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Charles Street, better know as 'Charlie's Walls'

On the left was a row of terrace stone cottages, known as Dawsons Row. You will notice on the wall at intervals the stone has whitish marks, these were the door entrances to the each house, the row was demolished leaving about four foot of stone, the doorways were then filled in using the old stone.  Some family names in this area were, Spence, Conn. Bullick, Doak and ???

The only pic we have of part of the row of houses in Charles Street.

On another section of our site we have a page dedicated to this area, Dawson's estate.

View from Thomas Street into William Street.  

St. Patrick's Church  (out of view) is inset on the left

Public Park

Mrs. Ruth Webb on one of the bridges in the Public Park.

The Pavilion in the Public Park.

Corner of Park Road/Garvaghy Road.

Water Street, opposite Park Road. Extreme left was the boundary with Atchison's Linen Factory now occupied by Ulster Carpet Mills.

Wilson Street, better know as 'Jam Row' was off Castle Street.  At the end of the street used to be a jam factory, during the 2nd. WW it was used as the NAFI stores, after which it became the depot of Ulsterbus.  Now it is the entrance to the towns new railway station.

Some of the street family names were, McCann, Cochran, McGlade, Ruddell, Magowan and ??? 

King Street, off Park Road.


We are puzzled on this one, we think it might be Sandy Row?

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