Creaney, Danny Campbell.

An amusing article taken from the Official  Booklet on the opening of the Hall, author unknown

"Maggie, look who's after coming into the Hall. Rock Hudson - from Brackey Moss."

"Augh, no! We may give over for the night for there'll not be much room for dancing when his big feet hit the floor. The last time I danced with that jiving steam-roller it took me three days to get my, toes unraveled. That fella must have been born with hob-nail boots. My nylons were in flitters after only one dance. I wish some of those bog-trotters would remember that stockings are not made of wire. Of course, you wouldn't want me to say anything about the country fellows, Lizzie."

"There's nothing wrong with them, Maggie. They're a lot better than some of the townies. For instance - here's your mark coming into the Hall now. Hair-Oil from Thomas Street."

"For goodness sake! That fella sickens me. He never has a hair out of place. I think he gets a perm every week. He wouldn't join in a four-hand reel in case he'd knock one of his waves out. And he always carries two combs for fear one would wear out. That fella thinks that much of his hair he'll commit suicide if he ever goes bald."

"Here's his mate coming in now - they're well met."

"Who? Oh you mean Skinflint! I wonder who paid for him to get in. He certainly wouldn't buy a ticket. That fella's that mean he only gets up for every second dance to save shoe leather. He's the kind that your tongue has to be hanging out before he asks you to have an ice. And if he does spend a tanner on a girl he spends the rest of the night trying to squeeze it out of her."

"Talking about squeezing, Maggie. Look who's arrived. Your friend - the Grabber."

"Huh! He's no friend of mine - the big ape. That fella hasn't yet learned the difference between dancing and wrestling. Somebody'll get crushed to death dancing with him some of these nights. He grabs hold of you as if he'd just won you in a raffle. I never knew anybody to leave a girl so breathless. Any girl who dances with him should have an insurance policy - or half a dozen big loose safety pins."

"Keep quiet, Maggie. Conduct yourself - do you see who's arrived? Glamour Boy from Redmanville."

"Augh, Lizzie, run for an egg-cup of water in case I faint. Would you look at the stance of him in the doorway, giving the crowd the once-over. Looking out for Talent. He's got the notion that half the girls here ar crazy about him. He imagines he's only to come over and ask you for a dance and you break out in goose pimples. Look at him Portadown's gift to Womanhood...

He's been watching you, Lizzie for the last five minutes. I know what he's up to. He'll come across the floor and you'll think he's going to ask you for a dance. But he'll walk right past you and ask me or the girl on the other side of you. Didn't I tell you - here he's coming. Hurry, get up to your feet. We'll just be as smart as him. Come on with me into the cloakroom. Hurry. Now shut the door quick behind you. That'll teach him a lesson. After you've been at a few dances with me, Lizzie, you'll soon learn how to handle the different kinds of fellas you meet at a dance."


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