Hart Memorial School

!947 Mrs. Lyske's Class

Back Row L to R:  Freddie Donaldson, Ronnie Galway, Desmond Allister, Billy Cully, Noel England, Jackie McMahon, Everett Smith, Tommy Hamilton,

Don Hutton, Albert Stewart.

Middle RowMrs. Lyske, Mervyn Tinman, June Anderson, Dorothy Richardson, Sophie Porter, Margaret Wright, Sheila Lyttle, Margaret Raymond,

Dorothy Lutton, Miriam Irwin, Phyllis Blevins, Norman Woods.

Front Row: Davey Wallace, Joan Moore, Joan Monahan, Renee Stewart, Betty Berry, May Madill, Marie Clayton, Lena Prentice, Norma McCann, 

Lorna McCann, Julie Boston, Kenny Hamilton.

SittingGeorge Curran, Freddie Richardson, Harold Best, Bobby Bell, Tom McGowan.


 Hart Memorial - 5th Class 1947 photo supplied by Sally Fleming

Back Row L to R: Desmond Sinton, Cedric Smith, ---3--- - Joan Wiggans, Sadie Lappin, Billy Sinton, ---7---, Jim Lutton, Ivor Hamilton, Edwin Hughes.

Third Row: Kenny McIlwaine, Anna Jones, Joan Cooke, Robina Hyde, ---5--- - Barbara Magee, ---7---, Sarah Fulton, Sally Coulter, John McNally, ---11---.

Second Row all girls seated: Patsy Wright, Shirley Quinn, Eileen Conn, Madeline Somerville, Sally Wright, Sally Holland, May Cairns, Irene Carson, Isabel Quinn, Sally Hobson.

Front Row all boys: Tommy Ford (upper), Ivan McCann (lower), Joe Wallace, Auberry Berry, Dick Wright, Joe Berry, -?- Hayes, Stanley Boyle, Desmond Rowland, Cyril Willoughby.

(Possible mistake in third row)

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