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Market Street and High Street, 1900.

The street branching of is Thomas Street

Corner of Thomas Street and High Street. The building in Thomas Street was The Queens Hotel, notice the horse drawn carriages used for ferrying the patrons of the Hotel.

Corner of Woodhouse Street and high street.

Old Town Hall at junction of High Street and Woodhouse Street, 1887.

Burnett's shop occupied this site from the forties until the seventies. A new building was constructed for the Halifax Building Society in the nineties.



Market Street about the 1950's

Bridge Street.

New buildings now occupy this site.

This building was built on the original course of the Bann River. 

Bridge Street.

It is not readable on this photo but there is a sign on the right saying 'Hotel' it was owned by the McCreesh family.


Bridge Street, On way to Church Sunday School excursion.

Old post office in background.


Watson & Sandford - Bridge Street. This building was burned down in the 1930's. The site is a few buildings past the Ulster Bank towards Edenderry.

1940.Imperial Hotel, High Street, Wellworth. Super Value Store now occupies this site.


Messrs. Canavans Druggist's and Messrs. Davison Bros. - Grocers, High Street.

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