The Following Photographs Were Taken by the late 
Mr. David Webb
(1907 -1999)
long time resident of
Victoria Terrace, Portadown

The late Mr. David & Mrs. Ruth Webb. 

A well known local couple. We are indebted to their son Dennis for lending the 35mm transparencies to use on this site.
David and his son Dennis contributed a lot to our community in the 60/70's. They entertained, free of charge, thousands of townsfolk at various events with their skills on the harmonica and mandolin.  
David and his wife were familiar figures throughout the town, David usually carried his camera, good job he did otherwise we would not have a record of many places now changed or gone. 

It is worthwhile pointing out that apart from Market Street and High Street the photographs which follow bear little resemblance to how Portadown looks in this year 2000.
For those not familiar with our town, looking at the following photographs of the 1960/70's you will find a grim image. Since then we have progressed, I think?!

Market Street to the left of St. Mark's Church. 

Flowerbed in front of St. Mark's celebrating the Girl Guide Diamond Jubilee. 

Market Street, looking down town into High Street from St. Mark's Church.

Junction of High St,/Market Street. Sunday School children with their mums on their way to the Railway Station for their annual day excursion to Bangor. 

Again St. Mark's Church. The Road configuration is interesting.


Lower High Street. The red building was demolished, the white lot remain.

Thomas St. Girls Brigade at 'The Commonwealth Day Parade' The building in the background no longer exists, it was the main Post Office, to the right in the photo is what was 'Summerson's Picture House' now a furniture store. The marching lady centre of road, just left off centre of this pic was Miss Maggie Woods, senior of the G.B. The lady carrying the flag is Hazel McIntyre, now Mrs. McClelland, lady directly behind her is Heather Gibson now Mrs. Malcomson.

The local Y.M.C.A. kids have fun on their annual fund collection day.

Who does not remember the Café Rex, a great meeting place for the youngsters in the fifties and sixties. Note, there are two young ladies just below the letters E & R They are bound to be twins, both long blonde hair, we think the girls are the Roper twins of Mary Street.

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