Mervyn Heatley's Record of Town Centre 1962

All photographs in Mervyn's section were take by himself, I am most grateful  for allowing to scan original negatives.


Imperial Hotel was owned by Mrs. Hall. The site is now occupied by Super Value, previous owners were Wellworths.

The shop on extreme right was Noel Anderson's pharmacy, next to that May's butchers, extreme left of photo Twinem's shop.


Corner of High Street/Edward Street. Imperial Hotel beyond Saxone shoe shop, Saxone was managed by Mr. Evans  A few shops beyond the hotel was Walsh's Seed Merchants..

The stone plaque on Edward Street gable of Saxone reads JH and a date, Hall's owned the hotel so more than likely they built the complete block.


At the foot of High Street buildings between Bridge and Castle Street. Occupiers were from left to right Neeson's, Dawson's, Bells, Conlon's and Classic Bar.  The Row was built my Mr. J. Marley in 1839.


Market Street shops, Knipe's, Freeburns, Herron's McKinney and Corbetts.

During the 1970's Corbetts was destroyed by fire, after demolishing D. Prentice constructed a new building calling it 'Irene House'

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Town Centre 1962


Unveiling Plaque Killycomaine Estate 1954

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