Mary Street 1950's

Viewed from West Street

A viewer in Canada e-mailed the following:-

"Morrison's Court was about opposite Mary St. Sunday School and further down facing John Mc Cusker's rag yard was Sinnamon's Court. The wee shop in Mary's St. was run by Maggie Hagan and her sister Teresa when we knew it. We used to get penny drinks, she poured pop from a big bottle into a little shot glass. Everyone drank from the same glass."

Mary Street  1950's

Looking towards Mandeville Street

April 1956

High Street Easter Tuesday  Cycle race passing through town Easter Tuesday.

Bridge Street Easter Tuesday April 1956

The little head sticking out at right of photo is Jimmy McMullen of Wilson Street (Jam Row)

Pond in Public Park January 1958

The pond was filled in a few years after this picture was taken.

Woodside Green 1950's

Note all the roads were concrete then.

Jack M. Bannon

In 1932 Jack and his brother Rev. F. J. Bannon presented the Baptismal Font in St. Mark's Church in memory of their parents, Mr. Robert and Mrs. Mary S. Bannon.


Carleton Street 1956

The owner of this Sunbeam Talbot car  was Mr. N.A.J.Anderson a well known local pharmacist, he also owned the photographic studio next door to his chemist shop.



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