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Curran Street 1956

with Kathleen , Mary and Margaret Livingston.

Notice Corney Mulholland's shop in Obins Street.

Charles Street 1963

Showing the Lynn brothers.  The houses in background. after leaving Craigwell Avenue these were on your immediate left as you headed towards  Hart Memorial School. 

The registration number of the 1955 Austin car is PZ 9087


Dawsons Court, off Woodhouse Street, just where the vehicle entrance is of the Magowan Building car park.


Margaret Street.

The young lady is Diane Partridge on Harry Creaney's horse.

Henry Street 1962


Eddie McNally of Obins Street in 1950.


Bella McGuigan of Obins Street at the Crossmaglen market 1952


Frank Hamill formerly of John Street.

The photo was taken in 1968 in Selshion Moss, Moy Road.  Frank lived there in his caravan.  Do not know the name of the little boy.


Mrs Burrows of Thomas Street, mother of Pastor David Burrows, seen here giving Herby Briggs some food.  Herby was a well known character of the1950's. he lived rough.

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