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Thomas Street, building on right was Dr. Hadden's. next one is the Masonic Hall, note no tower.


Thomas Street, here the Masonic Hall has a tower, building on right was Dr. Hadden's.

Thomas Street 1910.

This section of the street is between Carleton Street and Hanover Street.


Thomas Street showing Thomas Street Methodist Church.

Early 1900's.



Opening of Orange Hall in Carleton Street 1882.


Carleton street.

Building on left was the old St. Mark's Parochial hall, on right is the old Orange Hall.

Great Northern Railway Station, Watson Street 1898.


First Agricultural and Dog Show in Pork Market, 1900.


Building of platforms Nos. 2 & 3, 1898.

Great Northern Railway Station.

Duke and Duchess of York at G.N. Railway Station, 1924 later to become Queen then The Queen Mother, with her husband, later to become King George the sixth.

1924 Duke and Duchess of York at G.N. Railway Station,  with District Inspector Anderson and Head Constable Colahan.

1924  Duke and Duchess of York with Senator Armstrong of Armagh, Mr Robert Anderson, J.P., Mr. T.R. Reid of Armagh, the little girl on right is Patsy Walsh, now Mrs. Kenneth Irwin.

1924  Duke and Duchess of York , little Patsy Walsh now Mrs Kenneth Irwin presenting bouquet to the Duchess.  Patsy's grandfather, Mr Robert Anderson, J.P., is on right of photo, holding top-hat.

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