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St. Patrick's Accordion Band 1946-48

The Tunnel Band

Front L to R:- J. Douglas - P. Wilson (Jun.) - J. Bennett - P. Lawless - J. Bailey - P. Lawless (Jun.) - P. Wilson - J. McCann - E. McNally - R.J. McCann - J. Lappin.

Middle Row:-  S. Lawless - M. Henderson - H. Foy - J. McCann - J. Byrne - J. Daley - J. Davidson - J. Creaney - Arthur Mallon.

Back Row:-  J. McKeever - P. Garvey - S. Dunbar - T. Creaney - J. McGurk - J. McVeigh.  

Thanks to Arthur Mallon for supplying the following information: .The band was reformed late
1945 and the then uniform was ex Salvation Army uniform, the uniform in
the picture was purchased 1946 and the drum-major (leader) at the time was
Mr. McConville who used to live on the corner of Obins St. & Irish St., Also
at that time the big drum player was 'doozer' (nickname) McKee.

Group of residents in their street of River Lane 1953

Mrs Fox - P. Douglas - Jim Reynolds - Lucy Reynolds - Desmond Hamill - Mary Hamill - Mary Faloon - Kitty Douglas - Rose McNally.


Workers of Powell's Jam Factory River Lane in 1948.

Later the operation moved to Charles Street marketing their product as 'Goldenlea Jam'

 1.=Josie Lynn/2.=Annie Hobson/3.=Minnie Grimes/4.=Unknown/5.=Unknown/6.=Evelyn Fiddes/7.=Unknown/8.=Unknown/9.=Sarah Maguire/10.=Sheila Cullen */11.=Minnie Thomas/
12.=Molly Crosier/13.=Dolly Tennyson/14.=Annie Lappin/15.=Eileen McParland/16.=Phyllis Cullen */17.=Molly Cullen *

* All sisters.
The above people were identified by my Mrs. Phyllis Wilson (Nee Gibson) formerly from Flowers Entry.

Irish Street, 'The Family Street' mid 1950's.

Irish Street consisted of seven houses. In photo is Patricia and Kathleen McCann of No. 5 - Mary Campbell of No. 4.

Most of the children belong to Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Gormon of No. 3.  The boys at the bottom of the street are playing hand ball, they are Willie Black - Hugo Gorman and Jim Steele, the gable of the house belonged to John and Kate McConville No. 87 Obins Street.


1968, little Bridie McVeigh stands all alone in Obins Street.

Hagan's pub, 'Parkside Bar' is on right before bridge. turning right brought you into Curran Street.

Denny's Football Team 1952

Some of the names are:- J. Tate, J. McCann, S. Anderson, J. Barton, M. Wright, F. Hagan, K. McNally, F. Sergeant.


Mrs McAnney and friends outside her shop in Obins Street.  

The shop was opposite Irish street.

Denny's Staff 1966

Some of the names are:-  Jos Chambers, Harold McCrory, Fred Sergant, Lyn Wiley, Pat Davey, Colin Baxter, Geoffrey Pennick, Fred Lines, Dick Jones, Morris Wright, ??? Chambers, Sammy Anderson, Jim Tate, Douglas Fogarty, Maurice Wright, Jack Connell, Bill Belshaw, Fred Turkington, George O'Connor, Brian Dynes.



McCammon and Sprott - now Henry Denny & Son Ltd. Obins Street.

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