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Early 1960's

Top of Castle Street looking towards High Street.

To right are Arlettes and McGredy's seed shops.

Early 1960's

Junction of Market and High Streets, showing entrance to Thomas Street.

Note parked bicycles, this was common practice up to the late sixties, there would be dozens of them left there, sometimes all day and at times overnight, they were never interfered with, doubt if they would remain for long in present days.


On the left, lower Mary Street, known as Shield's Hill, to the right Woodhouse Street, behind the wall was the G.N.R. Goods Yard.

Late 1950's

On left, Victoria Terrace, in the center distance can be seen Woodside Green and part of Castle Avenue, now not visible as Ulster Carpet Mills built a huge factory extension. The building on the right was Achesons Linen Weaving factory, now a part of Ulster Carpet Mills

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