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About 1940 in Obins Street.

Granda Mallon with some of his grandchildren on board.  Arthur Mallon was able to tell me that this photo was taken outside their house at 84 Obins Street, his brother John extreme left of photo, then Arthur, two of the little girls are Arthur's cousins, the McGuigan's, they were daughters of Sally (nee Mallon)

Top centre you can just see the peak of Denny's factory building peeping above little girls head.

Curran Street 1960.

 Alice Miller - Sean Smith- Rose Miller, all of Curran Street.

Alice McVeigh, cousin of above and formerly of Curran Street now resident in England wrote saying she would love to hear from anybody "from the tunnel".  Why not e-mail Alice at   fowler29@ntlworld.com


One of last trains passing the bridge at Selshion Moss, Moy Road.

This was the Derry line, the bridge is still there, the track long since been removed.


McConville's pub, corner of West Street and Mandeville Street.

This photo taken late 1800's, the building had just been built, notice the sign writing has not been finished on the Mandeville side of building. On left of photo the sign says 'James Kerr' nowadays this is McConville's off-sales shop. Upper part of building the sign reads 'Direct Tea & Wine Importer & Whiskey Bonder, Estb. 1865'


About mid 1950's.

A& D. Thorntons Thomas Street.

This building was the first Methodist Church in Portadown, the building to the left was the then Manse, both are listed buildings about to go under restoration.

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