Back Row L to R;  ---1---, Gregson, Wallace, M. Hunniford, Gordon Mullen, R. Clayton, ---7---

3rd. Row L to R;  H. Morrison, J. Bain, Bobby Alcorn, David Tweedie, Kenny Best, Harold Croft, ---7---. A. Anderson, Maurice Fulton, Gregson,
Miss Mona Kennedy- Teacher, --12--, --13--

2nd. Row L to R;  S. Ruddel, ---2---, A. Lutton, M. Weir, P. Madge, ---6---, I. Mallon. N. Walsh, M. Forbes, Holland ---11--, --12--

Front Row on ground L to R;   Howard Cassidy, ---2---, R. Boyd, J. Hunniford, ---5---,

About 1945 C. Elliott's Class

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Miss Kennedy's Class Early 1950's

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1953 C. Elliott's Class

1953 Miss Espie's Class

1958-59 Mr Hamiliton's Clas

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