Governors Town Visit


Unveiling Plaque at Killycomaine Housing Estate 1954

Saturday 12th June

All photographs in Mervyn's section were take by himself, I am most grateful for allowing me to scan original negatives..


Lord Wakehurst about to unveil the bronze plaque at the new Killycomaine Housing Estate.

Left to right:  Ned McCann, his Lordship, then --1---, ---2---, ---3---, 4---5---, Ralph O'Lone, Mr. Downey, Mr. Scott, Andy Gamblin, Mr Johnston, Gertrude Collen.  After the ceremony Master Nial Collen presented a gift to the Governor for Lady Wakehurst.  Nial the son of Mr Joe and Mrs Gertrude Collen represented the third generation of the Collen family.

Lord Wakehurst speaking to Councillor Ned McCann.


"Walkabout in Granville Road"

L to R:  Ned McCann, Lord Wakehurst, unknown, Twinem Jackson (Mayor) Mrs. Jackson.

Following details kindly supplied by Charles Friel. The photograph was taken viewed from front of original shops in Granville Road - the group is walking towards Festival Road and away from the bus shelter (where the plaque was) which was off to the right of photograph.  Princess Way is on right of photo, in background the single storey terrace houses, (Cullen's Row) were on the far side of Princess Way.  The terrace included a shop - was it Cross'?  Charlie Cross who worked for the Council lived there, the row included the Irwin, Millsop families, perhaps viewers could name other residents.  The terrace was demolished in the late 1960's making way for the new Abercorn Park development.

Names of by-standees? Could the elderly lady in black be Mrs Ford with her daughter Mrs Cathcart beside her?

Opening of the Sports Pavilion in Portadown Park

The Govenor in the Public Park on his way to fulfil his last engagement of the day, the opening of the Pavilion. The three central figures are left to right: George Magowan (Town Clerk) Twinem Jackson (Mayor) and Lord Wakehurst.

Visible just above George Magown's head is the boundary fencing of the tennis courts in the Public Park, visible behind the trees on right a little bit of the rear of Parkmount houses.  The young ladies are wearing Portadown College blazers with school crest  Below is a blow-up section from right, can you put names to faces?  The young lady wearing spectacles is Joan Mathers, left of Joan on photo is Miss Iris Boland of Parkmount.  Joan Mathers was from the Armagh Road, opposite Prentice car sales, her father Percy was well known in the sand and gravel business. Just of interest, Percy's sister Nana ran a little general groceries shop in Parkmount, it was the end of terrace two houses at the Park river bridge opposite Ulster Carpet Mills Gates. 

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Unveiling Plaque Killycomaine Estate 1954

Town Centre 1962

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