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'The Two J's'

Talented cousins Joe and Jack Wright, amateur entertainers about the 1920's.

They toured the County performing at various events. Joe played the 'Toff' and Jack took the 'Tramp' part.


Charles Lamb - 1893 - 1964

The famous Irish artist Charles Lamb, born and bred in Bridge Street Portadown. This  photograph was taken by the same Joe Wright featured in the preceding photograph.

Charles's favourite spot for painting was Connemara and the west coast of Ireland. Some of his works hang in the Irish National Gallery in Dublin. Our local hotel 'The Seagoe' have about three of his works on permanent display.


A grim sight, this was Irwin Street off West Street.



John Street during demolition.



John Street from West Street.



John Street looking towards Woodhouse Street



Locally well known 'Badger Hamill' having a stroll in what was to be the last sight of John Street

A viewer in Canada e-mailed the following:-

"It was nice to see Badger Hamill. My wife figures she may have been the last person to have seen him alive as late on that night she spoke to him sitting on Dominic Ward's steps. She told him to go home and they parted
with him saying "God Bless you daughter". He was later found dead in the derelict houses"

Late 50's

Local postmen outside the sorting office at the railway station. 

Some of these postmen's names were; Johnston-Jack Berry-McLaughlin-Dick McClure-Dawson-two O'Neill's &  Jimmy Williamson top right.

March 1957

Ed Sinnamon of Detroit sent this photo by e-mail.  He took it whilst visiting Portadown in 1957, Ed was in the US Army and stationed in Germany then.  His father was born in Portadown 1892 and left about 1914 to settle in USA.

About 1900

St. Mark's Church

Note the lower tower, the new tall tower was added in the 1920's as a memorial to the fallen of the first World War.

 The statue of Col. Sanderson has been moved to the right.


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