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1945 29th. January. Skating on the frozen river Bann near the bridge in Edenderry. Temperature was 4 degrees F (28 degrees frost)


1900 Donkey race starting from Edenderry to show grounds at Clounagh.

 A grand picture, only Clounagh is in the opposite direction to the facing crowd, I guess they turned around to suit the photographer.

Davison's Bakery on the corner of Park road and Obins Street.

Edward Sharkey, Jack Sharkey and Bill Brown 

outside Park gates in Park Road.

Carrickblacker House.

Was demolished, the Portadown Golf Club now own this land.

Carrickblacker House with Baroness Von Stieglitz and Lady Selina von Stieglitz in Phaeton- Coachman Crozier.

1900. Duke of Manchester reading catalogue of show.

The Duchess and Duke of Manchester. Their home was Tandragee Castle, the family still owns a lot of the land in central Portadown.


1898 at Tandragee Castle on the occasion of the coming of age of William Angus Drogo Montagu, 9th Duke of Manchester
Group consists of  Messrs. Livingston, John Davison, J. McKell, Clement Courtney, Jos. Fleming, H. Richardson, W.H. Atkinson, Arthur Thornton, M. McClatchey, Chas. Johnston, his Grace's fiancee Helena Zimmerman, Duke of Manchester, H. Richardson, John Acheson, Jas. Grew.

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