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Bridge Street during demolishing of the buildings opposite the Regal Cinema. The two rows of houses in the background, now gone were in upper Castle Street.

View from High St. to Bridge Street. The old Post Office to the right off centre of picture.

Outside Summerson's Picture House. The lad on the left is Richard McRoberts of Victoria Terrace and on the right  Jim Hewitt of Castle Avenue.

Bridge Street looking towards Carrickblacker Road to the right and the Lurgan Road to the left. The white building in center is Ellis's Bar.  Just past the lamppost on the left and turning to the left is Watson Street, locally referred to as Railway Street.  The railway station was demolished, a new one was built at the corner of Obins St/Park Road.

Edenderry School, demolished, residential accommodation for the elderly now occupies this site.

Bachelors Walk, a great 'dandering' road for 'curtin' couples! Just about here there were two little thatched cottage one on either side of the road, next pic shows one of these.

One of the thatched cottages at the end of Bachelors Walk, there was great uproar from the locals when our council demolished them.

Meadow Lane, foreground, both sides of road shows part of Spence Bryson Linen Factory.  Entrance to Sandy Row left of centre of pic. Meadow Lane has been completely demolished.  

Meadow Lane, to the left what was Norman Lyttle's Foundry,, just before that was 'McCann's Mineral Waters', for years the best drink in town.  The little road to the right brought you on to High Street under the archway beside the Ulster Bank.

The yard area of Spence Bryson Factory, Meadow Lane.

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