Mervyn Heatley's Record of Coronation Celebrations June 1953

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All photographs in Mervyn's section were take by himself, I am most grateful for allowing to scan original negatives.

Thursday 4th. June. 7.30 p.m. was the start off time for the Parade of Youth Organisations to the Empire Service held at 1st. Portadown Presbyterian Church.

Thomas Street Methodist, Portadown Girls Life Brigade. Bugle and drum band.

Led by Ruby Woods, Maggie Woods can be seen on right of photo. Ruby owned a home bakery and sweetie shop in Castle Street, it was located beside where Shillington Bridge is now, her shop was acquired in 1960's by Charlie Whitten who ran it until redevelopment of the area. 


Druncree Junior Girls Brigade

Led by Lily Carrick, behind Lily is Elizabeth Curran, then Letty Wilson, unknown, Helen Wright, unknown.

Column closet to camera: Pat Boston, unknown, Doris Beattie..


Drumcree Girls Brigade.

Led by Hilda Trueman. Behind Hilda in centre column is Irene Carson, Tilly Kelly, Norma Woods, then 3 others.

Column farther from camera: Pauline Waugh, Winifred Lyttle, Muriel Porter.  Extreme right of photo,  Kathleen Sloan.

Thanks to Anne Beattie/Gordon for most names, now who are the onlookers!


The Lone Ranger!

Mr. J.E.C. Abraham leading Portadown College Scouts Troup, behind J.E.C. is Marshall Matchett & Dessie May.

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Unveiling Plaque Killycomain Estate 1954

Town Centre 1962

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