Who could forget Mary Ann!

From Harry Foy's Book  'Growing up in Portadown in the Thirties and Forties'

Mary Ann went around the town with an ass and cart gathering "skins" to feed her pigs. She had a weather-beaten face and wore high-laced boots. A large hat, decorated with flowers, was kept in place with a large scarf which went over her hat and tied beneath her chin. She always chased the children who laughed at her.
When the new traffic lights were first introduced to the town they were placed at the corner of Thomas Street. That day Mary Ann tied her donkey to the lights while she went for a message to nearby Lipton's. When she returned Constable Loftus was waiting for her. "Mary Ann", he said "did you not see the new lights?" I did", said Mary Ann "and they're a great credit to the town".
Another story how one day her donkey collapsed on the hill in the middle of the town. As she couldn't get it to move, she hurried to the police barracks. She asked for assistance so Sergeant Stafford rushed down on his bike. As Mary Ann got to the corner of Edward Street, the donkey went trotting by. She ran up to the policeman and asked him what had happened. September "Well, Mary Ann", he said, "I tickled its belly". "Right, said Mary Ann, "you may tickle mine too, I have to catch him".
Market Day in Portadown.

Street gangs and fogging orchards.

The wee shops.

Colourful vendors.

The Canon's trip.

The Butterfly.

Greenaway's ghost.

Summer on the Bann.

The Great Lemonade Robbery.

My first day at school.

The packman.

Even the dog understood the language.

Bombs - not sandwiches.



Our House.

A long throw since skittles game was born.

The Gas Man Cometh.

In tune with the band.

Clubs and tickmen.

Donald Campbell Had nothing on us.

The Obinsville Cowboys.

Singing in the streets.

Such good sports.

The days of the sand quays.

The magic of Christmas.



Skipping, football and cigarette cards.

Escape to the movies.

My first taste of plays.

Smuggling knew no borders.

The tale of the pigs.

Three brass balls.

Thanks for the memories.

First class show!.

Who could forget Mary Ann!.

Health remedies.

Fondly Remembered.

Going To The Dogs.

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