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With appreciation to Mr. Victor Mullen who loaned these photographs from his Sprott collection.

In 1952 William Sprott presented Victor's grandfather, Mr.W.A. Mullen, an album containing a wide selection of his photographic record of old Portadown, some of which are presented on these pages.

Mr. W. A. Mullen. D.L.

Freeman of Portadown

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 1901 Creepie stool market.  

The shop in background was Andersons, now Woolworths.

Herring Market in High Street, 1891.

The buildings in background built by Mr. J. Marley in 1839 are at the bottom of High Street, between Bridge Street and Castle Street. The left hand section of this row was demolished about 20 years ago, the rest still stand.


High Street about 1891.  Note the building on the left, no roof and scorch marks on facade, obviously after a recent fire. 


Selling Delph in High Street.  1901

The then Wright's pub on right still trades as a pub.


Herring Market.  1901

Delph Market in High Street.  1901


Selling Turf in High Street.  1901

Crock Market opposite Ulster Bank, High Street.  1901



Stall opposite Imperial Hotel.  1901

Opposite where Woolworth shop is now.

Selling Delph in High Street.  1901

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