View of Mary Street from West Street,  Mandeville Street was directly opposite Mary Street.

West Street. Opposite side of St. Mark's Church, Magowan Buildings Shopping Precinct occupies this site now. Photo was taken just before this row was demolished. The chemist was owned by Mr. Hendron, the notice in the window says 'Moved to Mandeville Street'.

West Street. Viewed from outside 'The Savoy'  That was the Crown Bar to the left of the motor cyclist. This site is now occupied by Magowan Buildings.

West Street. Children at the top of  Fowlers Entry, at the left side of photo is St. Mark's Church.  Some of the children's names are, first on left  = Tommy Gibson, sixth and seventh girls are Gibson's, either Stella, Miranda or Dorothy , The little girl on right leaning on wall is Siobhan Monaghan. Thanks to Stan Wilson for this info.

Irwin Street,  off  West Street. 

West Street.  The road to the left of the lamppost was Irwin  Street.  In the distance is Woodhouse Street.  This view is from about the present Bowles Bar..

Mary Street, viewed from West Street.  About halfway down  on the right and out of view was St. Mark's Sunday School.

Grews Seed Mill also on the right.

The lower end of Mary Street where it met Woodhouse Street.

The famous Sir Robert Hart was born in the house (not shown) to the left of this view.   In 1896 the modern postal service was set up in China by Sir Robert.

Obins Street, locally know as 'The Tunnel' This view is looking towards Woodhouse Street.

Obins Street is probably the oldest street in town, many well know families originated from this location, some to become famous in in their different fields.  We are short of photos on the street.  Part of the section shown here used to be a Police Barracks, we think that was about the 1920's. During the 1950's and earlier all this site was domestic property but the property occupied by the Police still had iron bars on the street level windows, saved hanging curtains!

The famous Alexandra Bakery, (Davisons) occupied the corner of Obin St/Park Rd. The manager was a Mr Finn he lived at Ballyoran,   Dennys Pig Factory, McDonaghs Furniture Factory, Hamills Scrap Yard (All three still there) gone are the Goldenlea Jam Factory in River Lane off Obins Street and Grews Apple Processing Factory in Curran Street off Obins Street.  Then you had Mullholland's grocery shop, great guy during the war food rationing, he always was able to come up with a pound of black market butter for his regular customers and you did not need to part with Ration Coupons.  Bella McGuigan also lived in the street.  There was The Parkside Bar, Hagan's, and Brankins pub opposite Denny's.  Family names in the street? would have to put every name from the telephone book!

A viewer in Canada e-mailed the following:-

"Speaking of Dennys, as a child we used to herd the pigs that came
on trains to the goods yard in Woodhouse St. all the way down the tunnel, what a sight"

Fowlers Entry,  off Market Street, it was known as 'The Orange Cage'

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